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Wow High Rise Apartment Escape Walkthrough

Wow High Rise Apartment Escape

WowEscape - Wow High Rise Apartment Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you stuck in the room by your friend. Use some of your talent skills and escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow High Rise Apartment Escape

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Number grid in start scene used in third room

Hint for large '2' is in start scene

Hi Zuleika, joining you now.

You need to add coloured bars to grid in S2 as well as changing colour buttons (hint in S1)

Bottle of soap is for tub in second area. gives suit clue

Hey Jenny : )

Hammer on mirror, start scene

I really enjoyed that. Good game.

Combine the color hint under the window, with the butterfly numbers to get the safe code for the escape key.

Thanks Zuleika for bars hint. Wondered what I was doing wrong.

Completing colour grid in S2 gives key for blue door

Squirt green bottle in bathtub and turn on shower for card suit hint.

Colour clue in S4 is for bottles in start scene

stuck as usual need 1 more green stick.

Did you use the hammer on the mirror, Leroy?

I think one green stick came from clicking the frame in the left wall in the room where the lamp is.

I can't get the butterfly colors? Where are the numbers Bear??

Scroll from suitcase in S4 gives hint for 4x4 grid in S6

Oh, that frame was a yellow stick. Never mind.

yeah did both of em already

The butterfly placement clue comes from a different puzzle.

There is a green stick in the x-+ puzzle.

got that LOL
trying to work the spinny puzzle

And another in the large 2 shaped puzzle.

I am stuck, see two sets of #'s in butterfly scene what for?? hint on floor where all the dots can be joined. again what for? where is hint for pipes?

I've seen the 2 triangles puzzle with the 80 in the middle before. totally drawing a blank on the solution

Found the puzzle I was missing - thanks Bear

Jenny, the 32451 number is for the green-bordered windows in the next scene over. the 7 numbers left of the door are for the hex puzzle in that same room

And out. Nice game.

32451 hint for use in next room (right)

Hm - thought butterfly order was from colour hint on window with venetian blind - cant get it to work.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Zuleika, the butterfly placement order comes from doing a different puzzle. Then, when the butterflies are in the correct spots, numbers will appear. Combine those numbers with the window color clue.

maybe 2 is bugged? I tried several times..

52 18 10*

@Jenny: Pattern on floor in room with safe is hint for 'pipes' puzzle

Clor order for butterflies comes from 3x3 screws puzzle.

What puzzle does the butterfly placement hint come from????

Butterfly placement clue comes from doing the screws puzzle. /\|— <<<that puzzle.

Thanks for help and answers now I need to know where is the hint for the 3/3 screws puzzle??

@Leroy: clue for big '2' is in start scene

The hint for the screws puzzle comes from doing the colored columns puzzle in the room where you connect the dots puzzle.

Screws puzzle? Was that the one we used on the 6 buttons (cyan/white)? Not understanding clue form that. Doesn't use all butterfly colours...

Oh man, I am going crazy, where is hint for coloured columns??

The hint for the colored columns comes from doing the 6 cyan squares puzzle.

LOL, I have no hint for the cyan squares either.

Ah ty Bear! Hadn't realised those columns could change colour : )

what clue? dots numbers code entered there,,,
broken mirror etc and 4 places to place what look like bottles?

The hint for the 6 cyan squares puzzle hint comes from doing the black bars puzzle. Its hint is on the floor in front of the safe, two rooms right from butterflies.

Above the bottles, in the window, Leroy.

It's on the far right, in the bright spot of the window.

TY missed that pixel LOL

had to see clue first...

Use numbers from butterfly puzzle on safe. Gives exit key - and out.

Really liked this game - but needed help. Ty ppl, especially Bear : )

Thanks Bear, did not realize those circles related to the cyan puzzle.

Glad I could help. :)

Me too at first, Jenny. I thought they went to the connect the dots puzzle and I was clicking all over trying to make that same shape.

had to see clue first...

great game Wow thanks for hints ppl

Great game, thanks WOW!

Lots of puzzles and clue's, no rhyme or reason, 1 star

32451 puzzle was bugged for me, no wonder I was having problems

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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