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Ena Halloween Why Lucent Skull Escape Walkthrough

Ena Halloween Why Lucent Skull Escape

EnaGames - Ena Halloween Why Lucent Skull Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. In the pervious level you have got the 10 turnips. Now you have entered into the villa. Ue the 10 turnips to find the Lucent skull to move on to the next level. Let's play this mysterious level. Good luck and have fun!

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Loading now.

Oh. The game with the padlock again. Note to myself: don't forget to click on that!!!

Not finishing this one. too many very hard puzzles.

The puzzle with the four colored buttons, down right in right view: count the dots on the hint behind pumpkin far right in left scene. Start with the left button...

Hm. Not getting the colored symbols. Seen the 3x3 red, pink and blue hint, got the yellow hint, but the solution doesn't work (yes, I clicked the padlock).

The X+ safe shows the progress of solving the safe by making the padlock greener and greener.

My 4 color symbols would be #(+)// star r y b pink

Oh. The symbol hint paper has to be TAKEN, not only looked at...

Got one bone for the door, need the second. Only riddle to solve is the blue red yellow black number safe. Only clickable spot besides the safe is the strange hint on the house in the right view.

Uh! Nasty! Watched the in game video walkthrough. We have the turnips already in the basket in the inventory. Do not like that!

Escapism , you have to take the paper into your inventory and examine it there for puzzle to work.

Oh, I see you got there already on the paper Escapism. This game is so laggy that I can't play it.

methanwy, thanks, but I know that (see my post from 7:43)

I now understand Jenny. Inside the house there are too much riddles...

too many 1234 clues...

Combine checkerboard in first room with letters on wall in last room for word clue.

BF'd the "finger, teeth, bone, eyeball. Didn't understand the clue. (That is the order)

3214 clue on tree combines with stationary slider clue for order of yellow symbols.

Colored wheel with 4 squares won't work until you get the clue paper.

Click the 5 numbered candles for color clue.

Quit after I got clue for spinner symbol puzzle. Those are impossible.

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