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Famous Suite Rooms Escape Walkthrough

Famous Suite Rooms Escape

EightGames - Famous Suite Rooms Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside famous suite room. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Great. Here in good time today.

Hi meth, you're first today. I've got to load the game and let it self-run

I'm in.

Flowers go on table in the start room.
Nice change to have a whole Beethoven symphony to accompany us.

Robot alarm today. "§$%!

I don't get that Roboty thing for some reason ;)
Don't miss paper piece on chair in end roomm.

Yeah, symphony no. 5. Like Beethoven, don't like Mozart.

Muted down Beethoven - always the same loop.

Pink lamp from scene left of start is hint for symbol code in end scene.

I'll think I'll reset my router to get an new IP-address. Hope that helps.

hi (again) merit & meth & all other players ☺

just turned on my computer - loading...

thx for this game 8G

Tennis balls go in top right room for ud puzzle.

Hu? This time it went through. Will do next time.

Wow, Beethoven! ♥

oh, no merit... I'm lucky lately, no robot thingy these days *knocking on wood*

I missed sd in room 1 down from end on first pass.

Cut two red balls with knife.

this time no prob with orientation ☻

Resetted, hope it's better now.

Paper puzzle gives hint for 5# in start scene.

Magnets go in start room. We'll need 8.

F**K! Still robot. Well, got to make the best out of it.

Unusually uncluttered inventory today. Perhaps 8G is planning to throw some fearsome puzzles at us.

pink paper piece on chair in forelast most right room

Went around once. Green arrows and letter buttons go in rightmost scene, towel is used on floor for arrow hint.

yellow plant cup goes on pedestal in start scene for another red button

Shh... don't tell anyone, no robot for the last comment...

In the scene "right of end" the cyan buttons with arrows go on the puzzle at the wall. Got all eight, don't have a clue for it though.

RGC puzzle not fearsome, but extremely longwinded.

Silver buttons with green LED go on panel in room with baby doll (left of start). Press each one once for a square button.

I've been wondering about that puzzle too Merit.
Thanks AO I had missed that (my last) pink piece.

Missing two cyan buttons. Meth, today you're our leader! ;-)

using cloth on puddle in most right room, it gives hint for tennis balls (up/down)

Got those buttons from tennis ball puzzle.

Mirror from RGC puzzle used 1 right of start.

in bathroom with filled tub (what for?) in room right of end, clicking 4 red buttons is trial & error (choose the usual method like reading) for (my last) pink paper piece

I now have a wet sponge. Off round the rooms again ...

Now I know what you mean for that GRC puzzle. Don't expect something from me the next hour! ;-)

Bath is for sponge AO. Use wet sponge in End room.

Wet sponge gives clue for middle row right room, but my puzzle is not active yet.

I was wrong, the puzzle is active. I can now place the disk with colours round the edge.

Got it. Are you guys still here or are you out?

Coloured balls puzzle gave 2 stars for 6x6 grid.
Still wondering what to do with the pink card.

pink assembled card gives hint for cyan turning buttons, gives key for scene right of start

still here merit

it's a long way to get out, waiting for a mean slider as final puzzle...

Well spotted AO!

btw I like the ladies painting

I've got 2 books, missing letter E two magnets and (probably) 4 stars.

Eh - what pink card are you talking about the whole time? That visit card with the CW and ACW?

in-between check

2 books & colour button in inv. - missing several arrows & buttons...

yep merit

CW ACW think clock

My check: two books, the visit card, the circle with colours. No stars so far.

now what to do with all these colour hints...?

Tried applying 2 books to colour code RBBC doesn't work.

Ah - I thought it should have been combine with the purple book! Will try that, thanks.

You only need 2 arrows.

Doh! What a blond moment! Now I know what CW and ACW mean!

I didn't see it either until I saw AO's hint Merit ;)

Ha! Got it. If you have that DIOR hint from the magnets, combine it with purple book first, then with the other book for a 4 colour hint!

combo 2 books for 2 stars, the other 2 came from colouring puzzle

My first two stars.

I'm missing 2 magnets still.

oh, no, this kind of star puzzle...! :-o

I didn't need the last two magnets. And we only need 4 stars.

And now I see I can put the colour disk into the puzzle. Hairs are darkening again slowly.

I did the stars starting Red then Cyan.

Green and purple stars are easy but...

Don't know, maybe two magnets came from REGIS puzzle?

And out. Thanks for your company AO and Merit. I enjoyed that. And thanks 8G.

No, I've just realised. I never found the E for SUITE. That probably gave 2 magnets.

Yeah, you need those first because starts won't move when they are placed correct. But I'm still working on red...

Got Red! :-D

Oh, I only knew it was a word puzzle. Congrats for escaping first, meth, thanks, and see you next time!

Yay, after having red on its place the rest was easy-peasy (at least as I did).

And out. Alpha, are you still on board?

had to go afk for a bit & now still on stars - VWT part is 5 min. long...! :-o

Replayed and found the E straight away 1 above end. No idea how I missed it 1st time.

Five minutes? Once you have Red it's totally clear. IIRC get the red first to the left, one is on top right corner, and you can push another on to the right of red. Then go down with red. You see you can block the field left of red now. Get red on its place and you see at once what to do with the rest.

Meth, do you remember that square tile from yesterday? ;-)

LOL just watching VWT, they had to restart several times, too...!

And that reddish leaf, Merit, LOL.

Mirchi's out! :-D

well, I'll play Mirchi first & come back to this...

thx anyway merit & meth for your company & another nice teamworks - it's always fun to play together with the morning gang ☺

And with the reggae tune again. Yaman!

Oh, I had forgotten the leaf already. Thanks for your company again and for your help!

very nice game thanks 8games thanks for hints stars no prob trapped red first only stuck with cyan spinner looked at video for that, still don't understand "think clock" for clue if anyone can explain would appreciate

joycy..I had the very same reaction to that great 'think clock' hint at first, until I realized it meant clockwise and anti-clockwise. I would never have figured that out by myself.

Game was a bit buggy, i.e. I was never able to find second red ball or cut it up. Managed to exit and still had a few things left in inventory. Strange.

EG is buggy. frozen screens, goes to start ans asks to resume, blue circle on arrow over and over, flashes and not to mention those soo annoying ad pop ups. What gives EG, why dont you fix this?

This comment has been removed by the author.

First off the game bugged out on me with items disappearing and others doubling p in the menu so they were unusable. This happens far too often with Eight Games. But the game looked good and I wasn't too far into it so I restarted. It worked second time around. Nice game, and I really liked the music. Some of the clues took me a while to wrap my head around. The only thing I really didn't like was the star puzzle. Too time consuming which breaks the flow of the game. Other than that I really liked it.

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