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Pumpkin Escape From Fantasy Palace Walkthrough

Pumpkin Escape From Fantasy Palace

Games4King - Pumpkin Escape From Fantasy Palace is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you have a golden pumpkin which is been stolen. After your wide search over that pumpkin, fortunately you got information that pumpkin is kept deep inside a fantasy house. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the fantasy house to escape your golden pumpkin from the fantasy house. Good luck and have fun!

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yay let's do this :)

numbers top left in View 3

check windows and walls

in View 3 click on right table corner for a gold stone

4 white flowers - put 2 on each side in the bushes below the wheelbarrows in Scene 5

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Once placed, the fish are the clue for the buttons in View 1 (Green-Purple-Orange)

fish colors for door in View 1

Oliveya not there yet.

cheese in V1 for ladybugs

use blade on left chair v3= eye and number clue

Oliveya- bees goes on wall in V4 we need 5 bees

BTDH paper is actually number clue for v4

place torch on right table in view 6

place beer symbol in V8

use clue in V8 for half yellow circles in View2

Use magnifier on blank scroll. Use the clue from scroll in V5

green ball goes on wall in V7

hi (again) ev1 ☺

just starting - this one has no autosave...

thx for this game G4K ☺

Oliveya have you found any more bees or a match to light up torch???

I am looking for a place for the eye and the Good Morning paper clue.

Hi Alpha catch up so you can help me :)

eye goes on door in V8, need 4 more

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oliveya place 4 stones on the door in v6

k. Thanks!

has anyone found any matches? and where does word Btdh go?

use the scroll with Good morning in V6... But I have no Idea how I got it.

puzzle pieces goes on Heart on V8

BTHD is a number clue, look carefully at the letters

Look carefully, olivey - the letters are actually numbers

Oliveya- BTDH are numbers not a word

Where do the green ladybugs go? and where is view 4 and view 8?? need hint for word.

matches comes from placing heart in V2

Missing 2 stones for door in v-6

Arrow clue in V2 is for foot in V7= lighter and color circle.
Use lighter on torch v6

still no idea on the good morning clue. what letter do i choose

don't miss yellow stone under R tablecloth, V3

Jenny Green ladybugs goes in V7. There is a hidden stone on right table corner in V3

well I am stuck. I don't see any arrow clue in view 2, can't even find view 4. and need more hints and more of everything else.

The good morning is for buttons in V3 not letters

i don't get the magnifier clue? any solutions.

Thanks Gika, I have the stone from View 3. still missing top one.
That spot for the ladybugs was really hard to see.

jenny- View 4 comes from placing stones on the door. Read the top comments for more hints

Oliveya- it is RLRLLRR

yellow number that comes from lighting the torch is used in V4 yellow circles= bee and puzzle pieces

thanks Gika!

matches are used in view1 , there is a torch on the floor- it will give word clue for V6

has anyone figure out the good morning scroll.

still stuck on the good morning clue. Tried vowels in each word, repeating letters in each word. but nothing.
Cant seem to translate a 4 word clue into a 3 button combination

Sorry guys I am a little ahead of everyone. I hope I am not making you guys confused. But I like posting so I don't forget where I found things and if you need help you can go back and look.

No problem Gika, your help is always appreciated.
Just this Good Morning clue is my Monday wall

Since I am stuck now, I will replay the game and see what I did to open it up.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

grrrr! lol Oliveya

for 3 buttons in V3: "GOD" is for 3 buttons, now read "good morning" and press an G or O or D button...
thanks gika, I wouldn't tried this clue on this 3 buttons without your hint.

Jenny Stones=
Jar in V2 using the 222121 clue
table in V3
Ladybugs in V7
From number in V1 (use blade in left chair in V3 for clue)

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Big hug to you Hotz

Thanks Hotz- Now I don't have to replay the whole thing :)

has anyone figured out the how the bees are suppose to be arranged?

I am stuck still. I do not see any arrow hint in view 2, can't use scroll, (like everyone else) No idea where the rest of the bees are, need hint for 2 U/D squares in view 4 and for yellow circles in there too.

Oliveya 0 to 180 degrees

Jenny- the arrows will show later in the game.

AAhhhhhh, I clicked on an add and I have to restart :(

Oh no Hotz sorry :(

Jenny if you have scroll with Good morning look at hot comment @1:00

nooo! Hotz you where so close to finishing.
Thank you everyone for your help.

shall i stick around Hotz in case you need help from me "the chocolate Teapot"?

Thanks voor the Good Morning clue. I would have been stuck forever on that one....

Tim did you figured out how to use the paper hint with lines??

Now on with a paper with red black and green squares on it and a paper with some sort of routing clue

thanks Tim, give me some minutes to replay :)

which one was that?

Finally got the good morning open, but I don't really know how.

Got the bees too.
I am now stuck with a paper with an up down line thing and a red/black/green squares paper.

found the place for the ladybirds,, like Jenny, missing top gold stone...ty Gika for saying where the top one is....but I've not found the knife yet

red and green square clue = count the red and green squares and enter into the clock using the 2 buttons.
routing clue paper is for the 2 blue squares choose top or bottom square based on the path

aha! not a knife, a razor blade,V7 by vase

I am stuck with 2 paper clue- one with red, green squares and another with a line. And I only have the U/D square in V4 and the dials in V7 left to solve.

Thrynn, not a knife a razor blade it is in view 7 by urn bottom right side.

Thanks for hints for the papers but I have no red button for view 7

Tim my route clue is not working I've tried so many times.

POP finally got the papers and out!

Thanks Tim!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Gika, it is UDDDUUDDUU

guess I'm still looking for a knife, lol...razor gave me eye, goes in fish scene V8

U/D squares in V4 answer is from the path/route clue. choose button top or bottom based on clue route

razor was in V7 after you place the ladybugs. its hiding behind the urn

thanks Jenny missed the number clue....onward !

and finally out too :)

that was a good game with this very tricky "good morning" code. thanks for your hints above!!!

Thanks Jenny :)

I am with you Gika and Jenny. No red button for V7 and my squares don't work with the line paper

Thanks Tim.

Good one :)

paper with red/green squares is for 1-8 dial in left house (in scene with 2 ladybugs)

And missing one eye....

Route Puzzle Spoiler


Thanks again for your help everyone. See you in the next one

echoing Tim...thank you all for your great hints, I get so stuck in these games, sometimes just need a nudge to get me going again

Thank you Tim!! That gave me my second button for dial!!

Manon the eye comes after doing the red/green dials

Out now. Nice playing with you together. I am usually too late for the live ones and play them afterwards. Thanks for the help!

ugg these bees.... I'm not good at math so anyone has the solution it would much appreciated.

Oliveya- don't click on the first 1. 2nd 1 click, 3rd 2 clicks, 4th 3 clicks, 5th 4clicks

thank you!

No problem Oliveya :)

echoing Tim...thank you all for your great hints, I get so stuck in these games, sometimes just need a nudge to get me going again

Thanks for all the tips. Oddly, I never had to use the bees I collected.

Thanx for hints everyone
Could not have done without you

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