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Ena 10 Turnips Escape Walkthrough

Ena 10 Turnips Escape

EnaGames - Ena Hallowwen Escape: 10 Turnips is another point and click room escape game developed by Ena Games. In the previous level you have managed to escape from the tunnel, at this level you have to repair a boat and travel to a mysterious island to collect turnips. Collect objects and solve interesting puzzles, get ready to explore new things. Good luck and have fun!

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Remember to click the padlock (bottom left) when you complete a puzzle ...

Hi zuleikha! I'm with you:)

It's not the ready-made hammer that works on the rocks ...

What you got from 3# was an oar head

Knife for branch

Be back

Hey Dazz : )

Working on the circuirt board. Need one more link. Tricky.

Looking for wood to repair boat

Ah - it was behind circuit board all the time

Quick escape after finding wood. Add nails, hammer them in, put paddles in boat - and out. Nice little game : )

The circuit board is hurting my brain. I had an 11 yr old and a 12 year old insist on trying it too and they couldn't figure it out. Help!

circuit board


Zuleika you are not out after fixing boat, there is another whole scene.
I am stuck with 9 turnips in the new scenes. need hint for 2 colours over bell.

hi (again) all ☺

turn all shapes red at top right puzzle on island

thx ENA for this game ☺

Don't try to look for a 5th toy for the table; you only need 4.

Jenny if you have 4 toys on table, there is something else you can put between them.

Jenny: how did you go on after arriving on the island? I'm in front of a purple house that needs a key. Got two colors for the skulls eyes that don't work. Got a stuffed animal and a cauldron full of liquid (water?) in inventory, and that is it.

Good game!

Thank you Alpha!

Oh my... the skull needs to be pad(un)locked too...

Escapism, have you collected the owls and placed them and done the pumpkin face puzzle?

I have to go. Hope everyone makes it out ok. I have to admit I did skip that circuit board puzzle though. could not get the third one to light up.

bye for now.

3 symbols hint in hands above fireplace

flowers as 3 colour code

I'm wherre Jenny has been at 4:56. Need two colors and place where to use turnips. Plus haven't solved skulls columns outside.

...and need 4th animal for table (got skull already).

crowbar in plain sight left side in fireplace room

POP. The hint for the skulls outside is on the clock, the height of the horns above clock.

You'll need 10 turnips escapism. Once you get them all your automatically out.

That leads to 4th animal which gives 10th turnip and then you are out.

Thanks, Allivymar, but too late. POP striked again! ;-)

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Use crowbar on floor in front of the 4 green droplets hint. Took forever to find that pixel.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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