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Neglected Place Escape Walkthrough

Neglected Place Escape

EightGames - Neglected Place Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a stranger trapped inside neglected place. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the stranger to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) morning gang & all other players ☺

couldn't play the last 2 games live, cuz I temporarily lost internet (darn wlan ☻)

but this time everything's ok, so let's collect a gazillio of stuff - loads of rooms in this one...

thx 8G for this game ☺


Morning AO. I wondered where you were.

striped books go next to stairs

Don't miss saw on stair in only room on top row.

black balls go at double stairs for wooden puzzle piece

We need a key to open up bottom row of rooms

Smash urn next to stairs with stone.

I just took a spider with my bare hands! :-o
(same room as saw)

use saw at red stairs for 3 striped books

Use saw on big staircase.

my last striped book was behind armchair in room 1 left of start

order hint for books in room with double stairs

Code for books by locked door.

1st book is the 4th from right

(they will light up green)

When you have six brown books, clean them.

use cloth on 6 grey books in inv. for letter hint (obvious word) & number hint

my last book was bottom in pillar in room 1 right from start

chalk (white thing) is used on wall above smashed jug

Hi guys, I'm a little busy today but I'm going in now.

use this 3 letters on 3 grids to get key...

hi everyone

chalk letters for 3 grids give door key

use shovel in room of broken staircase for even more insects

feed the spiders at empty nets

finally got rid of the spiders

use hammer on crate in inv for book

for symbols it's increasing number of clicks
(lazy dev LOL)

books won't work for 6#code, tried several ways...

I don't get the 6 #s. I've tried 257904, 425709, 925704. None work.

snap meth ☺

And I haven't found the chalk yet. Hoping for a POPO moment.

you can start with either the one or the other E, so it should be from left to right 925704...

checked the WT & this number should work, so again a bug! :-(


chalk was bottom of right double stairs, just left of the 3 grids

Not again! That's 4 8Gs on the row for me.

sorry, NOT from left to right!

thought also that number depends on which E you take first (would have been tricky) but this d/w either...

Thanks AO, got it.

I even resumed - nada!

I checked the viedeo WT too, we have to find all paper pieces to see the letter clue first. after that we can solve number/book code.
but I am missing 1 paper piece...

POP, my last paper piece was in red door with green curtain in far left scene

Now I'm in. Well, I won't catch up to you but I'll try my best.

ah, that was it, thx Hotz, but missing 1 paper piece, too...

Just found my daily clicking-red-herring: In scene one right from start, in the right window there's something lying looking like a book or a bottle. ;-)

oh, no, have 2 games open to see where the stuff is, refreshed the 1st game, clicked resume & now have to start over - we are in the same position now, merit ☻

nice game, thanks for your hints above!!

my last paper piece was on red door in most left room

Thanks HOtz! That was the one I was missing.

now 6#code worked, it really depends on which E you open first!

Wooden shapes are placed on the big one bottom right room.

In symbols hint room, i didn't find right spot for using axe in opened hotspot at first.

missing 2 blue balls...

didn't make the symbol hint yet!

*puzzle not hint LOL

Wow! Those spiders are very disgusting! Don't get me wrong: Every animal is precious but I suffer from huge arachnophobia and have problems to see pictures or even drawings. These look very realistic. Don't know if I can't stand it.

Trying to line up the 3 crescents with purple rimmed disk placed. Difficult because game is very laggy.

well I will solve the final puzzle later, go at Mirchi first - CU there

thx ppl for your company & the nice teamwork ☺

Oh Lord! Got all my blue balls. This is going to be tricky. Warning if you click away from the puzzle it resets. So take a screenshot and have both puzzle and screenshot open.

And out. You doing OK Merit?

Sorry, I can't play this. I put the bug at the second spider web and then that spider came crawling over. This was much worse than just picking it up. Good luck to you all and have fun!

Not okay, meth. I'm sitting here with an all over itching body and pictures of spiders in my head. My fault, sorry.

Oh Merit :(. See you later in a spider free environment.

you have my sympathy merit

maybe you shouldn't play any Halloween games, they are full of spiders...

Thanks for your sympathy, guys. I'm not too fond of Halloween time because of this but it's hard to avoid those for seven, eight weeks. There are some I don't like but can handle them but these were to realistic, and that running spider was just too much.

No problems with rats or snakes, I can watch them, touch them, but one spider running over a wall can ruin my day.

Sorry about that meritneith, this game is absolutely disgusting with this:)

You can play mirchi meritneith, it's clean from any animal, though not fun

Mirchi was long & great fun - now back to that PITA final puzzle...

as I can stay till tomorrow in this game, I will officially cheat with the VWT if I can't solve it without taking too much time ;-P

LOL I *can'T stay till tomorrow of course! ☻

greetings Dr. Freud ;-P

I was enjoying the game until the last puzzle. A Reset button would have been a better choice than resetting every time you exit or look at the clue.

Not a bad game, but I did have a glitch where one of my blue balls got lost in my inventory, separate from the rest, and first I couldn't use it (or anything under it) and then when I exited and resumed it was just gone. Eventually had to start over, but then it was fine.

Game was a little "buggy" for my taste too, but a good game nonetheless!

@alpha: kindly don't contradict me since you weren't the one who had bugs during a game,thanks

This game is bug, so sorry

Hi, 8G I hope you're listening :)

engaging puzzles, not tedious
worry-free inventory

Improvements could be:
1. When you have an obvious word puzzle, either make it so that you don't need to see another clue before solving, make the puzzle inactive until the clue is seen (although that would not have worked for the books since the player wouldn't know they need an additional clue), or make it obvious to the player that they require an additional clue before the puzzle will work. As you can see in the comments, a lot of us just assumed there was a bug since we were able to solve the books before completing the paper puzzle.

2. There is no benefit to having the purple square puzzle reset when the player clicks away to look at the book. It doesn't add challenge, only tedium.

BTW, is the map missing a room at the end?

I enjoyed this game, thanks for making it! Thanks, players, for the hints!

EG are buggy. Blue circle turns and turns and takes for ever skips, and only happens on EG, not any other games, please fix

Perfectly good game until the purple puzzle which completely ruined the game. Having the game reset itself while you look at the clue? A big fat NO! What a shame a really good game was completely spoiled by one terribly thought out puzzle. Red X

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