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Escape from New Style Hotel Walkthrough

Escape from New Style Hotel

EightGames - Escape from New Style Hotel is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside new style hotel. There are some clues, puzzles, and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi folks! Same thing like every morning, waiting for selfrunning, then looking for stuff.

In left scene top row there's something behind the vase at the right arrow. I can't pick it up, think it's a red herring.

Complete paper puzzle and turn it around for a 3# clue.

Don't miss a sneaky yellow gem in left scene top row on the table. You don't see it but cursor changes.

hi (again) merit, morning gang & all other players ☺

don't miss puzzle tile in drawer in most bottom room

thx for this game 8G ☺

Feathers go to front of pillar in start scene (one so far)

fill glass cup from bathtub in room 1 bottom of start

switches go in room left of the end

Hi Alpha!

3rd row, 2nd scene: There go the yellow gems, and I had one statue I put into the puzzle right of the gem puzzle.

One scene to the right from there: fill glass cup with water from tub.

sneaky switch behind plant pot about bottom left in end scene

Square puzzle tiles go into the frame in the switches room.

blue gems go in scene left of start

don't miss blue gem under pillow in the switches room

In end scene there's the stand for the test tubes (missing one so far).

Completed fish and put it into wall in far right scene (right from end)

In the scene where yellow gems go: sneaky sq puzzle tile in right drawer, easy to miss!

Yellow gems give 4th tube.

And pour water into the tubes, gives lever hint.

Key from fish goes into panel on wall in 3rd scene, 1st room for a scale

Use scale on tubes!

2nd feather opened pillar in start scene for last two switches.

in top left room, there's sth just above right navig. arrow that I can't take...

Arrow button goes to 3x3 grid in top row, 3rd scene for in and out clue. Will see later if it helps, will walk to top rooms first. ;-)

Alpha, realized that very early. I think it's a red herring, can't remember a scroll lying in plain sight in an 8G.

Sneaky sq tile in that 3x3 grid room! Check the nightstand on the left

2 feathers give 2 more switches

Hint from the tubes with scale goes to that room with the red herring scroll. Four more gems

wall tiles in start are clickable as per assembled paper hint - gives another figurine

in out hint

think numberpad on phone

In and out puzzle: Use the clue I mentioned above for numbers. Order from grid was


Alpha, what paper hint? There are only three tiles clickable!

snap merit
we are at the same place ☻

Forget it, that old trick!

the assembled paper with 3#code at backside (amount of clicks)

3 numbers, 3 tile - hint is not the order but how often to click!

Sorry to have missed most of this with you two. Loading now.

2nd row, left scene: Use the key to get a puzzle board for problably all those games. Not looking forward to that!

Hi meth, good game so far!

Thanks Alpha, a classical POPO. In the moment I pressed "Publish" I knew the trick. ;-)

It won't load :(

I think the statues will give a frog hopping puzzle (which I always fail)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Meth, there's a purple screen lasting for some time, thought it wouldn't load too.

Switches give colour hint

again have difficulty in this one with the orientation...

I'm getting mad. In my first collecting round I found a dark place. Since I've got the torch I can't find it anymore, even with using tab!

flash is used in room 3 left of start for 4#code

Thanks Alpha, that was that spot!

Tab doesn't work there. Mean!

how's going meth with loading?

Nope, even the swf file doesn't work for me. Oh well, I'll go on trying, but otherwise see you later.

Colour code goes to top row, 2nd scene for another statue. Buttons are not active before you found the switches clue.

What a pity, meth! :-(

bummer, meth... :-/

key from fish pic round tiles puzzle is for room 3 left of start for gem board that goes in room with red herring scroll

code from flash for most bottom room for even more board gems

Two cents:

1. In the colour code room there's a hotspot at the bottom part of the sofa. I don't think I got an item from there... Cloth doesn't work there.

2. Torch is still in inventory. As the bed hotspot wasn't active for tab - could be a hard time to find another place.

Finally in after shut down and ccleaner, but since I'm so far behind, I will just jog along at my own pace and try not to look at hints.

knife from pic puzzle (moon goes at the right side) is used in forelast top left room for key

1. is where u use knife from pic puzzle
some sneaky tiles in draws

First: forget my second thought, I hadn't used the 4# clue, torch has gone now.

Second: I'm missing one last square tile, and I had nearly all of that sneaky places!

key from couch goes in bathtub scene for another (phallic ☻) figurine

Have you done something with the "43" "12" hint? I hope my last tile could come from there...

there was one in table leg in room with in/out hint (forlast to top right)

another square tile in draw in most bottom room & also in draw in room with figurines frog leap

Questions for me (besides that tile):

- what is the 4312 clue for
- where to use towel
- what about the letter puzzle in 2nd row, left scene

43 12 hint not used yet, only cloth in inv. now...

good questions merit
I second them ☺

Thanks Alpha, got them all

So the tile doesn't come from one of those things. Walking around again.

cloth is used above bathtub in room 2 left of end
for letter hint

Good find (even if it doesn't help me with the tile). I have used the cloth IN the bathtub but seem to have missed the right hotspot.

Btw: I still miss two blue diamond-shaped gems for the slots above TV

key from bottom letters is used in top left room for (my last) 2 blue gems for scene 1 left for start, gives (my last) figurine

Seems you have beaten me. I have to hover over every pixel in the game.

at the gem board puzzle now...

For a moment I thought I'd only need eight tiles for the puzzle and it was a slider. ;-)

on gem board puzzle, goal ist to have all coloured lines highlighted

thx for your company & nice teamwork merit ☺

& meth you will be out soon for sure ☺

Right now I'm watching the vid w/t to see where they found their tiles. :-(

Thanks though, Alpha!

Dang, now they got them and I don't have??? I will start over again. This won't let me sleep next night°!

there's also one in top right room bottom of curtain between bed & table

If you're still here Merit, I'm still way behind, but I'm sure I'll resort to your hints in the end, so thanks to you and AO.

Meth, yes, I'm still here and have started over a new game as I can't find the last tile. :-(

So I think you might ahead me.


Sorry for shouting, thank you so much!

LOL, pleasure merit ☺

lots of gems no where to put them and can't solve letter clues HELP

combo letter hint above bathtub with 43 12, i.e. take first the letters with a 3 & a 4 under the line & arrange it alphabetically, then the same with 1 & 2

Got it finally, phew! Good game, was my own fault to fail for a whole time. Thanks for helping!

from locked panel in room 3 left of start you get a board for all the «round» gems - board goes in top left room

done most stuff but never found glass need 1 test tube

duh got it on table in telly room i'm sure I tried to pick that up earlier

still need test tube

last test tube frm yellow gems

great game thanks 8games did the leap frog ok this time cheated on the letters & thanks for hints much appreciated

Don't know why I had such a hard time with 12 letters: SPOILER


ouch! I came here to post and my key and something else, disappeared. I'm not starting over

Statue slider: SPOILER !!

Click the statues in the following order. After each combi of three clicks, number them again.


Did anyone encounter a problem with the inventory items doubling on top up each other and not being able to use them afterwards?

Excellent game, and incredibly difficult in parts, mainly because it was really hard to find all of the objects. Really kept me on my toes. 5/5

My last tile puzzle piece, the one that drove me batty trying to find it, was in the room top row, third from left. The night stand looks like a table with a plus for legs. There's a hidden panel. Hope that helps!

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