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Yolk Goddess Rhiannon Statue Escape Walkthrough

Yolk Goddess Rhiannon Statue Escape

YolkGames - Yolk Goddess Rhiannon Statue Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Yolk Games. Rhiannon is a major and classic figure in the earliest prose literature and mythology of Britain. The Mabinogi Statue of Rhiannon considered being one of the most valuable treasures in this world. It is said that a palace nearby possessed with this Rhiannon Statue. Good luck and have fun!

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Use knife on tree between left 2 headstones

Use cane on left wall of stair leading to door. Weird.

Puzzles are click fests. Move 6 boxes to lower left.

Easy and good one!

Zigzag numbers not working for me. Stuck. Bug?

Zig zap numbers worked. Think you need to reset puzzle, then back out, then zoom into puzzle again.

Out, brute forced 2 digit number (SPO8IL6ED)

how to find the 2 digit code for nightstand? and blue gem?

thanks for "brute-forced" 2 digit .. how about the blue gem? anyone?

loading...is this still live?

Used cane on low wall for blue ball. Placing all balls will give 4 color clue

Used knife on tree trunk

Last puzzle is just stupid.
Consider myself out.

Not a great game this time.

No BF needed. 2 digits clue is on wagon wheel. Do the math.

Game froze on the gem puzzle. Not replaying.

Some of the puzzles were just long, but the final gem puzzle was clever. Nice game!

Buggy. Game froze during flower puzzle. It was good up until that point, but I'm not replaying as I see I'm not the only one the game has frozen for, and I'm not risking getting near the end just to have it freeze again.

@ Sam Winchester : c de hint in the buk, u can c a number in it...you cant slv de pzzl unless until you c de hint.. even you know the number.,. dats a trick..

Game also froze, waste of time

finished except for frozen flower puzzle

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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