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Halloween Candy Shop Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Candy Shop Escape

FunkyLand - Halloween Candy Shop Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Funky Land. In this game, you have to use some items and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Good morning. Starting live.. Nice. Good Luck everyone.

Very nice Friday am Funkyland ! Thanks for entertaining me during my insomnia !

Hi Byassen. Will join you soon - slow loading for me...

And hi Patty, and hi to others who may follow till I'm in. :-)

No idea about anything yet, have two cards

very slow loading.Have 2 Cards so far. Everything are slow in game...

hello everybody. What a nice game! stuck with scissors and lever. any help?

Finally. Let's hope that was worth it.

Feel like playing with ISDN-speed, like in the 90's...

lever combine with knob scissors for box
Great game thanks

I put the three cards on the candy according to the three ghosts but nothing opens?

After finding connection between 3 ghost with hats and picture (eye and ghost) everything was smooth and fun.

need clues please, haven't done anything yet just have 2 cards

My last card: marshmallow cup put in cupboard

Kasten, see the two pictures with the houses and lightened windows, one is round, one is pentagon-shaped. Go to the 4x4 candies and lighten the drawers according to each one. After doing that right you see the according drawer changing to OPEN.

Go to the picture and take the item. Do the same for the other picture, those two will give you another card and scissors.

Thank You!!

Those three ghosts got me! For those who need a hint:

Let one ghost looking to the front and the other two looking at it (e.g. for the first one ghost 2 and 3 look to the left). That will give a clue how to put the cards on the candy boxes (cards can be turned). Do that accordingly for all ghosts.

Oké, I diddn't notice that there is a pumpkin on both sides of the card, so I used the wrong side.

Missed the juice can for a whole time.

And finally out. For me this was a hard one - blond day maybe.

Funky Land
Would you take me to Funky Land

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My last card: marshmallow cup put in cupboard

Juice can? Knob? I have a purple lever and scissors and can't find a place to use either. More hints please?

I've put the marshmallow container into the cupboard - how do I get my last card?

Gmac, your purple lever needs a pink knob or handle before it will work.

The knob is under one of the ghosts

Oh, found the third coin on a second playthrough.

wondering, how green tea popcorn tastes... ☻

once figured out the start (windows), it was a pretty straightforward one for me

excellent fun game - thx FL ☺

Final key presented by Count Frogula.....

Sweet!! I loved it! Thanks for all the hints!!

Lovely game - enjoy the more complicated ones.

Always such beautiful, high quality games. Thank you!

well thank you to those who posted a video walkthrough.... i just couldn't get the logic in this one! even after reading all the posts.... brain is really slow today!

Sorry to say that I never found the hint to the correct order neither for the cards on candy boxes nor for coins to Mr Frog- got them after a few tries Thanks Meritneith for ghosts hint BTW!
Nice and intriguing game as usual

This game deserves a walkthrough.
Would be great if someone would write one.
Personal interest here.
I'm stuck.

where are you stuck arrie?

Yep, I am stuck too.
Have all three card, but they don't do anything no matter how I put them in. I have seen the hint under the ghosts too.

For the cards: Under the three ghosts, notice the title and the symbol. Goes in order from left to right. Under left ghost was Staff Choice and a Heart - so turn that card to the Heart side. Do the same for Shop Only (Star) and Secret Taste (Pumpkin). But for Secret Taste there are pumpkins on both sides, so choose the correct one. Then when you put the cards in order in the slots, you'll get the lever.

p.s. You do have to click the Open button below after you place the cards.

Looks like my days of playing Funkyland Games are over. I don't know what they changed in the last 3 games but there is no way to start the game for me anymore. I have to assume it has something to do with being incompatible with linux.

Science Nerd - if you have a smartphone, they do release both iphone and Android versions of their games. Just a thought...

I can't believe that I went past the coin on the flags SO many times, lol! Nice game, and beautiful graphics. Thanks Funkyland!

Are these getting harder or am I getting older? Still the best Funkyland

Tricky Treat Shop-through

Welcome in an empty shop full of treats.
Empty? That's very tricky, we need income.
But, where is the doorkey?

Zoom in on the four by four candy boxes.
Down left = house shape, down right = circle.
Zoom out, go right twice, zoom in on the boxes at the wall.
The house-shape: write down the dark/light windows, zoom in on the circle, do the same.
Back to the candy boxes.
Dark means open, light means closed.

First do the house-shape. When you see 'open', go back to the house = scissors.
Then do the circle, back to the circle = card.

While being there, look at the middle box at the wall, the square. Eye is pointing to the ghost.
Below that square are three ghosts. Make two looking at a third one, this one jumps up.
Zoom in and look at word + shape.
When the middle one jumps up, also take a knob.

Zoom out, turn left once, zoom in on the table, take a card.

Zoom out, turn right three times, zoom in on the three bags. In one of them is a third card.

Turn left twice, zoom in on the three large candy-boxes.
As the ghosts showed:
Staff-card with heart on it goes on the left box;
Shop-card with star on the middle one;
Secret-card with pumpkin (circle eyes) on the right box.
Click 'open', take handle, put the knob on it.

Go right once, zoom in on the foot of the holder in the middle of the room.
Attach handle, turn it round.
Zoom out and in on the goods.
Take :
- a tin can with juice, open it;
- a marshmallow box, look at the bottom, take the key.

Turn right once, zoom in on the little house, open its glass door, place the marshmallow box. (Shadow appears, something happened up right).
Zoom out and look at the flags that appeared.
Order : bat-pumpkin-ghost.
On the pumpkin one is a coin.

Go left once, zoom in on the bottom drawer, use the key, get a box.
Use scissors, get candy.
Lots of candy !!

Go left twice, place the candy on the boxes below 'trick'.
The word needed = 'treat'.
Click 'open', take a second coin.

Zoom out, turn left once.
Zoom in on the circled box at the left wall.
Pour in the juice, see the number.

Zoom out, turn left twice.
Zoom in on the drawer again, but now click the top shelf, use the number on the box = a third coin.

Zoom out, turn right twice.
Zoom in on the candy-machine, throw in a coin, turn the handle, get a ball, open it, get a coin .... and again .... and again.

Zoom out, turn right once.
Zoom in on the coffin, Mr DracuFrog is locked up in there.
Place the three coins : bat-pumpkin-ghost, click 'ok'.

Zoom in on DracuFrog and steal his key.
Open the door and let the customers in.

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