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Wow Dawn Mist Forest Escape Walkthrough

Wow Dawn Mist Forest Escape

WowEscape - Wow Dawn Mist Forest Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to visit a dawn mist forest. But unfortunately you missed the way to reach the road. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from this dawn mist forest by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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The spear is very useful -- so far it opens 2 green boxes and pulls a bullet out of a strange object on the side of a tree.

Sneaky red water lily in lower left corner of scene with 5 bottles and ivy covered gate. It goes in the start scene.

Time to cook dinner. Have fun, everyone!

Stuck with the broken bottles. I can tell that the middle one matches the pattern on the tree but can't do anything else

I am stuck at the broken bottles as well.

I have a rock, 2 seeds, a statue, a feather, a spear and a hammer.

I have the same, as well as the sickle. have no clue about the 9696 pattern on the porcupine.

Hello ppl :)

going in

Also need somewhere to do the clue from the rats' tails.

thaihoney, I'll tell you where to use the code if you tell me how you got it. The porcupine doesn't do anything for me.

Rats tail clue is used on the ? scene. Notice direction the tails are pointing. As for the bottles, count the "points" on each of the bottles and use on the right tree wreaths in the previous scene.

Use spear on thing (hat?) on the tree for a bullet!

what do you use to break bottles?

Last flower from using sickle on place where Bambi was. (Move Bambi with feather in the ear) 1st dreidel.

Lurker....you have to cut the bush/shrub from the bottom of the tree (next to the circles/rings) with the sickle and feed it to him

POP! got it!

napali66, use cycle.

Use gun on scene with bottles to get to Rat clue!

what rat tails are you all talking about?

Aha, no hotspot on the bush! Ok, use the # on the 3x3 grids.

9696 is for the balls in the grid

You have to fix the key from the dreidels on the large rock.

I don't understand the 3x3 grid. Where is the clue, Lurker?

where to find feather?

clue for grid on porcupine. feed grass

Broken bottles is clue for circles with orange dots
count the pointy parts


I have an elephant and I thought i had to place it on metal thing on the floor but It doesn't work.

POP! i clicked that turkey a thousand times!!

I can't figure out the connection between the clue on the porcupine and the grids

green circle and cross is clue for white pearls on tree

Still don't know how to remove that last elephant statue. I got numbers from smashing the pistachios on the steps, but haven't figured out what to do with them.

Thaihoney- Count the how many times you click on the ball in 3x3 grid.

POP...got it!

Pistachio numbers for 4# on tree. Add the numbers of each color.

Hey, I never went right at the box where you join the lines. Bet that will help...

Luke where did you smash pistachios?? what steps?

I´m stuck in this game since this morning.

use sickle on metal thing on floor

used key on tree trunk and hammer it.

how are the circles and cross the clue for the pearls?

I guess I need to solve the puzzle with coins, but no idea how.

sneaky statue head in left wall of place where you put flowers

Will have to finish this later. I have to go :)

Good luck everyone. Leave good hints

Gika, the steps are way past that door. I don't understand how the circle + clue relates to the white circles.

use sickle on long log

Didn´t solve that puzzle either.

Also need clue for chicks. What to do with totem statues. And how to know where to place the gems for the numbers. I think I've used everything in inventory.

ahh color dots just match the colors without crossing lines

i dont get the circle + clue either

You need a stick to hit the totems to get the clue for chicks.

Still need 2 flowers to open second wall. Nothing works on the puddles in front.

I have the bamboo stick. Is there another one? I keep whacking the totems.

you need to put seeds in those puddles, but I found only 3.

Use sicle on right tree in scene with colored numbers and 3 statues to get the stick used on totems.


Roberto...a little stick? I have a long bamboo pole but nothing happens when I try to hit the four totems

Thanks Roberto, that was a very good description. Now, what about the white circles? I bet that's my last flower.

Have you found the seeds?

you folks figure out the yellow dots by the chicks and bambi?

I did the pistachios, but not the seeds that go above the 3x3 grids.

hilarious....cook the fish to get clue to the yellow dots next to Bambi and the baby chicks. One flower left

If I didn´t fail I tried all combs on those pearls and nada. Maybe I have to see another clue first?

i only have three seeds...

Napali, those are the checks and X clue.

Seeds come from pod above bambi. Use stick on it.

thank you thaihoney!

No idea for 7158 puzzle!

what about the cross and circle clue?? thank you roberto!

Ok, got the three seeds above Bambi with the new stick.

Hm, I see what you mean about needing one more.

where is the clue for the colored dots in the stars in the totem scene?

No sense you find last seed in another place. I think we need to scare the bambi to find the 4th one.

i still got the colored dots in stars puzzle, the 7158 puzzle, and need two moons, one seed, and one flower...

I just watched a w/t. It ends just where we are, and they hadn't solved the white rings.

would be nice if Gika was still around to tell us how she figured the pearls out!

Where did you find 1 moon?

Stuck with all of you. Did you get the 3rd elephant statue that was in the wall above the "1" in the scene where you place the flowers? 3 elephants give you 1 moon. Not terribly helpful

Really? Maybe a bug! Oh no!

Thanks Puffin. I had not found that!

Don't say the B word! Not this far into it.

I even read a French written walkthrough that left off where we are. Seems no one is out.

I'm going to have to give up on this one, folks. Have somewhere to be. Good luck!

Hmmm. No more comments. I guess everyone bailed. Going also.

Click bambi for the 4th seed

colored squares need to be connected together. Purple with purple, yellow with yellow and so on. (Hope this makes sense)

find pot with fireflies .. put pot on 8 then 5 then 7 then 1 and it will show the spots needed for gold pieces

Pearls are driving me nuts

Valantine, where exactly do I click bambi? I've clicked all over and no 4th seed. I hope i don't have to restart.

POP, click near the tail and a little up for the 4th seed.

Well, I am stuck again after entering new scene after putting flowers on the wall. I have 2 goat? heads and still need 1 moon and have not solved the 5 white rings puzzle. I bf'd 2 puzzles in the new scenes - the box and the tricolor circles.

Cooked fish, but cannot go back to view clue

Put bamboo in 5 water holes in new scene for clue to white circles.

Jon Kay, if I remember it's
Check Mark X
X Check Mark

Get water from well using bucket, pour it in hole in same scene and use the shovel to dig some dirt, Use the dirt on the wheel to make a pot. Do this 4 times.

Still missing 1 lion flower pot thingy.

Found it, sneaky spot in right wall in scene where you place the 4 pots.

please would someone please spoil the white circles? Thank you

And out. Fairly easy after you find that sneaky 4th seed.

I believe white circles were 34152. Or maybe 43152. It's the number of circles showing.

Thank you so much Puffin

Actually for the 4th seed, click near the top right dot on bambi's back.

did anyone else bucket and shovel disappear after first use

did anyone else bucket and shovel disappear after first use

My bucket disappeared, you only use it once. Still had the shovel.

Wow, Wow! That was quite the game!!!!! Thanks to all players, especially Puffin and the seed hint, for your help!

Terrible game, and really not up to normal WOW standards; their games are usually faves of mine. Didn't finish because I completely lost interest. I really can't give this more than a 2/5 and that's being overly generous.

ok gonna try this again after a good nights sleep. That circle thingy won't beat me.

And the Oscar goes to......... Valantine. I would never have found that tiny seed spot.

Good night's sleep did it.. Out finally. Thanks Puffin for the heads up where the last lion head was.

escaped finally. staying for anyone still gonna continue to play. it was fun.

What is the white pearl answer??

That fourth seed was in a most idiotic place. Impossible to find. No hotspot and just one pixel that did the trick.

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