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Save the Clock Tower Walkthrough

Save the Clock Tower

MouseCity - Save the Clock Tower Escape is another point and click adventure escape game developed by Carmel Games for Mouse City. Clock tower lady is all out of flyers! In order to print more, she now must raise money to pay the copy shop. Good luck and have fun!

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Let's see

Nice straight-forward one. Got a little stuck until I found the locked trashcan.

Hamburger for photography technician

I am looking for some mustard! lol

I don't know what they want for trash can ?

for the pipes, make sure all the reds are connected


Look for two equal sequences up and down, then fill in the blanks.

These are fun little games:)

I have no idea how I opened the trash can I think I used 794 but not sure

OOHH Thanks Brett!

Try 794

But where does the pipe go? That is where I am stuck

I love how the newspaper says "Wercked" his barn.

Thanks guys,hate maths

pipe goes in ice machine

Stacey for machine in burger shop

Put 1113 for pin machine

Stuck with newspaper?

Ah pipe was beside guitar kid

Wrecking ball smacks her out LOL Fun game

Funny ending, short one and easy

I am beginning to really hate Mouse City
They were the first to put ads in beginning of games and now their games freeze my computer except SD games
Their ads always run though!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!

Sorry about that Joe:)

By the way Dazz
I love your new Avatar

LOL a tribute to «back to the future» ☻

thx ppl for several hints above & MC for another fun(ny) game ☺

"I was wondering why the ball seemed to be getting bigger... and then it hit me."

Yay love these games, nice to see more of them lately.

Yay love these games, nice to see more of them lately.

I think this is one of the few I completed without any hints or videoWalkthrough.

Maybe too easy? ;)

guys what was the pin no. of the atm

guys what was the pin no. of the atm

G8 science, the guy in glasses at the burger shop hints the pin no. is his birthday and it's tomorrow, so take a look at the date on the newspaper today

XD the nod 2 bttf!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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