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Inarin Escape

Games4King - G4K Inarin Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. In this game, you have to find your way out by looking for items and some clues to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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ciao everybody…view 4 you do not need a clue for the statues..light all them and they go down and then do it again twice

Hi Dani, glasses for 4#

sorry..I think maybe paper first scene was the clue of statues

Not sure how to connect the lines

Be right back

I think numbers are for statue

Hi people : )

Just joining. This is the earliest I've ever seen a G4K game posted.

Hi all! 2 green gems go in scene 3.

Put egg in trough.

Hi all!

I had trouble with the 3x3 grid. Had to go very slow. Start with 9.

Hm - circuit board thing in v5 looks tricky. Wonder if we need a hint paper?

methanwy - did you get a hint for the 3x3 grid?

you get the clue for 3x3 grid when you place the 2 green gems.

Yes. From placing 2 diamonds Zuleika.

Thanks Roberto. Only have one placed so far.

Ciao Roberto I have only one green gem…where did you find the there one ?

Game is too laggy for me to play.:(

Use bottle on fish tank.

Ciao Dani. Second gem in view 2. Right tower.

Is arrow clue (paper hint) to be used on 'envelope' in v2?

Hello) Where to put the green stone?

I used arrow clue on a door with dials on it. Kinda tricky but it did open.

I have the bottle mentioned above but can't find any fish tank

Something wrong with pyramid colors and numbers: Can´t get it!

thanks Roberto

Oh thanks Jenny - the connection seems obvious now, lol

Egg in left panel v6. And what about those red and blue numbers. Hint needed?

I am stuck. need more hints for puzzles, only thing in inventory is a bottle.

ok, put egg in trough and now have chick and bottle in inv.

Put chick in well left side view 2, now have triangle and locked box.

This comment has been removed by the author.

{SPOILER} numbers for colors:

31 - 49
133 - 87
185 - 235

Put triangle on hexagon in v1 for hint to star puzzle in v3

Thanks Roberto for spoiler but I am guessing I need to see a hint first as nothing happens.

Use paintbrush on crate in view 6.

Use key from solving star puzzle on box you got from v2. gives hint for door puzzle in v3

Thanks Zuleika!

Think that pattern hint from earlier is for 4x4 grid in v6 - but doesn't seem active yet.

Stuck with 1234 paper

Combine symbols on crate and fish tank for sliders.

Place crown from v6 on cat statue in v1

Still not seeing a fish tank

Use crowbar to open manhole in V6.

Yes I tried red and blue numbers with Roberto's hint - but not working.

Also have paper hint with 6 basic maths sums - not sure where to use yet...

Use this paper on 2 buttons on barrel in view 5 Zuleika.

Where is crowbar, Roberto? Also, did you find a hint for the red and blue numbers - or just trial and error?

Hi ppl just going in bit late lol

Aw thanks Roberto - you're a star : )

Have fish bowl now and another clue paper

Where is everything Roberto? lol. paintbrush? fish tank? crowbar? etc.
The math paper is for 2 button barrel? How?

thanks for the paper hint Roberto.

Combine arrow hanging on tree in V1 and note from 3 dials to open 4x4 grid.

hmmm. 1234 note doesn't work in puzzle in V2.

Jenny. Maths paper gives results like this -

2 6
4 3
1 5

Just click the l/r buttons in order e.g. 1st and 2nd clicks are left, 3rd is right etc.

Not getting triangle-circle-square hints. Thought they were for dials in v6 - but no pentagon on hint and no circle on dials.

Waiting for someone to catch me up. Stuck!

Have you got the note "EARTH" Zuleika?

Thanks Zuleika I actually had the math wrong on one.
got it now.
I don't get the triangle circle thing either. I thought it might be for the sliders but can't make it work.

POP - combine both hint (from fish bowl and from crate in v6) to use on slider in v6. Will give spoiler if needed.

You need "EARTH" note to solve 3 dials.

Placing 4 shields in v1 gives another clue paper. Has at least 2 clues on it - possibly 3

Solved 1234 puzzle. Top, left, right, bottom.

Need a hint for the slider please.
still looking for crowbar and 2 shields.

sorry, I need a spoiler for the slider.

Ty yet again Roberto - so it's just one clue, not 3, lol

Missing 1 star and 2 skulls. Strange I still have the clue for RGB numbers in inventory.


Actually there are 2 clues on paper. 1 for word and 1 for dials.

This comment has been removed by the author.

3 digits on tree is the top number from pyramid.

Use ball in middle crate in V6

Yes I still have that clue paper in inventory too. Not getting the dials hint - have tried lots of combinations. Maybe missing something obvious.

POP - got dials clue. And it was obvious...

4x4 grid in v6 still not active.

Still no hint for 6 x 6 grid in v5

Wow I am lost. I have earth paper and opened dials, I still have red/blue paper and now have 1234 paper which does not work on envelope in scene 2

What is EARTH for?

Out Phew!!!

Zuleika, after I did the dials and the slider and opened the manhole with the crowbar that grid was active for me.

EARTH is for the letters solution..looks like 5 x 0's on a tree; I'm stuck with an envelope that won't open too

Read my post at 6:12 for envelope.

I just realized in view 4 I have done nothing with either the 5 or 3 digit #'s

3x3 grid clue from placing gems got 926734815 not working

Thanks Rougebooze! Did you open the other tree with 999 on it?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Grid in the stage 6, it is necessary to combine with Streck on paper at the initial stage. Press from left to bottom through a single cell (press X on paper)

3 digits on tree is the top number from pyramid.

Ty Jenny - just discovered it's active : )

Word does not prompt znayu.Ne understand on paper. The envelope also not opened.

Click 3x top, 2x left, 1x right, 4x bottom.

Thanks Roberto for envelope thing, but what pyramid?

What pyramid Roberto? You mean from RGB paper still in inventory? Can you spoil?

pyramid from clue paper (colors and numbers).

870 for the tree #s

Word did not work right)

Roberto, thank you very much for an envelope)

Out finally. Roberto you really are a Rockstar! Thanks so much for all the help.

Sliders dose not work even with spoiler ?

I have both clues ?

Ok I must go back to school and learn to count LOL :P

Yes a big TY to Roberto - have a great Sunday : )

got the dials straight off had to go slow with 3x3

Where is the Hint for right Tower in Screen 2?
I stuck there.

Hello all ! I'm at the begining and already stuck ! I can't open door in V5. Can you help me please ?
I've done the statues, the right puzzle in V3, got the glasses, got the 2 green gems, done the 3x3 and entered in V6 ...

thx G4K for this game ☺

placing egg & chick is at a random place & hence difficult to find (place see comments above), but it's usual for these games...

the same for triangle & maybe the crown, too

Look for a hotspot on the panel to the left in the room where the skulls and the colored numbers are. Get an egg, put it in the trough in V4, and then go away and come back. The egg will have hatched.


arrow paper is for dials in view-2

I got fish now ...

I'm out now.
Found out that you can click under the Envelope on the Wall to get green Gem.
Than found a Walkthrough Video on Youtube.

This comment has been removed by the author.


The fish is for the sliders. Pour the beer into the fishbowl and note the position of each of the 5 symbols (top=5 on the sliders). Then use the paintbrush on the box to the left and get the order of the sliders. Put these two together and you can solve the slider puzzle.

number paper hint for envelope puzzle on right pillar in v2 from 4x4 grid in v6

amount of clicks, order

top, left, right, bottom

Rats! refreshed the wrong tab, but thankfully there's an autosave!

final line square puzzle


Oups ! I didn't refreshbut ... Thanks AlphaOmega and Mac Carter for your answers !!!
When I found the hotspot left in V6 I could go on:)
But I 'm on the site of Ocean des jeux ' and there is a bug at the end;the door in V5 doesn't open :( I consider I'm out !

thx ppl for the hints above ☺
needed several of them

the final puzzle is tricky, you need to look carefully at the connections between the squares (e.g. at the left side)

What AO said. Be sure that top left of bottom left square connects to bottom left of top left square.

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