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Avm Fantasy Mystery House Escape Walkthrough

Avm Fantasy Mystery House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Fantasy Mystery House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. In this game you have to escape from the house where huge party is arranged. Presume that you are stuck into the mystery house when you went their to attend the party. You have to solve some interesting puzzles and get some clue to escape. Click on the objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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puzzle lines gives red fruit!

Use stick to get key in sc8

shell in sc4 picture frame

Screen shot for puzzle


So there is no clue for lines puzzle? Or just a basic guess?

hello gika. :) for the line puzzle in kitchen, it starts at the top of the first square in first column, and ends in the fourth square in the first column, with the end heading west(or out to the left).

Bandy- the lines goes together like a puzzle piece. So Yea just a guess

Ok I see just matching the lines .

hello bandy. :)

I shared a screen shot of the puzzle.

Thanks Gika

Hi Cate!

I am stuck now. and don't miss stick in sc3 to use it to get key.

Is the red 7 with a slash the hint for grid in S4 ?

Bandy I tried that and it didn't work

I've tried that Bandy, with no success.

LOL Great minds think alike !

For 4X4 grid. follow the line puzzle from top to bottom.

The lines puzzle is hint for grid.

Thanks Bandy and Terry!

Thanks Bandy and Terry :)

well done! thank you terry and bandy.

Hi everyone!

Lots of puzzles but I am not finding any hints.

Use crow bar on stove ( just another good quess )

Pretty easy until u get a knife. Use knife on soccer ball scene 4

Light bulb goes in S4 for color clue

Bandy, where is the crowbar??

Light bulb, knife?? where are you finding all these things??

I didn't realise you had to examine the 4# clue in the inventory to make it work.

Jenny I think crow bar came from 4X4 grid?

Jenny- Use color from flowers on in scene 1 it will give you arrow clue. Use arrow clue on door. Stick in sc 3 to get key

I don't have a knife though?

Thanks Gika, I have done all that. I am stuck with no hints, no crowbar, lightbulb or knife and can"t actually do anything else.

Me either no knife yet

Were to use math clue paper?

4x4 grid on bed game me a 4# hint. no crowbar.

great now you have a math paper clue???

enjoyable game. thank you, avm.

Jenny-Have you done the puzzle lines? I shared a screen shot in the earlier posts. After you done the lines use the lines as a clue for grid in sc4

the math paper clue is used on the up/down buttons.

math clue is for the up/down buttons

Jenny use number on door in s2

paper with countries is used twice. first for the colored numbers (count letters). then for the 5 letter word(anagram the first letters)

Can you explain it Terry?? it doesn't make sense to me

Jenny sorry!

the paper with the 5 colored countries is used as a clue for more than one puzzle...count the letters of each country for one puzzle and use the first letter of each country for another(hint: the 5 letter word puzzle, but you'll have to move the letters around to spell a word)

hi (again) all ☺

I tried in vain to use maths paper on the up/down buttons... how?

thx AVM for this game ☺

which clue, Gika?

I have done the lines puzzle, opened all the doors etc.

What is next? can't find any objects we need to place or any hints for any puzzles.

I don't understand Up/down buttons clue. can someone explain it???

Alpha, doing math gives 6 numbers. 3 on top and 3 on bottom. (1 thru 60 order to hit buttons

I am out by X math clue makes no sense to me

*1 thru 6, I meant

the sums on math paper puzzle total the numbers one through six...click the up/down buttons accordingly. ie, i think the top row was 6,2,3

Well, I give up. If anyone remembers where they got a crowbar, light bulb or knife please post it. I will try again later. This is just annoying me.

math answers=

3 6 2
1 4 5

Yes I got

but how does that apply to up/down

@jenny, hello and hang on, as i will go back in. ;)

so then I have a bug, my buttons d/w as per your explanation...! :-(

1 bottom 2 and 3 top, 4 bottom....etc.

@gika...click duuddu.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks cate!

you're welcome, gika.

finally got the knife

Jenny for crowbar place shell in s6, place teddy in s8.

restarted & now it worked...! :-o

the 3# are


and out

Thanks Everyone for the help :)

AO maybe you hadn't examined the paper in your inventory. That held me up for ages ... for the 2nd time in the game. DUH.

jenny, are you still around?

ah, meth,
that could be... thx

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Terry Smyth, thanks for 4x4-hint!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

My only gripe with this one is that there was no hotspot on the soccer ball to indicate that an item needed to be used there. Other than that, this was an excellent game and completely logical. Thanks, AVM.


Use Flower colors in sc 2
on wall in sc1= arrow clue
Use arrow clue on door in sc3

Do the puzzle lines= red pepper

Grab stick on tree in sc3
Use stick in sc 8 for key
Use key on door in s1

Use line puzzle for grid in sc4= number clue

Click on wall picture above night stand in sc4= shell
Use number clue on door in sc2

Place shell on wall in sc6= teddy bear
Place teddy bear in sc8= yellow butterfly and crowbar

Use crowbar on stove in sc5= lightbulb and red pepper
Place lightbulb in sc 4= color clue
use color clue in sc2= paper clue (solve the equation)
Use the numbers on Up/down puzzle in sc8=heart, red pepper and symbol clue (#%d%#u#u#%d%$d%$u%$)

Use symbols clue in sc 7= diamond
place diamond in sc1=heart and red pepper

Place red peppers in sc 2= knife and butterfly
Use knife on soccer ball in sc4= key
Use key on chest in sc3= butterfly and heart

Place butterfly in sc 7= paper clue
Use paper clue for colors/numbers in sc 6 (count the letters)= fruit and yellow symbol

Use same paper for word clue in sc5 (use the first letters and form a word)= fruit and yellow symbol

Place symbols in sc 1= heart
Place hearts in sc6= fruit

Place fruit in sc 3= 3# clue
Use number clue in sc8= key
Use key in sc7

And you are out

thx Gika for taken your time to write a WT ☺

I'd like to know how to get the screen shot of the lines puzzle?

how to make a screenshot - easiest tool is this one
see description at https://snag.gy/

(highlight link & click right to open it in a new tab)

you can also cut the pic as you like & add sth written

Thanks all. hope you enjoyed it.

hi (again) AVM ☺
yes, it was an enjoyable game

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