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Warwick Castle Escape Walkthrough

Warwick Castle Escape

EightGames - Warwick Castle Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a soldier trapped inside gentle hotel. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the soldier to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Jumping in, collecting stuff first as usual

5# clue in start scene, left sofa

Some clues in upmost scene

5# clue is used in start scene too

Combine bowl with glass of water, powder, and stir it with spoon.

4 changing # clue from upmost scene is used in scene below start

Good morning Merit. I'm loading from the 8G site as it won't load here.

In bottom row, 4th scene, use chalk on wooden wall for a 5#

Hi meth, good to be not alone anymore!

That 5# goes to bottom row, 3rd scene

The purple liquid I made with bowl, water, and powder is poured on the tapestry in start scene for a colour clue.

Sneaky keyhole in portrait bottom left.

Oh, scratch the plate with the fork for a symbol clue which is used in scene left from end (above the swords)

Importand find: zoom into three collected statues and use the chisel there (for each one) to get keys

Done my first rapid look around. Now to try and use some things.

Colour clue opens panel in 2nd row, far right scene

Just seen a very sneaky stick in that room - at the left edge of the screen.

Had two sticks now, cut them with the hacksaw for four smaller sticks. Zoom them and sharpen them with knife.

Good find on statues Merit. I often forget to check whether items in inventory can be examined.

Then zoom them again and put the spear heads on them. Missing one head though.

I do this when missing another good idea. ;-)

Your time will come when I'm staring at a puzzle not knowing how to solve them.

Take a screenshot of magenta sun before you enter last piece. I didn't ;(

Oh, its OK, the pieces change colour when they are placed correctly.

Using tab I found a panel with a strange puzzle in scene below start, left of portrait (above keyhole). There go the coins (4 so far).

Lol Merit. Often have that feeling.

Found my last spear head by chance: in bottom row, rightmost scene. On the golden statue on left side of screen - very sneaky!

Btw: I don't have all sun pieces. ;-)

4 spears to scene right of start: 2 more coins

You have to zoom in on revealed colour code before it will work.

Got all hexagons for end scene. Lighten them, order could be trial and error (starting with 54, maybe 54213?). Clue from upmost scene didn't help, either that's for another puzzle or I was too dumb to understand it. ;-)

A lot of sun pieces came from placing something. 4 daggars I think.
I missed a button on table in scene where you enter colour code.

Got all 8 coins for the "strange puzzle" I mentioned at 2:44 AM. It's no puzzle but a clue for the flower symbols in upmost scene.

Where is the spoon?

Still looking for a stick. I found the one you mentioned in the colour code room Merit.

Now it's going to be hard. I'm missing 5 sun pieces and 3 snake puzzle tiles. No items left.

I have solved the puzzle to the right of the exit door but don't get the correct letters.

Dang, don't remember where I found the other stick but I had it quite early so it should be easier to find. I know this doesn't help you at all...

Can't remember David, sorry. I think it was lying around in plain sight.

Now it worked with the AXE letters, just take the red-white-black ones. Didn't I try that before? Gives a load of sun pieces.

Sigh. Missing one last, and as I should have solved all puzzles it should be somewhere in plain sight.

Oh hi David, haven't seen you earlier. Spoon was one of my first items, maybe in start scene? Can't remember though, sorry.

It gives me encouragement to try harder, Merit!
I have only just realised that the 1234 corner puzzle becomes active after you have seen the clue.

IIRC I started with the 1, changed that with the left number, then doing the same for 2, 3, and 3, but from the places they were in the clue.

All along, I've had a feeling that I HAD picked up two sticks, but thought that I must have confused one with the hacksaw. Now I've opened the game in a new tab and I was right. I've picked up both sticks, but only one shows up in my inventory and I can't use it yet. :(((

I've been having bad luck with 8G games lately.

Oh no, I'm sorry!

Still looking for the last sun piece.

still looking for a place to use my last key - used one on portrait bottom left scene, another a few scenes to the right in wooden panel.

Heureka! That rascal was hiding in start scene on the red curtain.

Merit a few sun pieces were on furniture of the same colour. I've had to start over and now I can't find the spoon either!

Fudge, tab is your friend.

I have an open panel in the exit scene at the left wall, could it be that?

I'll open another game, just wait.

It's one scene above start, very close to the arrow that opens map!

TY meritneith - that was the missing one!

I'm so dumb, I forgot to follow your advice with the screenshot of the sun. But you're right, colour changing helps a lot

Ah, found spoon again on floor one up from start.

Got the last snake tiles. Won't repeat that mistake!

Hm. To be honest, screenshot doesn't help much as e.g. all horizontal pieces look almost the same. But colour changes here too.

Missed your post, Thanks anyway Merit.

And I'm out. This was for sure one of the easier 8G but I liked that very much as there were no unsolvable puzzles. Great game, thx!

Thank you guys for help and company, will stay here a little while.

It would have been perfect to have Alpha by our side but he deserves a few days off.

Thanks for the great hints - at least the puzzles this time were not frustrating!

Out now. Thanks Merit for your help and 8G for the game, except that annoying bug with the 2 sticks.

Fine to see you're out. I think David quit.

I had left my earlier game open. My inventory showed 1 stick although I had picked up 2. I have found that I could pick up the one stick, then add a second stick from an apparently empty inventory slot.

Not one hint about where to use the Chisel??

Excellent game. Everything was a logical follow through which made it so nice to play. The puzzles kept the flow of the game, and no annoying spinning or slider puzzles. This is how an escape game should be! Thanks EightGames! 5/5

Jenny, if I remember correctly I think the chisel was used on the sticks after they were cut with the hacksaw.

Nope Sam, they were used on three wooden statue things to get the keys. (had to watch the walkthrough)
Thanks though for trying.

Sorry, Jenny, I had gone well past it. Hope you got out okay.

nice game good logic didn't need any hints

it was the hacksaw that was used on the statues & chisel was used on sticks

& the knife cut the sticks I think lol

Third keyhole on the left wall of the exit scene

For the last few weeks I have tried to play Eight Games but the continual advert interruptions have finally caused me to say enough... sorry as I really have enjoyed them over the last year.... ciao

8G, I hope you're listening! This was a very enjoyable game. Even though it was rather long, the puzzles were a bit creative and none of them were tedious. The map was a very manageable size and layout. Scenery was pleasant. Things I really appreciated:
1. navigation map
2. great music!
3. self-collapsing inventory -- very important when there are SO many items to collect
4. items would stack even when they need to be grouped (like the sticks and statues)
5. hotspots that disappear after use (although only a few of them seemed to do so in this game)

Thanks for a really enjoyable game! And thanks to everyone who gave hints. Miraculously, I didn't need much help this time, but it was handy to have a hint when I needed it!

Chisel clue was given at 2:28 by Meritneith in this walkthrough.

Use Ctrl f to find key words, like, in this case, chisel.

Missing one statue and several hexagons. Feel like I must be missing a room or something.

If you think you're missing a room, look at the map. It will highlight rooms that have been visited.

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