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Ena Halloween Transforming Human Escape Walkthrough

Ena Halloween Transforming Human Escape

EnaGames - Ena Halloween Transforming Human Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. In the previous level you have crossed the auditorium to reach cave. Now you need to transform the statue to human to get help from that human to move onto next level. Let's play this mysterious level. Good luck and have fun!

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don't need a key for the door

magnet used on puzzle outside of house

Arghhhh - keep forgetting about the padlock on the puzzles. Though I was doing it wrong!!

I'm close to skipping the rotator puzzle.:(

For the rotating number puzzle - each line is NOT left to right. The middle line is right to left.

Thank goodness I skipped that puzzle then Mr Techie!

Star gives hint for number of clicks. Do them in order on wall left to right, not in order from star dial.

I'm stuck with three eyeballs, two dice, and a sickle. :/

OMG. nevermind. Finally understood the clue.

Do the maths for yellow & blue numbers. *facepalm*

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can someone post the dice color/numbers? pretty sure I need that info for a puzzle inside and forgot to write them down.

Got my last die from the colored numbers. Sickle from arrows (I think?)

I haven't seen blue yellow numbers. Seen red green.
Mr Techie sickle comes from direction arrows which came from paper clue. Didn't understand it. I BFd it and the very last combination was right!
Started with right.

Y'all get ready for loads of puzzles in the new scenes after the robot breaks through the cave door....

NVM. Just found blue yellow numbers

The paper clue was:

6 + 7 - 2 = Blue & Yellow (1 1)

Mr Techie Dice blue 4, yellow 6, red not sure.

You don't need dice numbers to open new scene.

right, the dice #s weren't necessary. the clue for the 3 color sliders in house is a paper in the new scenes

Not sure I understand the 3-color clue.

Quit because of the multi-color puzzle. Had it correct, but clicking the lock did nothing. Verified that each color was correct according to the game's own walkthrough. I had it right. Backed out and did it all over again. Still didn't work. What a PITA.

I´m stuck missing 4 digits (flower, stick, star, logs)
Found stars on wall, 1 flower in right scene, 5 logs on floor but not sticks)

I bfed that one because I couldn't see any sticks either. 6 flowers, 5 logs, 3 flowers.

Nevermind. I didn't realize the color thing was a puzzle.

Whew! 3-colors gives last skull. Then last pumpkin and out!

Good long game! One of my puzzles autocompleted, but I'm not complaining.

Thanks Lizzie. I think sticks is at the back door, left side of letters puzzle. The problem in I found only 1 flower, not 3. Or I have to count the branches of the one I found?

I counted the branches. :)

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