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Rescue The Ant Family Escape Walkthrough

Rescue The Ant Family Escape

Games2Jolly - Rescue The Ant Family Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly. Have you seen the animation film "Ants"? This particular game is partially inspired by that. Our hero ant have gone out of its home for food-hunt. It took a long while to search enough food for their family. When he returned to his home to his bad luck he found his wife and childs we're locked up in the room. The enemies who did this were missing. Help him in rescuing his family from those clutches before the enemies return. Good luck and have fun!

Play Rescue The Ant Family Escape

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Funny game)

Took me a little while to get started. The three leaves give the hint for the levers.

Stuck with an unlit stove and some ice

Key in the winking monsterhead

Ok great :-) I have a bowl of water....

Aha - the stove works even though it´s not lit

score 8250. cool game, thanks.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Clothing is hangars, not position

have knife and can't do anything.
What gets the game moving?

Get roll in the wood box.
Get knife by doing levers (leaves are the hint)
Use knife to cut the roll= clue for tree trunk (it gives scroll)
Combine scroll with sign with names= word clue
Use word clue to get key for door and open new scene.

Collect green flower, blue box, stove.
Use dot clue starting from the top down on green face- top right= gold key
Go downstairs on closet (left side) collect purple flower
Use gold key on box inside closet= water bottle and bowl
Use water bottle to fill the bowl
place bowl on stove= hot water
use hot water on blue box with ice= key
use key on door to get access to bedroom
pick up 2 stand- on teddy bear and bed
Use hangers positions from closet to open panel in bedroom= stand
Click on stand in inventory and place them together= color clue
Use color clue in bedroom= scroll
Use scroll clue on purple panel above clock= yellow and blue flower
Place all 4 flowers outside on left house= mask
place mask on same house and you are out :)

@Jenny, use knife on purple role - got it from wooden crate (just click on top of the crate).
Then color code from role use on stump.
Good luck!

Same problem as Jenny 10/11/16, 12:43 PM, had to look at walkthrough to make sure game was not bugged. 2 stars

Thx Gika for the hints.
G2J very nice game, thank you.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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