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Zooo Abandoned Factory Escape Walkthrough

Zooo Abandoned Factory Escape

ZoooGames - Zooo Abandoned Factory Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Zooo Games. This place is an abandoned factory and you are trapped in it. To escape from abandoned factory, you need to collect few clues and commonly used machinery items like spanners, wheels, hammers, and etc to escape from the abandoned factory. Good luck and have fun!

Play Zooo Abandoned Factory Escape

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So far there are lots of things to collect. :)

The #&45H#&$5A#&$M#&4M#&4M#74E#&4R is used on the large turbine engine.

There's a sneaky 1w2r3e4n5c6h on the girder beam in the long room.

clocks for 5#s

OK, here's what I got dudes:

3 picture pieces
2 red dials
4 green bugs
3 red bugs
3 bowls
2 pink bugs

assembled paper is code for door in far R scene

Wrench top of clocks dudes

Door not working?

2 wrenches hiding in rm w/ hands

Nvm, you need to light it up first:


in scene with hand clue are 2 wrenches: window and floor

>.> just accidentally closed game <.<

and 2 more in next rm R

Dazz did you get all the papers together? You have to click on it and reassemble them to get the code

Hi just1 dude! Just did it thanks!

Have 8 wrench now

You can zoom on your bugs to collect

Bugs for the first room buttons

Need 3 more, and missing one this, one that..

Seeing where to use hammer dudes

Use the hammer on the big dome, where you place the red shapes. Use the 3432 hint on the bowling pins. Amount of clicks.

Red shapes change color, this is the clue for the box in far left room. It becomes a number hint.

Thanks bear!

use 4# from bugs on box in rm w/ blue door - L to R, ignore the backwards numbers

I have solved all codes, placed a purple tile in far right scene (don't know why) and I am missing 2 wrenches...

Use the magnet in the scene with the 4 pictures puzzle, to get a red key.

magnet is used 1 scene after opened gate (3 color buttons)

dazz, thanks for wrench on bar above clocks

Nice colour clue

Pleasure to help you hotz!

The shapes in the colored figures are for the last 4#, got last wrench

Finally out good game zoooo nice team work enjoy concept

The ladybirds are the hint for the three buttons in far left scene, but I can't make it work.

my last wrench was on left pipe 1 scene after opened gate (3 color buttons)

Thanks for tile hotzy!

Bear, click how many color of each, I think green was 4

UGH! Thanks, Dazz. lol

sorry ppl just an unimaginative hand hurting pixel hunt

>.> just accidentally closed game <.<

anyone still here? I cant find the bowling pin hint.

High Wendy it's the hands

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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