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Sneaky Search Pearls Walkthrough

Sneaky Search Pearls

Sneaky Search Pearls Escape is another point and click hidden object escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Sneaky needs your help finding the missing pearls! He is stuck here on the beach and can't leave until he finds them all! Good luck and have fun!

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here we go!!

Hey Dazz.

I found a ton of diamonds. Lets see where the clues and riddles are.

Sneaky in scene 6 top of umbrella

Sneaky Coin on umbrella in scene with blue cushions.

Wait. I do think those Diamonds are actually perls and you don't have anything to do as pick them up.

Hey nom.
Yep each scene has 5

Bug! One pearl can't be picked in scene 19

How much is all the pearls? Is it 100 like snowflakes?

Only that pearl left and can't get it, says this door won't open

100 pearls (diamonds)
Everytime I play one of SD's find the object games, I think, "This is probably some social experiment - let's watch as the player gets so intent on the object he fails to notice the dancing llamas in each scene!"

I have 98 pearls. Only found 4 in the 7th scene. Looking for sd or key for pearl in 19th scene. AAARRGGGHHHHH!!

I'll just consider myself out with that buggy pearl

Ok. Got the 5th pearl from the 7th scene. Now just looking for dancing llamas... er... something to open the door for the last pearl!

Anyone found a key? Every view has 5 diamonds, sneaky coin is in 6th

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Updated the game! Thanks everyone!


Don't get me wrong I love these games but........YAWN!

Allthis did was waste 149 seconds and make me wish I was on a beach.

how did you get the 5th pearl from 7th scene?

enjoyed the beautiful pics while picking up diamonds first LOL - thx SD, also for fixing ☺

I understand why some don't like this. I make them because more people do. :) Thanks!!!

Thanks, SD. These search games are not my favorite of yours, but I do enjoy them! Great break or me during the day.

Like I said I do enjoy theses games but this one was so painfully easy it was boring. It was almost like you were trying out something new and you just wanted to test it.

SD where is that beautiful place?

4 stars easy, 100 pearls and sneaky coin no trouble at all... not your best at hiding items this time around but still good!

Very easy and fast this time.Thanks Selfdefiant

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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