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Knf Forest Gorilla Cage Escape Walkthrough

Knf Forest Gorilla Cage Escape

KnfGame - Knf Forest Gorilla Cage Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Knf Game. Assume that you went to a forest for a holiday trip. And in the middle of the forest, you found a gorilla trapped inside a cage which was setup by an hunter. Now you have to help the gorilla to escape from the cage before the hunter comes. Use the necessary items in the forest and solve some puzzles to free the gorilla from the cage. Good luck and have fun!

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Can't get my acorn to stick in place. All the other 3 pieces are fine.

Ah - that particular acorn was for a different puzzle!

I can't find the right acorn for that fruit puzzle. placed 2 other ones.

Flowers go on mushroom

Fir tree symbols are for ladybirds.

Number puzzle, first scene, opens up symbols puzzle (Oak, fountain, etc)

First scene # puzzle is beyond me. Do you understand it? There is another completed one further on but it doesn't help me.

Zuleika can you spoil those #'s for me please?

Colours from first scene used in second for key

Purple flower from 4 fruits puzzle (it was a berry not an acorn)

Roman numerals: just put in order 0-X from top to bottom and L to R

Hey Jenny - sorry didn't see you there. I brute forced the numbers. Think first one was two or three ; second was 4 or 5.

Use shovel twice: first and third scenes

Out, looked at walkthrough for #'s, still makes no sense though.

I agree Jen. I'm out too but had to just guess a couple of things. Not a great game : (

The sum of all the numbers gives you a two-digit code. Normal game. One code is hidden on the cliff at the far right scene. Another code on the left, among derevev.Proshla game without any problems.

I can't find the 4# code to put by the apple pear etc.

The thing I had missed was using the honey drips for bee sliders. Out now.

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