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Swan Couple Rescue Escape Walkthrough

Swan Couple Rescue Escape

Games4King - G4K Swan Couple Rescue Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you were upbringing nice couple of swan in your house. In your house you have build few ponds for the lovely swans. One day you noticed that your swans were missing. It must be trapped somewhere. So use your skills to collect the necessary items to escape the lovely couple of swans. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

oh, a cartoon style G4K - thx for the game ☺

bees from orange tulips go on birdhouse, it needs 2 more

pinwheel for half-circle colours on bridge

gives key

There is no play button here?

square buttons go on tree (need 4 more...)

Humm mine is not showing a Link ?

key from 3#code, hint are flowers from half-circle puzzle on bridge

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oops, yin-yang puzzle opened to fast to make a screen-shot...

hint from signpost

first one is more than 1 click, 3rd one opposite of 3rd, 2nd opposite of 4th

Hi everyone. Game loading ...

hi Zu

1 triangle tile behind right curtain

Place all 6 flowers in bridge scene - nothing happened.

on the wires now, always 1 red light left...

I only had 2, where are the other 2 from, Zu?

Grey tiles hiding everywhere in house.

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Alpha - check out items on coat stand. Also flower vase.

ah, no play link in Chrome, but in FF btw

nope, Zu
I meant the flowers not the grey tiles (need 1 more...)

Oh flowers - check windows on house

flowers on triangle CB as hint for colours on stone right of bridge - got another bee (missing 1...)

right left button on rock, clue is bricks on left of doorway going into house. Gets you a rubber ducky

thx Zu

check all windows

Bees go to hive - outside right of house. Need one more.

Ty K Stevens : )

nice find K

duck goes in pool

Hmm - I'm following pattern of brick on left side of door but not working for me. I'm using: LRLRRLRL - which is same top to bottom or vice versa.

3# behind vase (inside the house) gives you key

Wrench for bottom of colored umbrella outside

I used my key on door and it got stuck

Razor blade from using wrench used 4 times on sofa and chairs in second room in house

Can anyone see what's wrong with the sequence i'm using on the L/R buttons? I'm using: LRLRRLRL

where is wrench from?

that should work Zu...

POP - was using wrong set of L/R buttons. Duck safely in pond ...

Zu LRLRRLRL worked for me.

has anyone figured out the three color combo for the circles?

Have you zoomed in on the brick pattern?

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Wrench in O and x's puzzle on wall of house, 3 colors from flowers inside first room of house I believe


Need one more jewel for blue arrow cabinet.

yep, oliveya
look at pinwheel on house

does anyone know the little circle big circle combo.. on the bird house. ?

Yes, wrench from nought and crosses on pink lamp (use wall switch).

Pink flowers in bridge scene are clue for sliders.

Tahnks Zu!

Puzzle below swan is difficult. Shifting those coloured wires around and can't get all lights to go green. Wonder if we need a clue first?

use spanner bottom of parasol for razor blade

Zu I did blue left and yellow right on same row. That may help get you started.

Swan goes below bridge.

Igot a key I can't find a use for from parasol colours puzzle.

Make sure all holes are plugged as a whole not on every line. for the wire puzzle

Top row: blue in 2nd to 5th hole then pink from 7th to 11th

Did you guys open the door inside the house??? Because I got a key from doing the 3# behind vase and I placed it on door and it got stuck

Didn't get stuck for me Gika.

second row: red from 3rd hole to last thrid row green in first hole and purple from 8-9 last row yellow in 4th

Methanwy- I've tried it twice now. I restarted the game and it got stuck again and the door doesn't open.

Ty methanwy, but the best I can do on that puzzle is 9 greens, 3 reds.

LOL I had to click on door handle

knife for left curtain

Hahahaha Gika, a common mistake

thx K for the wires, that got me stumped

Hi Gika : ) That gets me down to 2 reds. What did you do with the pink?

Your welcome Alpha, it took me a while. Now have half a round piece of paper and nothing else in inventory.

My solution was for left of each piece
Row 1 red at 2.
Row 2 blue at 1 yellow at 6.
Row 3 green at 4
Row 4 pink at 3 purple at 8

Apologies - just saw other posts re coloured wires : )

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I have only a key in my inventory. Doesn't work on brown draw.

Pink spray on mirror for word hint.

SD from word puzzle, use on mirror. Gives locked box.

key from water lily is for draw

Oh I clicked on the completed wire puzzle a second time and got a duck.

I put my first lotus flower on right side leaves - gave last bee. Four bees give pink spray. But bees also change direction. Looking for hint.

Where's the pink spray from Zu?

Pink spray is from placing all 4 bees, methanwy.

Oh no Zu. I've only found 1 lotus and I placed it on left :(

where's 2nd water lilly from?

How to work the yeng yang clue? What is up or down left or right or is a good guess?

my comment at 10:36 AM

I saw AO 's hint but ????

Still looking for second lotus/lily. Placing flower on right side gets last bee, placing left side seems to get key - which is probably for locked box that you get from mirror, lol

@ bandy: arrows indicate direction of white part of symbol.

Thanks ZU that helps.

me, too placed water lily at left side for draw key... hoping for the 2nd lily...

Thought that hint for 2 circles on 'birdhouse' might be circles on path to the door of house. Not working for me though...

I am stuck after placing lily left. Darn it!!!!!

Has anyone done the big little circles on the small birdhouse?

I was doing random clicks on little birdhouse. No idea what. It gave bird, which gives 2nd water lily.

But there's nothing in my second water lily!

It wasn't the path Zu. I don't know what I did, but I think I ended with 3 right.

I had to open lily twice to get the key, maybe it's the same with the other one...

OK got my 4th bee by repeated clicking on water lily.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I wonder if the flowers by the bridge was a hint for circles i.e. 3L3R.

Still trying various combos on 2 circle - nothing working. Also trying combos on bees - no joy.

Probably there is a hint in the locked box.

AFter you unscrew the mirror the screws are on the top of the cabinet/safe.

Well spotted methanwy : )

Did you get other half of paper from locked box?

Screws are hint for bees.

No I got the last jewel for safe from box. The bees give the paper half.

I am still baffled by the small and large dot l/r puzzle

I feel there must be hint around somewhere for those 2 circle buttons. Getting nowhere with it.

Trying to work on mechanism for safe.

I see a 2 on the smaller green tree & a 4 on the bigger red tree in bridge scene, but d/w either for small/big buttons...

Could the circles be something to do with the two trees?

LOL AO, Snap.

Perhaps the 2 trees in the birdhouse scene?

Also we haven't used the umbrella colours anywhere yet

I even tried dots & dashes at window, but with no avail...

POP!! Look at green/light green leaved on 3 flowers on bridge. some leaves are bigger some are smaller

I used umbella colours inside house Zu.

The leaves of the 3 flowers on the bridge are the clue for the small/big circles.

Tried dots around pool (one's and two's) - both directions - nothing.

well, I need to go afk for a bit, maybe in the meantime somebody will find out the buttons...

I posted it Alpha at 12:21

Thanks for helt Huw and K Stevens - but I must be dim. Tried small-big-big (twice) and also s-s-s-b-b-b-b-b-b (twice). Neither works.

The 2 and 4 in the trees are the hints for how many times to click the lilies to reveal their hidden objects.

Left to right: big, 4 x small, big

Ty Huw :) I can't see it myself though!

Added the red number up and then the green and they both add up to 44. but I have no idea where to use it as I am missing a round gem for arrow dice puzzle

So key from left-side lotus gave key for drawer - which gave knife. Knife used on curtain for second half of paper hint (other half from bees puzzle). Paper hint seems to be for blue arrow cupboard. Need last jewel to activate puzzle.

back - thx guys



I've been playing in a new game to try and get the circles puzzle honestly. The 2 half circle papers are used on safe, but I haven't cracked the mechanism yet. A green progress bar shows when you are doing the right thing.

Oh THOSE flowers. Thanks AO.

ah, the numbers on the trees were for lilies (click 2x left for key, click 4x right for bee & that rhymes ☻)

That's exactly what I was going to say methanwy - THOSE flowers! I was using the 6 pink ones. Ty Alpha : )

First three moves green 5 press pink red 8 presspink red 7 press pink.

where meth?

How do you turn the bees?

my blue arrow CB isn't active yet...

The lssssl came from the flowers on the bridge that gave the 431 hint. 1st flower had a large leaf on the left and a small leaf on the right, middle flower had 2 small leaves and 3rd flower had a small leaf on the left and a large leaf on the right, so lssssl. I know you already went past, but I know I like to understand the clues.

you need to unscrew mirror first (SD from letter puzzle), screws on top of CB are the directions hint for bees

Turn the bees to match the screw directions on top of safe Notyou. To turn them just click on them when you have all 4.

Thanks AO! I didn't see those and was ready to give up!!

4th number green 3. I can see the pattern for red green, but not for the numbers.

my last triangle tile (diamond) was in flowers in vase in same room

what to do with that box?

OK, I don't know how hint helps but code for mechanism is Green-5, red-3, red-4, green-8, red-6, red-2, green-1, green-7.

Yes I got all that stuff Deanna - but ty anyway : )

does anyone have a solution for the two circles on the bird house?

And my other half is making impatient gestures - oh dear - I really have to go. Ty for good team work everybody. See you soon : )

My 2 circle paper clues won't go together. The left half pops up in a box, but when I try to drag the right half into it, it won't stay. Any trick?

I got it on
So there is more than one solution.
Don't understand it though.

I had to try a few times before the papers would join Deanna.

Left/right (small/big) birdhouse is big, small, small, small, small, big. Or, rllllr. Order of leaf sizes that are on the flowers on bridge, not sides of bridge.

Thanks, methanwy, it was a bit picky I guess.

How do you get the swan out of the cage?

still stuck with number circle & 3-symbol box in inventory...

Thank you Bayars316!

There are two places behind the wires Heather. One gives duck the other side gives wire cutters.

I'm trying to remember the 3 symbol box AO. Can you jog my memory?

I think the three symbols box was the flowers in the bridge too.

does anyone know where the key to the door is?

Yes I remember now. That was it K.

Oooh thanks methanwy! Didn't know there was another side lol

Yes, flowers on bridge give key, 3 symbols for box, 431 for 3# behind vase in house and big/small clue for birdhouse. Busy little hint, wasn't it?

ah wires have 2 sides to open, only got duck from 1 side - thx meth

LOL I always go left first, so I got the wire cutters and not the duck for a long time.

Had to leave for a bit. But now I am stuck with paper and swan. Any hints??

This comment has been removed by the author.

NVM- Got a key from using the colors from umbrella

The swan went below the bridge, I think there must be another one though.

Duh, swan COUPLE rescue:-)

And stuck again after using the key to open box inside mirror(that gave red ball)

Thanks Deanna for where to place swan!

LOL Deanna. That's the very last thing.

POP got last shape from 3 flower vase. It gave box to put flower shape from bridge= 2 buttons

The red ball goes with green one and pink rectangle on safe Gika. Also have you got 2 paper halves? If so you are near the end. I'd use the spoilers above for the safe since it doesn't seem to make much sense.

Oh, I've had that roboty thing everyone talks about for the very first time :(

Did everyone who solved it use bf? I started to, but the first 2 color/#s that worked were the same as one of the hints above, so I just went with that.

Thanks Methanwy I've got all buttons now and was trying to solve the paper clue. But like you said it doesn't make too much sense. Thanks for spoiler

This comment has been removed by the author.

I've got to go. Good luck to those who are left and thanks for the hints.

Thanks for the hints everyone, and thanks methanwy for checking in to help after you were done!

don't understand hint for green/red buttons either, even with the backside hint...

out now :)
Thanks everyone for hints.

thx ppl for the hints & the nice teamwork ☺

what unscrewes the mirror? can't finding anything to unscrew it. and where does the umbrella color combo go?

Oliveya the screws are hint for bees. And my last shape was from clicking on flower vase above puzzle shape.

You have to use cutter on panel to open color squares to use umbrella clue

oliveya, screw driver is from the 4 letter puzzle on the bridge.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I think the spray was from placing bees (Idk for sure). Use the gray on mirror for word clue

After you place all 4 bees, it gives you a spray to spray on mirror. That gives you the 4 letter word.

Spray* not gray

Jinx Deanna :)

what do you use the knife on?

On leftsideof red curtain

the hints are all above, use Ctrl+F with key word e.g. knife, & use up/down arrows to find the hint you need

Thanks! the paper wheel doesn't make much sense... what does that go to? and i need one more shape for the thing that looks a washer or dryer. lol

Did you get the red button from the locked box?

There is a shape on coat, scarf, book, flower vase. And I think using blade on all the couches. That's the ones I can remember.

no... dont know where the key is?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think the key for the box came from the 5x5 grid in the mirror room.

For key use cutter on panel to open color grid and use color from umbrella on grid

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Thanks for the help... finally out.

Was going fine until that last green/red puzzle. Made absolutely no sense at all.

use all three points of blue arrow to make the correct number

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