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Dreadful House Escape Walkthrough

Dreadful House Escape

EightGames - Dreadful House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside dreadful house. There are some clues , puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) morning gang & all other players ☺

so far no spiders...

thx for this game 8G ☺

scary sound but nothing for listening the whole time - muting

break TV with stone

Hi, I'm in too. Don't worry, although it's spider season I'm able to manage with those games but yesterday the moving one was too much. :-)

with a magic wand everything is possible in a game...

use it on eagle head

In left upper room you can change the tiles on the left wall.

Good morning everybody!

hi merit ☺

yep, although I have no probs with spiders, the moving ones were very like in RL... never would touch such big spiders with my bare hand!

Break TV in bottom room with stone.

hi Ruediger ☺

collecting nails from puzzles...

Hi Rüdiger!

Well, I must admit the only way is a vacuum cleaner. I hope this won't call a shitstorm...

Still in collecting mode.

use red chalk on kitchen CB for 5#code

One nail was sneaky to find in "plain sight" in one of the first rooms!

Been to every room, now going back to get things in order. I think the paper puzzle is the clue for the tiles.

as I have respect of any form of living creature, my way is a glass with a lid & then putting the spider outside (of the window) ☺

crowbar used in room C (assuming we start with A on the highest room, the one up right, so room C is the one below) on the wall

assembled paper is hint for tiles

In one room down from the upmost right one, in the stair scene, the crowbar is used at the left wall. Gives a mask piece. Have completed a dude by those pieces, I think I know where to use it.

One scene below that: Don't miss the symbol clue.

Red cat heads go in scene with flickering ghost.

one key is used in room with skull symbols hint

(as per escapism notation room H)

Yes, dude mask goes to the staircase scene (right scene in end row)

Use wand on bowl for red liquid

OK, if AlphaOmega uses my sytem too, let's try to make it official. My proposal for a map structure:


pour red liquid/blood on ground in kitchen to obtain eye for mask from owl

Hi escapism, good thing!

Oh my, the structure is messed up.

Another try:


In room D, use magic wand again on zoomed part of left floor to get a hole. Put the doll (gothic doll) on the hole and use wand another time. Gives a key.

If you want to know how I found out that: Using every item on it... ;-)

sneaky nail bottom of passage in D

key from doll used in B

Good find merithneith!

Key from doll hole is used in the tile puzzle scene B.

Wand is still active after using it 3x

placed 2 bones left of hat in start & used wand on them

Wooden boards go to the right window in D. Missing at least one more, for sure the nails are used there too (eight nails so far).

shock alert when placing skull & using hammer on it - freaked me out - adrenaline level is now high for half an hour ☻

Good find, Alpha, thanks.

Oh, use the skull on the pillar in one room below and hit it with the hammer. Don't be scared then!

Don't see what it did though.

nailed boards give shape hint

Paper clue is used on left wall in B

Hm. When the ghost has gone (coming everytime you click on skull after hammering), use the cross in the scene. Skull is gone then but I don't know what it did now!

in-between check
10 red buttons, 6 line tiles, wand, cross...

So I have to look for the last board - if it didn't come from a puzzle... :-(

IIRC they were all in plain sight merit

Red buttons go the puzzle in start scene. Eight so far for me.

Where did you use the eyes?

searching another keyhole...

Forget, classical POPO

I remembered that mask right at the moment I clicked "Publish". ;-D

eyes go on mask 2 rooms right of end (K)

Meritneith - on mask in bedroom


a keyhole in C, but key from freaky skull ghost doesn't fit...

DOH! That board was on the stairs in H. In real life I would have stumbled upon it.

I'm not 100% sure, but maybe the key from freaky ghost fits in H???


another fitting keyhole in L (3 rooms right of end)

Had a very smart moment! The shape hint is the clue for the 4 letter puzzle in the staircase. Pentagon, hexagon, octagon...

Which freaky ghost do you mean? :-o


shapes from boards as letter hint (take firsts)

great minds here, merit, aren't we ☻

the screaming ghost from hammered skull I meant

13 red buttons, 6 line tiles, wand, missing 2 bat buttons & 3 green tiles...

shaking ghost still there... makes me nervous looking at it LOL

Hope it's no bug, that ghost gave me nothing, and I can't see a key in that scene...

Put the red buttons in puzzle in start scene, 13 are needed. Don't know what to do with that puzzle then. I must admit I'm stuck.

key has fallen down bottom right where ghost vanished after using cross

Meritneith - click the skull, then cones the ghost then move the cross to the skull - gives key for L

I think you need to make a path with all the buttons, but they don't highlight, that's more difficult...

Dang, you see the key only when zoom in! Sneaky.

Thanks a lot guys!

hope there's not only one solution to click the red buttons, tried from top & from bottom, nothing works...

Progress, if you drag over the red button the path turns golden! Either from top to bottom or vice versa.

At least from top to bottom works somehow, now all buttons are golden. And what to do now?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Lined puzzle pieces: no.

Worked for me AO

use wand merit

Hu? The wand again (had nothing else besides the puzzle pieces...). It's still active, and I will use it on everything and every scene until it's gone"

I didn't drag but only clicked, so no bug thankfully

The bat button puzzle was not really hard. Two more pieces. Hm.

Puh - out!
Prewarning: 2 nasty slider puzzles at the end

The only thing I remember which is not done now is the strange hole in the floor near shaky ghost. And I have used the wand there a thousand time!

still need a key for C (stairs, use of crowbar there)


And the green button thing, I forgot!

Missed that keyhole in C till now, Alpha.

I used the cross but shakey ghost is still there. no key?

How mean! I used the wand on the shaky ghost hole the 1001th time, and now it worked! Seems it only works after using it on all the other places. Gives key.

Hi bandy, that got me too. Click on the pillar where the skull was to zoom into the scene, then there's the key on the bottom stair.

Make a screenshot after putting EIGHT tiles into the puzzle (that in the staircase).

OHHH Ok Thanks meritneith

The white lines help though, and I started with the right tile obviously. It should be the one in the middle of the bottom row. Maybe it was pure luck.

I didn't have any probs with line tiles slider...

Green buttons slider. As always: everything's correct, only two changed.

Ha! Sometimes mad clicking helps to get the slider alright! :-D

Should be the final key.

Yay, out!

neither with the green tiles slider

thx for the nice teamwork ppl, enjoyed your company ☺

First: Thank you all for helping, listening, laughing, understanding, just for being there. It's not the same fun to play 8G alone later. Oh, tomorrow I won't be online, best of luck!

Second: Thanks for a nice game, EightGames, I could stand that spider button and was lucky twice with spiders.

Bandy, if you need help: either check the comments with ctrl+f for keywords or ask.

have a good time tomorrow merit ☺

I'm terrible at sliders and considered both of them on the easy side. Whew!

where to use the puzzlepieces with lines?

Lau Mastrigt, remember the hole in the floor and the staircase

Alpha, thanks for the warning about the startling ghost! I hate those :)

Didn't get a chance to comment during the game, but I really enjoyed this one! Loved the background in the zoomed inventory. Very cool. Thanks, 8games!

Had to replay because my wand disappeared right after the dot puzzle so I couldn't kill the ghost which was extremely frustrating. But it worked fine on the second run through. Lucky it was a really good game or I wouldn't have bothered restarting. Enjoyed it a lot.

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