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Abandoned Dark Forest Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Dark Forest Escape

GamesBold - Abandoned Dark Forest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. This is your third year as a forest guards, all seemed fine at first, but when you want to works you discover a strange place, you are trapped in a dark, dark forest that makes the horror comes true, you need to look for ways to out of there. Good luck and have fun!

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You need to press the "Like us on Faceb..." to make it go away, so you can read any names or descriptions of objects on screen.

Such a soothing background music! :)

Alone tonight... 72/76. Missing a pumpkin, probably get it from letter, but not sure how yet. Got an extra Funny Clown, which I don't know where to put. Need one more red key for chest in Room 17. And haven't found the clue for direction of arrows in Room 7. Good luck! I'll be back later.

HINT: "Scary Face" in room 9, area behind doll

I'm here, Julian, come back!

Please note: When you take the pictures of the 4 ghost, check if there are any clues there. I did not, and believe I might have gone over something unnoticed.

Hi Maximom, offered wife a massage, so I gota get back later! Have fun! lol

Hint: Another scary face in room 12, under nose of jet

Hint: hard to see "fresh blood" in room 17

Get an evil pumpkin for the 4 photos

Hint: screwdriver in room 16, not sure if it was there all along or maybe appeared after placing objects

Use screwdriver to get 3 lonely dolls, 1 scary picture and 1 mysterious box

This game is similar to Abandoned Dark Mansion Escape as well as another one I couldn't find. Will try using some of those hints to find objects in this game. In other game a compass in room 4 is hint for wheels in room 7, but in this game the compass in room 4 is so far unreadable.

Loading up...

Hint: scary face in room 17, center top of scene.

Hint: another scary face in room 11 on dashboard right of rocker.

So now I also have 72/76 items placed. Need 1 evil pumpkin, clue for wheels, 2 more scary faces, 1 red key and whatever goes in room 1

Hi Lizzie! Need your help tonight. I don't remember too clearly where I have found things other than what I have posted, but I can at least give hints for where things go if you need them.

Hint: found another scary face in room 8

I also have a clown face in room 17 appear out of nowhere under the inventory bar that I can't pick up but I don't think I need it.

Back and loading again...

Damn! Got the crying baby on ads, which means my mouse cursor won't show up... reloading...

and I am late again.

Did you guys finish it?

Room one is a scary face Maximom.

Welcome back Julian, as you can see I haven't gotten very far.....

I just got back, had to restart 4 times because of cute baby that likes to eat my cursor...

I have the feeling all items up to 72 + the extra funny clown can be fuond just by scrolling the mouse around slowly. I believe that's what I did. Plus the ones from chests.

I'll do my best!

I am not sure what effect the puzzle with the doll faces had...

BTW, I think the screwdriver came from doing the heads puzzle in room 16

Julian, I must have read your mind!

Found the spot for the funny clown face, thanks Maximom! Still 73/76 and out of everything.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm still in collecting mode. Not sure how much help I can be.

There is a little spot on lower part of curtain in room 19, click it carefully and see what it reads on inventory bar... I did it fast and ended up reading "This should be a clue" and can't even get it to show that phrase again...

Thanks Maximom!

Not sure if it worked with SW or SE for me...

To save some serious pain, TAB works to find the objects. Especially useful for the Scary Faces and blood, which are tough to find.

OH Yikes: Yes, it should be SE for 3, sorry, I have struck again with a bad clue! I am going to delete and repost, thanks Julian.

sneaky 'Egypt Statue" in room 2 window

I cranked my accessibility magnifier up to 500% so I could read the compass in room 4. You get the last red key if you do it correctly. I am going to spoil it because it appears to be a typical GB sloppy clue:

The compass is 1=N, 2=NW, 3=SE, 4=S

Oh good grief, the tab key! Kind of takes the fun out of finding stuff, though. Anyway, thanks Mr. Techie. Last scary face for me in room 15

Found my last scary face in room 15, just left of the one I had placed there

Found one more scary face in 19 that I placed in room 1

Thanks Maximom for compass hint.

And I didn't even know you could used the Tab button to find items, but I would not want to use it anyway. Like you said it takes the fun out of finding stuff.

Still missing one item and only thing I can see is the small spot on lower part of curtain saying "This should be a clue". Maybe I used it already and can't remember... :) That's the problem with massages inbetween games. lol

and where to place clowns?????

Found jewelry and escaped. Nice game but I do wish GB would check that their clues work before posting their games, sigh.

Well, at least foun where it goes. In my case, room 8, above doll, right side of funny clown. Don't know what it is yet.

Hi Gika!

Clowns go in room 8 and 12

and I took 4 ghost pictures why can't I get the pumpkin????

Maximom, what did you put in room 8 at the position I mentioned before, please tell me! :)

Thanks Max, Idk how I did't see those outlines

Julian, I read your mind again!

Julian, another clown goes in that spot.

Gika, "place" (by clicking) the photos in the envelope.

There are 2 "Scary faces" in room 11 on on the wheel and the other one on the right side.

Thanks Maximom! At least I know what to look for now :) A light at the end of the tunnel!

ROFLMAO!!! I had an extra Funny Clown in my inventory all along! In second page! HAHAHAHA

Gika, or more accurately, click on the envelope, then pick up the camera to place in the envelope.

I Did that but it doesn't work. (I've tried putting the camera in the envelope)

Found Jewelry and out too! :)
I like the fact the past two nights GB games were doable! :)

Gika, are you sure you have all 4 ghost photos? Just asking....one of them wasn't very obvious I thought.

and I have a clown face STUCK in Room 17 by the inventory

Gika, I'm starting the game again, see if I can redo camera part and help you.

I am going to make sure where I took the pics.

Gika, don't worry about the stuck clown, it isn't needed.

I got a Pic in R3, R10, R11 and R19

I finally got it :/

This comment has been removed by the author.

Got my last Scary face in Room 15 fan. Got the jewelry in R19 and I am out.

Thanks for the help :D

I can confirm screwdriver comes from doing the faces puzzle.

Stuck clown showed up on second time I run the game, didn't show up stuck the first time and I had to put it, may vary.

Maybe because the items just popped up on screen I thought the pics were not working (I was specifically focusing on pumpkin on envelope and I didn't see that it was top of the screen)

And out again... have fun everyone!

Good night everyone, see you all on the next one! (Lizzie, are you out?)

a very interesting Game Bold this time,i love it!

I have one tombstone that doesn't want to go in room 17. Is there another spot for it?

Never mind...it went behind an already placed tombstone on the lower left.

Ha ha I finished in 3666 seconds. Spooky!

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