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Mushroom in the Forest Escape Walkthrough

Mushroom in the Forest Escape

Sarameya - Mushroom in the Forest Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Sarameya. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Use "Ask Him" button to interact with characters. If a picture appears instead of a ?, then click on the picture and do puzzle. Need to click on all objects with character as they have more than one puzzle.

after you make a trade with the eye creature, you can get to a hole under th tree - pick a green shining mushroom for light

click on her bag, note the patterns, find them on mushrooms (sc. 1), enter them in order for acorn

click behind her when she faces the eye critter - my last twig was among the red mushrooms

still need 2 items and can't find any more puzzles...?

just1, I have all the twigs/branches except for 1 long, thick branch, also need 5 more ivies. I thought maybe we need to construct a ladder.

Have you found the 2nd long branch yet?? thanks!

I also have a pot, 3 mushrooms plus the shining green one, in inventory.

I have all the mushrooms. Still missing one of the short sticks but have everything else. No idea where to find the last stick.

You can look UP into the trees, by the way.

vka - how did you get the purple mush from tree?

You can click on her little purse/box thing for a puzzle.

Build a ladder when you have all the ropes, two large sticks and five medium sized branches.

My last long stick comes from the 1st guy who want the little mush up in tree. Grrr.

Missing 1 long branch too.

How did you get that mushroom Rita? I can´t reach it!

Oh, THAT purple one. SOrry, got my mushrooms mixed up. You get that one by using one long stick, the knife a rope and the sticky green mushroom.

thank you vk - have all 10 vines now

@Maximom, you get the last long stick by attaching a knife to the first one - try to reach mushroom w/ stick, then talk to man w/ tall hat about knife

HINT: mushroom with water in 1st scene, left tree.

Thanks just1, struggling to catch up with everyone!

you have to spear a white mushroom w/ knife before you can get the purple one

LOL! Now I'm cooking. Thanks vka


get last mushroom w/ ladder

Build a ladder when you have all the ropes, two large sticks and five medium sized branches.

and out! start fir w/ twigs, then add pot and mushrooms, grow tall!


How do I get the other mushroom (light purple) I can´t reach.

hmmm. I have 9 long branches.

@Roberto, there should be only 2 long branches, 5 short ones (for ladder) and 15 twigs (for fire). Try to reach the mush you need w/ the 1st long branch, it will you tell you you need a knife, then you can ask the man in the hat for it. You have to give him a white puffy mushroom

That was a very challenging game, thanks for all the good hints everyone!

I have 10.

Where is the acorn. Semm to have everything else but the shiny green mushroom to see under dark tree.

This is my inventory:

@Roberto, you may have found a bug.

@Tiquer, I never found that mushroom patch again after I picked one, I think they disappeared ~ look along the base of mushrooms for the hotspot, you'll also need a white puffy-headed one.

Have only an orange mushroom in ask him option and the eye critter wants the purple one I can´t get.

Found shiny green mushroom behind me in the scnee with the guy with striped hat. There is one you can pick.

Tiquer, the acorn you get from doing the puzzle on the girl's green bag. Clue is in first scene.

When I try to get the purple one it says: "It doesn´t poke."

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Oh, the green background of the purse has 4 patterns on it

I `ve ever did that puzzle. I need only purple mushroom, but cannot get it. How?

@Roberto, you need to take your knife contraption apart, then build a ladder to get that one

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Where to use the twigs to make fire?

I tried to make a ladder, but don´t know how.

Thank you Maximom and just1, out now. For me it is always a pixel hunt that tricks me up, and then I think other puzzles must be a pixel hunt clue as well. This time it was the single one of the many shiny green mushrooms you could pick. Very good game, good use of components to make tools.

I can combine long branch with medium branche but cannot use Ivies.

My game must be bugged like you said, because now I have 13 long branches and 20 ivies.

Roberto, did you disassemble the spear? If not, then you need that branch and ivy for the ladder.

don't know what's wrong, Roberto, you shouldn't have 10 poles. I was able to add the vines after putting long & short branches together. You can't make fire till you have evrything to put in the pot

Roberto, I tried to replay the game and the spear made from the knife and branch appeared in my inventory, like magic, so I think the game is buggy.

Every time I take knife apart the game adds another long branche.

ok friends, I appreciate your help but I quit. Many Thanks!

read branch instead of branche lol.

... sticky green mushroom?

Chris, sticky green mushroom is in a tree on first scene.

so i think i have everything, how and where do you make the fire and start cooking?

wait, it seems i'm missing 1 twig!

Found it!, once you have everything the cooking scene automatically appear

where is the knife

you get knife pic to ask hatman from trying to take olive mushroom on left tree in first scene to the right (text says «I want knife» or similar)

I can't cut the Pileus & light purple shroom with knife on branch, so I think I ran into a bug, too...! :-(

Ah, for light purple shroom you need a ladder I suppose, but as I can't get the Pileus in eye critter scene on middle tree, I can't finish the otherwise nice game...

quite tedious as game, pffff

@AO, you need to collect a sticky mushroom from high up in the 1st scene, you can get that w/ the knife contraption ~ then collect the Pileus, then build ladder for the last one :)

So, I'm in the cooking scene, and I put down the small twigs. But I don't have water, and I can't select anything else or click on anything else on the screen. What a pain.

What a pity....Game doesn't seem to be loading for me. I am on the Sarameya site, but the place where the game should be is blank....

Refreshed the page for a third time and I'm in!! Happy Happy Joy Joy...

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry....I just gave two clues that were wrong. I'll stick to just playing the games instead of giving hints :-S

Great game! I loved the unique puzzles and twists.

I was quite liking this game up until the cooking scene. Like smokehalo said earlier, I've put sticks on the ground and now nothing is clickable. Game is too tedious to go thru again. I would have rated it good but can only go as far as average now.

I can't find the knife!

This helped me - look for a small mushroom in the first scene that has blue inside the cap. That is water. Give that to Hat-man and the cooking scene appears.

To get the knife, make the spear as stated above - knife, rope, long stick - and collect the sticky mushroom from up A tree. Attach it to the spear and then collect the purple Mushroom from up a tree.

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