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Old Forest Paradise Escape Walkthrough

Old Forest Paradise Escape

Games4King - G4K Old Forest Paradise Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you went to an old forest as a vacation trip, at first it feels like a paradise to you, so enjoyed the old paradise forest. Later you realized that the forest mesmerized you, so you were staying in the forest more than your vacation leave. So you have decided to get out of the forest but unfortunately you didn’t know escape. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the forest to escape from the old paradise forest. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm in

G4k used to have music, so gloomy now

463 on tree

Hi Dazz Ley :)

make all green, on the start stop board for new room

has anyone figured out the clock or the calendar because I'm stuck on them.

And out!! Good game, snicker snicker ROFL :P

Grid is a memory game

That connection line, pain!!

Hi bandy :) LOL

Another grid UGGGG

HI Yvonne I was just horseing around! LOL

Dazz do we line up on X or the - ?

Buttons with numbers for color code

Hiyo bandy! All lines should connect

I have no experience at taking screenshots, but I think I can give a hint: make like N from top left

Wish someone shows me how:)

Dazz load NIMBUS Qwik and easy

Obtuse angle points left

That is Google Chrome

I'll try bandy thanks!

bandy, when you get it post screen shot please

So, I have Adblock disabled in order to get G4K games to load. First time I clicked the link, the page opened and began loading, so I turned away for a moment. I looked back to see not the game page, but a page for an "urgent FireFox update", with prompt to run a script.

G4K, YOU NEED TO VET YOUR ADS. More trusting people might actually have installed whatever nastiness that might have been.

Calendar for 4# colored, add the red and pink

I will Yvonne But, I can't get all line to match?

Looks like we need 4 iron balls

connect puzzle, sorry so small

The orange pipes all need to be connected. Begin (enter) with lower left corner and finish (exit) with upper left, one down from top.

I have the solution but how to do it again?

bandy, you'll probably get it before me, I'm not in the mood to spend a lot of time on it

Use cloth on mirror beside barrel with 4#

Thank you sysin3

sysin, thank you, I was nearer to completing than I thought.

Black lines in orange circles need to be at the 8:00 position.

Tried dudes but I'm zero on this

Dazz by the way Nimbus is in Google store It is a add on extension

Hi guys! Just loading up.

Hi Lizzie :)

Place flowers in opening scene for ball and clue. Balls placed 1 scene to right.

Well adding the adding the red an pink dose not work?

bandy it does 2+4 for red


Blue - 3
Green - 6
Red - 6
Pink - 8

Worked for me.

Don't add red and pink together. Add the digits of red for the red #, and the same with pink.


OOOHH I was adding The sum total LOL ( 24 26 ) LOL

I think I explained that wrong LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

Word code: day

Joining very late ...

Clue which comes from plant gives three letters which need to be entered in coded form on fence.

Hi Zu :) you'll soon catch up

Tut Tut Tut bandy, we need to take maths:)

Paper is hint for 3-letter word on fence in opening scene.

Anyone understand the bird dog bone fish clue?

Dolls go on couch, hi zuleikha!

Well I can't get past the colored # Maybe my color blindness?

After placing the dolls on the couch, you can zoom on them and move their eyes. No clue for that yet though.

Have dog/bird/bone/fish clue but no idea what the sequence is.

Nope, no code works, guess we need something

Bandy: yrgp

The buttons that gave the clue for the colored buttons are still active, also.

Dolls eyes move different numbers of moves.

Oh great! We need clue for dolls eyes

Thank you MAC!!!

Dazz LOL

Dazz, I think the eyes are a hint, but they don't seem to work on the barrel.

I think there is a mistake with the third doll's eyes. I got the barrel to open on 5983.

Definitely a bug. But I'm glad you figured it out!

Use jug either side of dolls.

eyes give clue for bird dog fish bone

How did you do that methanwy?

Well, I'm done. The logic in G4K games is often enough too skewed or lacking for me, even without incorrect clues. Who knows how many other goofs they may have made with this one? Not worth my time, and I'm still irritated about the attempt to plant a virus on my computer. Think I'll just take a break from G4K completely for a while.

There's no sign when should we see the number of clicks on each doll

When I said eyes give clue for bird dog fish bone, I meant the two eyes for the statue. Sorry.As for the dolls each doll has different number of possible eye positions, except the third one is wrong. 5973 on dolls, 5983 on barrel.

I've adjusted the clock, but can't use it for 3# code.

Oh, the adjusted clock was a clue for the orange circles we all did earlier.

does anyone have a solution for the board with a fish,bird,dog and bone on it.

Crappy clue for this one, buggy in addition, but thanks methanwy

The click was clue for the angle, but it worked before I see it, buggy game

Anyone used AHLU?

Chick is North
Dog - E
Bone - S
Fish - W

Clue from paper hint:


I'm stuck with AHLU too

thank you! for that @mac carter

Thanks Mac!

the doll's eyes make no sense to me, how do you know when they are in the right position?

Count the number of moves they can make Yvonne, but see comments above on mistake.

I have no idea why this should be but according to the walkthrough video, the solution to AHLU is:


Please help me understand this?!?!

Yvonne, count how many times the eyes go crazy till they're back

methanwy, thank you :)

When you get all 4 cannonballs, the solution is to get all 4 above the line at the same time. Just need to be quick.

Got to go for a bit. Leave good clues!

Dazz Ley, thank you :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Paper clue is for sliders - count the sliders from the top.

Trunk in medusa room gives 2 more 'lifebelts' and last seashell

Color wheel is easy - upper left doesn't move, so start from there. Then you're out!

No idea what to do with football.

Such an obscure clue. H is 6 after A, L 3 after H and U 8 after L

football goes in statues head

And out! Good game except AHLU clue way to obscure.

Thanks for company everyone.

Thanks yvonne - would never have got that!

Hi ppl have caught up can't make out dog bone puzzle tried nwnwnen but not working

And out. Didn't think I'd make it, starting so late. It was all due to the excellent clues by you wonderful ppl : )

@joycy: the sequence is - NEWNEWSEN

If you count in between the letters in your keyboard starting from each letter:
A-h is 6
H-l is 3
L-u is 8

lost my game some spam site came up (

game was saved got it thanks gus

was missing one coloured thing but found it outside lol must have missed it with the balls & now out thanks G4K got qute far on before I was stuck thanks for hints

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thyanx for clues everyone
Couldnt have done it without

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