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Exclusive Hotel Escape Walkthrough

Exclusive Hotel Escape

EightGames - Exclusive Hotel Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside exclusive hotel. There are some clues, puzzles. and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi folks, back in the hood again. ;-)

Long loading for me and as always a selfrunning loop.

Morning Merit, loading.

Hi meth!

I'm still in my first collecting round. So far: light green buttons with symbols go to the 4x4 grid in 2nd row, right scene. They are a kind of lever puzzle, no hint for it yet.

Number buttons go into the circle in 3rd row, 6th scene (on map from left to right)

There are some puzzle pieces looking greyish, one seems to be part of a statue head. They go on that circle in start scene.

Colour buttons go one left from start, but the slots turn black when they are entered. Hope it's not a bug. Not visited all the rooms yet.

hi (again) merit & meth & all other players ☺

a pretty big map...

thx for this game, 8G ☺

Dip the tissue in the bath.

The yellow / black cicles are a pain.....

Hi Alpha!

Use spray bottle and towel on the window in top row, left scene for the hint for the lever grid I mentioned at 2:21

And hi Manon - you seem to be far ahead from us.

use key in room 1 up from start

Purple shapes for bottom row, right scene. Gives two more coloured balls.

Just completed my first round of rooms. Hope I haven't missed too many items. Hi AO and Manon.

Blue arrow buttons for scene one right of end. Hint should is in top row, left scene.

Red reset button goes in room 1 left from start.

big green button for most left room for circle puzzle for the red & green buttons

Book clue used 2 left of start. Just add numbers.

oops, hi Manon

indeed re black/yellow buttons...

hint in end room

The yellow-black puzzle is not hard but you have to be careful. It helps thinking of a clock as there are 12 different patterns.

buttons it top right room

Thanks for book hint, meth.

Sorry, the hint for the arrows was not in top row but in third row, left scene!

I have them now...Did you find a sneaky metal rod on the almost white carpet in room with welcome doormat? Use it to smash a drawer next to bed in left room. From end room upwards and then one to the left

oh, no, suddenly my map disappeared...! :-o

I have tried to put that stick into a hole of a wall somewhere...

Will try that now.

& it's back again! :-o

Alpha, I had that problem too in the beginning. Quit the game and resume.

From the long number code with some numbers have a red line....use the ones that do not have a red line under them

ah, it disappears when looking in book! :-/

Ah, the drawer I tried spray, towel, and tissue on earlier. Thanks!

Use metal rod 3 lelft of start.

Interim check.
Other than partially filled in puzzles, I have 2 access cards, completed paper clue and metal box with 6# buttons.

key from smashed night table go 1 room left of where you found it

Ha, found a blue ball - Use the key Manon mentioned at the drawer in the NEWS room for a 6# puzzle. Clue for it is the tissue word (from dipping into bathtub) and the bed clue in start scene (R=6). It means that you count the lines you need to draw each letter!

Meth, same here but a solved 6# and a blue ball from that.

Blue ball for the ball-swallowing puzzle in same row to the right.

same here meth

argh, can't find bed with numbers anymore...! :-/

I wonder if the paper puzzle is a clue for the 3#.

in forelast top left room

on paper I also see red letters...

Good find Merit. When you have all 4 coloured balls use reset to get 1 black pie on each then use reset again to get the black pies into position.

where's hint for 6 numbers in inventory?

have trouble in orientation in this one...

Okay... in start scene zoom into front side of bed, there's a hint with R=6 and A=3. This is one part of the clue.

The second one: If you dip the tissue (yellow thing hanging on a wall somewhere in the righter scenes) into the bathtub you'll get a word clue (6 letters). For each letter count how many lines you wood need to draw the letters on the dipped tissues. The R is a bit tricky but all other letters are clear. That's the 6# solution.

Hint for 6#s from dipping tissue in bath.

Meth, I need the last coloured ball.

ah, the old stroke trick - tricky LOL, thx merit

Now I see the Y on the paper puzzle too but it doesn't help? Will go back to the 3# puzzle to check it .

Been trying to apply paper to 3#s with no success. presumably we need to take into account not only the red shapes for this clue, but also that there are different numbers and positions of black strokes.

Merit I can't remember where the other balls came from :(. Got them in order red green yellow. Yellow came from opening something. I'll have a look around to try and remember.

Manon, are you still here? I do not understand your comment from 2:49. Do you mean the paper puzzle?

Meth, I have thrown in three balls but there are four holes?

There was a number clue merit somewhere up top. Some letters were underlined. Off to check!

I'll get around to find a place to use that CBMY clue from scene two above start.

Clue top row second from left on bed.

Dang, just found the numbers you meant, had missed that completely, thanks!

And the clue from bed gives you 5#s which gives yellow ball.

And there's the last coloured ball. Thank you!

Anyone done anything with the 4 2x3 pink grids?

officially stuck with assembled line paper & 2 access cards, need 3#code & more green/red balls & number buttons, CBMY hint not used yet, either...

stuck with you AO

Seems we all are on the same level now!

Same place as you AO and I guess Merit is at same place too by now.

HA - have 3 numbers!

count lines not "used" and apply xyz - so middle number first

got the 3# number


lines not covered with XYZ as order

snap & hi Fudge ☺

This comment has been removed by the author.

I love the maps, now I wish they would put numbers or letters on each room, to make it easier to keep track on our own and also to help each other mmore easily!! Please 8 games!

LOL AO - now 2 access cards and really stuck

Good find, thanks

indeed Unknown
once we numbered our own map like in SD games with ABC etc.

Oh, now we can do the red/green balls thing. Not looking forward to that.

There are 4 vacant spots in "full" red green puzzle.

forgot to apply NEWS at arrows, but still not enough red/green buttons, number buttons either, only 2 keycards in inv. - tried in vain to open locked drawer with them...

ah, ok, enough green/red buttons...

Alpha, they all came from puzzles we talked about and I think I have used not more than two keys in total.

If I knew WHAT to do with the puzzle I could think about HOW to do it.

Hi, yes I am here. Had to make lunch. There si a long number code and some of the numbers are red underlined. It is not for the number code in inventory, Somewhere else we need to put in 5 numbers. These are the ones that are nog underlined. I just don't remember which room...

thank you for XYZ Alpha....I was so close lol

Thanks Manon, got it meanwhile. Appreciate your answer though!

Got all the green balls into the middle row. That doesn't seem to be the aim unless the vacant spots need to be in particular places.

I can't think of a pattern to solve the red/green thing and I don't know how to put SEVEN green balls there. Maybe we have missed a hint.

same here merit
dunno if all greens go in inner circle, all red in outer one & where go the 4 empty spots...

Really stuck now. Have 2 acces cards in my inventory and have no clue what to do with the red/green button puzzle

I suddenly did the red green puzzle. No idea why. I had red green alternating in outside ring as far as possible then, I don't know.

I have checked the vid/wt and cheated. I don't have a bad conscience about that.

Red greens gave a number for the wheel, but still need more.

I think red on the outside ring and then a green ring and the smallest ring red again. I hop I can finish this. My game is seriously slowingdown ans I am afraid I get kicked out soon....:-(

just watched the walkthrough and the solution makes no sense at all except that red/green is alternative on outside ring

Just realized that too, meth.

Oh that is not the solution. The middle ring has 8 slot and we have only 7 green balls

screenshot from VWT


makes no sence...!

mine opened suddenly, too & hadn't it like in VWT! :-o

Alright. I'll go through every scene again now, use tab and try to find something to do with the CYMB hint, and I have also that strange round statue head pieces puzzle.

Mine slowed down a lot too Manon. Got better when I enabled Adblock.

I have to quit.....Thank you Fudge, I am not going to try it. My computer is too slow roght now

I don't have enough number buttons...

Has anyone opened the drawer in the CYMB room?

By the way: I don't think we have to use the keycards before the very end at the elevator.

Meth, I haven't.

again from the WT after seeing 3415 hint on cushion in room (top row right) with "bell" on table it appears that pink puzzle is active - don't get the solution at all!

Hm. In the room with the bell on the table, top row, right scene, there's a 4# clue (3415) on the sofa. I for myself have missed this until now.

Just found out that the pink puzzle is active but I'm a little too late. ;-)

CMBY not used yet, 3415 either, pink grids unsolved... are these related & if so, how?

cyan, black, yellow? - can't find the puzzle anymore LOL

C cyan, B black, Y yellow... M mink???

Doh! Magenta!!!

go it
M = magenta maybe?

Not that it helps. Let's hope it's not a never-to-be-solved mystery like the green/red puzzle.

don't see the pattern yet...

8G logic ;-P

Have you got the pattern by now, Alpha?

not yet merit, otherwise I would share it...

It's very tempting to know there's a video wt...

What the heck - let's cheat! ;-)

LOL Merit, I'm just about at that point.

right merit
as it's not logical for me, just don't get it even with the VWT solution...

At least I don't have to watch the whole video from start to end.

I don't think Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein could find the logics about that.

Just to find I still miss a statue puzzle piece

I descended to a cheat, but it opened up as solved before I got the pattern shown on the VWT. Don't understand the logic at all.

But Mr. Dat from Enterprise for sure ;-P

Alpha, he programmed the game.

I bet, there's only 1 solution for the maths circle...!

Maths spoiler. Start with Spo8il-er5Spo=il3er.

LOL merit ☻

oops got the maths opened, it was


9+6=15 & 7+3=10, but dunno the other 2...

I'm out. I'll hang around a bit, but I'm sure you'll get out quickly once you find that statue piece.

Found that last piece!

finally out
the logic of the green/red & the grids puzzles still eludes me...

thx for the nice teamwork ppl & for your company, it's always fun with you morning gang ☺

5 yellows go in position 2, 1 magenta in position 4 and so on.

Feel better now I understand the logic of the CYMB hint, but sooo obscure.
Thanks for company everyone.

I had a correct solution for all that maths but nothing, and the puzzle is scrambled again. :-(

I have to leave for a little while anyway, thanks to all and good luck for the rest! I'll finish later.

how about the black, as per logic it would be 1, but it's 4...

AO 4 Blacks from 3415 in position 1 from 3142.

oops, had written down number wrong, thx meth, I see the obscure logic now

Come back now and the game loaded again but I could not resume. Won't start over again.

EightGames, again: This could have been a really good game but for those puzzles there should be a logical solution. Please don't spoil the games so often by unsolvable parts! Thanks though.

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