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Heaven Puzzle Forest Escape Walkthrough

Heaven Puzzle Forest Escape

Games4King - G4K Heaven Puzzle Forest Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you went to a forest thinking that it’s a heavenly forest for a vacation trip. To make the trip as more adventurous trip, you went alone deep inside the forest. But unfortunately you got trapped in it. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the forest by solving few clues and puzzles in the forest to escape from the forest. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm in

Going in!


What numbers are those for/from? I'm stumped already.

The number of letters in each color is significant. The colors plus the number of letters form the clue for the 4 rods in View 2. One of the colors is not needed for this puzzle.

Ah. Thanks!

This game is seriously bugged.

Shoot. Can you nudge me in the right direction. I'm not getting it.

colored words are the clue for 4 colored levers in view2: eg: the word 'orange' is written in red letters, so 6 red letters. red lever should be in sixth (highest) position

Gotcha. I had it backwards.

Use the watering can on the background flowers in View 6

Lighted #s from watered flowers aren't working on 4# puzzle.

The numbers from the leaves are not for the 4-number puzzle in View 3. They are for the circles in the background of View 2.

Leaves, not #s.

where to use clue from leaves in V6?

Mac--thanks! I was going crazy counting & re-counting those leaves.

I am confused, where is the word orange? All I have is a lever in inventory and no idea for any of the puzzles yet.

Thx Max you answered my question


I can't get out of views 1,2 and 3. Where is the key??

Word Orange is in V4 Jenny- Look at Dazz comment @11:20 for numbers

Don't miss Yellow piece in V2

Jenny, you have to do the math puzzle in 3 to get to new scenes.

My brain must not be working today. What do I do with this acorn?

Thanks guys! I see all the colours/word, but can't make the levers work.
could someone spoil it please??

Jenny look at Hotz comment @11:42

Red lever at position 6 (where it is now)
Yellow at 5
Blue at 3
Green at 4

thanks Mac Carter

Lizzie I am with you. I can't find where to use anything

Thanks again.

Now the leaves are showing me what #s ? I can't even tell which ones are highlighted on some of them.

I've got an acorn, blue & yellow tiles, and some kind of lever/tool.

where are the acorn and the blue and yellow tiles?

Jenny - 7524

Yellow tile is on v2- left side of levers

cake pieces give the 4#clue for view 3.
use the numbers of lighted leaves and count how many cake pieces are yellow. eg: 7th cake has 8 yellow pieces...

canon ball for jug in middle of view2

Thanks Gika, those Leaves are hard to see. I have the yellow tile, but no acorn or blue tile and no hints for any of the puzzles.

Is anyone moving forward??

Hotz--you rock! I knew the cakes had something to do with it because it was still a hotspot. Just couldn't get it to work.

looks like an eyedropper lizzie I think

I still can't get the 4# puzzle. Are the leaves 7524 or 7254?

leaves oount all the red ones on each vine

Thanks for the 4# clue Hotz!

Im wondering what looks like rock centre of chest scene?

could someone please just spoil the 4# hint?

crown for statues in view4, apple clue for chest in view6

I thought the position of letter-colors would give the clue for V1
I am still working on combos

not a dropper, but a ball pump

jenny the lighted leaves are: 7254

Thanks hotz but that would be 8173 from the yellow circles and that does not work in view 3

I just can't do anything here.

Sorry Jenny- It is 7254

I am so confused. where is the crown?

I am more than confused, Nothing seems to work for me,

crown, acorn, blue tile?? where is anything. and please someone spoil that 4 digit #, I am going mad here.

jenny, first use 7254, by clicking on "cakes" in view2
after that you can use 8173 in view3


use 7-2-5-4 in that order on the yellow circles in the background pg View 2. Click on the one with the seven lighted pieces first, etc.

Jenny use the 7254 on view 3- count the yellow pieces on circles and click on it by clue- for example first number is 7 so click on 5th circle(it has 7 yellow pieces)

Use cannonball on jug in the middle of View 2

Flashing candle combined with ball for three-digit code.

This alphabet puzzle is a pain.

Walking man silhouettes on trees in View 5 is for birds on clothesline in View 4.

How do you get 3 digit # from flashing lights/ball?

Someone help please- I have blue and yellow tiles, nut, and lever? piece.

What to do next?

I assume tomatoes for chest..
opens chest for acorn ande clue..

where is the cannon ball?

Well, I can get the letters to light up in order, but once I click "Z"--nothing.

linda count numbers as per pumped up ball

Alright. Good luck all. I've gtg.

Gika, have you solved the 4#code in view3?

No hotz

Here are the letters to click on the alphabet wheel. Click in order.

NVM-Got it Hotz

thank you Terry

After alphabet wheel, don't miss crowbar on ground under it.

My, my. That alphabet puzzle:-(

How do you get the alphabet wheel to work? Does something have to be done first?

Missed the crowbar, thanks.

I am stuck with a ball in my inventory

najb, you need the clue from putting the crowns on the statues in view 4.

gina, have u lit the candle yet?

Yes Terry

Gika, use the colors of the ball and the flashing candle colors in v3 to get the 3# clue for v4

and finally out, wow that was a nice game with some uncommon codes.
thanks for your hints guys, nice teamwork :)

for colored sliders use colored words again

letter puzzle I might red x...

leroy, i posted a pic of which letter to use at 12:48. click them in alphabetical order.

Bug! I used the top left O and it worked till I got to Z.

for colored levers i tried numbers of letters of colored words, but did not work

Thanks Deanna H

Oooohh! thx Deanna :)

Still can't find the blue tile.

ekieh, for colored sliders: use colored words, but the other way this time. eg: "orange" in red letters is the clue for orange slider.

Mac Blue tile came from doing the Yellow circles in V2


I hated the letter puzzle.

i tried that, but for yellow is not purple (6) but lilac(5).. that worked out now

Accidentally closed the game. Went back and clicked continue and it didn't continue it restarted the whole game. I won't continue.

Thx Guys for the help.

Thanks, Gika! Well hidden, but there it was!

Blue tile is in view 2 from yellow wedges with leaf clue from view 6.

Still can't get the slider puzzle. If orange is red, red is blue, yellow is lilac, green is yellow and blue is green, then the positions would be 3,4,5,6 & 5, but that doesn't work.

this is a very challenge game. I'm stuck on those darn pie circles and the plants.

Oliveya22, have you gotten the #clue from the leaves in v6?

no where is that?

You need to water the flowers and you'll get vines with lighted leaves.

wheres a water jug... and does anyone know what do with the yellow strip that you get from view 2?

Where is the ball we are supposed to blow up?

How do I light the candle?

That may have been the worst G4K I've ever played, just from the alpha puzzle alone.

Watering can is from the RYBG slider puzzle in v2. Deflated ball is in v1 from 4 color puzzle.

I have never seen a hint for the 4 colour puzzle in view 1. Where is it please?

The alphabet puzzle was a huge pain. I'm still stuck on the final color sliders.

Giving up, thanks for all the help left here.
Gotta go cook and this is just not fun anymore.

Jenny, from the chest in v6.(clue 4 chest from 3 feathers in v3)

is the RYBG color combo apart of that wheel like thing in view 1?

Got the sliders basically by accident. I'll try a quick replay and see if I can come up with the solution.

No, the clue for the RYBG sliders is from the colored words in the various views. For example, the word orange(6 letters) is written in red, so the red slider would be in position 6, the highest position.

Just joining. Seems I've got a LOT of catching up to do : )

stuck got 2 tiles acorn & dropper thing how to get into next scenes hints jump way past how to get the ball & where

Stuck on chest. Used hint to light 1st and 3rd 'gems' but no combination seems to light middle one. Suppose everyone is gone...

Ah well - that's what you get for joining so late : )

POP - got it

Hi Zu how did you get the hint for chest

Colour clue for view 1 from chest in view 6. Also acorn.

View 1 colour puzzle gives key and ball (to inflate with lever-like thing). Key is for cupboard in view 5 - gives 'face' and matches.

Hey joycy. Hint on paper - think it came from putting crown on statue in view 4.

No - I'm wrong. Three blue feathers came from putting crown on statue. Let me try to remember ...

Braindead - sorry joycy. Hint for chest came from bowls of tomatoes in view 3 (right hand wall)

where's the crown I think that's what I'm stuck for

joycy, if you're talking about the metal ball that you use in v2, it's from the 4# puzzle in v3. The clue for that is from the yellow pie pieces. The hint for the chest is from placing feathers in v3.

Crowns are in 3(light the candle) & 5 (acorn board)

Feathers are from v4 r,l puzzle(clue in v5)

don;t understand clue from pie did the 72etc but can't see how 4# works tried 1638 & ones not used on 3#

Thanks for posting that Deanna. I'd forgotten the sequence of things.

Can anyone remember what they did with colour clue from candle, or the one from the inflated ball?

joycy: re pie charts - click on 7254

Joyce, look at the # of yellow pieces of pie in the position of the clue #s. The pie in position 7 has 8 pieces. Do that for all 4 #s and you have the 4# clue for v3.


Click on statue In V1 =lever
Use lever on door in V3
(number have to equal to 10 and It can not repeat)=

Notice Colored letters. it give clue for swords in V2
(example: red=3 letters is written in blue= blue sword /so blue sword should be on 3)
R-6=0 clicks Y-5=1 click B-3=3clicks G-4=2 clicks

Get water jug, pump and Yellow tile.

Use water jug on flower V6
Count the the highlighted leaves= %$7^%$2$#5$#4

Use that number on circles in V2- count the yellow pieces and click on circles per clue(example click on the circle with 7 pieces, 2 pieces and so on)

With the same 7254 count the circles for example 7th circle is = 8 the 2nd =1 5th=7 4th=3 =%$8$%1$%7%$3

Use those number in V3=cannonball and crown

Use cannonball in V2- left side of swords= key for door in same view

Note walking man= Right 1,3,4/ Left 2,5= Bird clue
Birds are in v4= 3 feathers

Place feather in V3= Count the apples
Use apple clues in chest in V6= acorn and paper color

Use paper color in V1= key + inflated ball
Use pump to inflate ball- note colors

Use key in V5= matche, face

Use match to light up candle in V3= combine color from candle+ ball for 3# clue ( color for ball is BGR- Blue is the 4th color from candle and so on)

Place all 4 acorns in V5= crown and orange tile

Place crowns in statue V4= clue for letter puzzle

That's as far I got in the game

Last 2 acorns come from 3 number puzzle in v4

Placing 4 acorns gives slider counter (orange) and 2nd crown for v4, which in turn gives paper hint...for word puzzle?

For the alphabet puzzle I am getting stuck on K

Zuleika, the candle colors go with the colors of the inflated ball, which position in the sequence they appear.

Zu that is for the alphabet puzzle in V1- note starts with the B on left side

I did that pie chart ages ago before I looked at hints it's the 4# numbers I didn't get a ball

Gika your a star & thanks Deanna

Finally got word puzzle right. Gives another urchin face for v2.

When anyone gets to the end, please post the # positions of the final color slider in 5 before you go.

Hey Deanna - yes thanks for that. worked out the 2 colour clue combo right after posting. Isn't it just the way, lol.

And Gika - awesome walkthrough - well done!

I still can't get the sliders in the replay, although I got them by accident before.

After failing so many times. I used Terry's Image to help me with the alphabet puzzle. His comment is @12:48

Use crowbar (from alphabet puzzle) in v6. Gives weird pic puzzle. Trying to solve.

Pic puzzle in v6 gives clue for plants in v4 and another slider button (green). Move pieces in pic puzzle by clicking above, not on, pieces.

Get face and crowbar from the alphabet puzzle

Use crowbar in V6- open chest = green tile and paper clue for plants

click on paper clue for it to tun= word pressure
Now use the letter from the front of the paper to right the word pressure by clicking on the right plant.

Plants puzzle in v4 gives last urchin face for v2. this in turn gives last 2 slider buttons for v5

Just can't be bothered to try out any more combos on sliders. And it's late here. It's over and out for me.

Ty to ev1 - especially to Gika and Deanna - for help and hints : )

Thanks for the effort, mac.

Zuleika, I don't blame you, I'm just stubborn and want to finish.

Yep slider is not working for me either!

My pleasure Zu. I couldn't have done it without help from earlier!

Deanna- I want to finish it too

You're welcome, Deanna, and many thanks in return. Like you and Gika, I would like to finish this, so I'll keep at it for a little longer.

I've tried counting the first position as both 0 and 1, tried the yellow as both 5 and 6, and even tried counting from the right. No result except for frustration.

Mac, the people who finished earlier said it was definitely the colors of the words, and red and lilac were specifically mentioned, so could blue, yellow or green actually be called something else?

did the alphabet bit of a pain but got there the next letter should not be adjacent to prior one now got clue for plant pots

did the plants spoiler below

1 3 5 44 2 3 5

Hotz commented earlier that the slider puzzle is the other way around- that for example the word orange is for color orange and you count the letters

Might be, Deanna, I just don't know.

Here's what I think we k now so far:

The sliders are, from top to bottom -
Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.

The words, with letter count and colors, are -

Orange (6) is spelled with Red (3)
Red (3) is spelled with Blue (4)
Yellow (6) is spelled with Purple (6) or perhaps Lilac (5)
Green (5) is spelled in Yellow (6)
Blue (4) is spelled in Green (5)

It seems to me that the answer has to lie somewhere within all of that - but where?

It's not the position they appeared in the candle either.

But there is no purple title. So we can't do by color.. It has to be by word

*tile/ lever

And there is no orange in the candles colors.

I ended up bf-ing the sliders and I can't remember how. :/

thanks so much for the walkthrough @ Gika that helped a lot.. this alphabet puzzle is a pain though.

I tried the red, blue, purple/lilac, yellow and green as they appear the candle sequence. Didn't work.

I tried that too, Deanna. Grasping at straws now.

Got it again, I think it was 3,4,5,6,5 counting the first spot as 0, but I'll have to replay. I'm pretty sure that Orange was 3, Red was 4 and Blue was 5. I did those first and then jiggled around with Yellow and Green.

Instead of lilac, I think it was supposed to be pink. so, 4 for yellow worked for me!

I did what you did, but put the yellow at 4(using start as 0) It worked!! Thank you!!! I wonder what the heck the purple color is called.

That makes sense, Judy, but it's definitely a purple sort of pink:-)

Yep, did it again on the rerun - 3,4,4,6,5.

Thanks to all! Time for supper.

It worked---Thx Judy

So for slider: O=3,R=4,B=5, G=6, Y=4

Thx Deanna and Mac for sticking around!

No problem, glad we could all finish!

does anyone have a walkthrough of that stupid alphabet puzzle... this its getting frustrating...


See Terry Smyth's post at 12:48.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.


You need to add a "G" so that it's jpg, not jp. Otherwise you get a 404 error.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry I copied and paste. I probably didn't highlighted the G before I copied.

Oliveya - Go A,B,C,D alphabetic order

like what comes after the Z.... do you go backwards or forwards again.

Deleted the above link above to avoid confusion.
Thnx Mac

Sharing the image from Terry for the alphabetic puzzle

Oliveya- In my case I had to do it twice before it worked! So after I clicked on Z the letters went back. So I did it again without zooming out of the puzzle and it worked.

so far i have bcdefghijklwxyzqrstuvsmno but the p won't go through for some reason... is there another letter to press before that?

You have to do it in alphabetical order to get it to work. Once you hit Z at the end, you get pooped back and can pick up an object (or maybe 2, I forget).

Using the image is a lot easier and less frustrating than trying to do it by trial and error.

Oops, meant "popped" back! :)

i know you have to do it alphabetical but the P work after the O. nothing is really working after the O and i have all the other letters... just frustrated with whats comes after the last letter which is o.

The P worked fine for me. It's on the innermost ring of the SMONP spoke and has worked my first time through as well as 2 replays.

hmmm... i wonder why its not working for me.

my letter wheel doesn't work properly, too
I can put all letters till Y, then when I hit the Z in centre, it resets the puzzle & I had to start from scratch again...!
even refreshing the game & resuming didn't solve the prob, hence I can't continue :-(

When I did the alphabet puzzle, after I hit the y, I went to make a couple of notes. When I looked back at the puzzle, the face was there. I never hit the z.

Replayed it again (3rd time!). After you hit "Y" it should be an automatic. You don't have to hit Z.

Also, for the final sliders it would have been a lot easier if Yellow had been spelled in the color Cyan rather than something similar to purple but less dark. :)

does anyone know the solution for the orange,red,yellow,green,and blue sliding bars in scene 5.

Orange - 3
Red - 4
Yellow - 4
Green - 6
Blue - 5

Thanks! glad to have finally finished it.

My pleasure, olivey! The answer was based on the number of letters in the color which the slider color is spelled in. For example, orange is spelled in red (3 letters), so the orange slider goes to position 3. The same for the others, except that yellow is spelled in what seems to be purple, which would be the 6th position. But apparently the color is really Plum, which is why the yellow slider goes to the 4th instead.

when I clicked the "cake" things, after I finished I didn't get the blue tile and the acorn (watched the WT), so ... this is. I can't continue. And for sure I don't restart it just to check if, maybe, 2nd time will work.

The walthrough sucks! Very very bad and poorly explained! Instead of writing such a pitiful walkthrough, a couple of pints at your local pub was better!

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