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Abandoned Windmill Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Windmill Escape

GamesBold - Abandoned Windmill Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. Abandoned windmills have keep some mysteries that until now could not be solved, and an inspector was about to solve the mystery, but he was stuck in the mystery that is very strong and he had to leave or be trapped forever. Good luck and have fun!

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HINT: Left and right key in room 1. Try to avoid picking up inventory items but do pick up tools like saws, etc. In this game you can't go back to a room until you advance further in the game and pick up more keys. Left key found in room 1 will not work in room 2.

Room 2 - found right and left keys.

Room 3 - found left and right keys, found treasure key.

Room 4 - use a left key, found right and left key, clue for puzzle found in room 3.

puzzle in room 3 gives super glue and jar

Hint: wrench found in room 3

room 5 - so far have only found left key, still looking for right key.

Aha, found right key in room 5, by large tire, left side, used long stick

Right behind you Maximom... clue for first scene on stairs and sand goes inside that bronze vase on stairs too... no keys yet

Actually I had an extra left portal key, since you don't use one in first scene, so not counting that...

room 6 has clue for puzzle in room 1, if done correctly get a statue.

Used sand on partially hidden torch under inventory bar in room 6. Unable to dislodge pot below with any of my remaining tools: hammer, saw, wrench, matches, long stick, super glue, screwdriver. Last game like this I got stuck in the same place and never made it to next room. I think the key is under the pot. So I am stuck. If anyone figures out how to get the key, kindly post. I will check back later.

Hi Julian, hope you can find that right portal key to get into room 7!

I don't know how to get past Room 6 either Maximom. Oh well.

Forgotten One, if you are baffled then there is no hope for me!

I'm leaving too, can't find anything else. Got the same stuff you described Maximom. There's the "clock" hint I guess but no idea where to use it. Same as the Northwest, South West East clues from first 4 rooms...
Good luck to anyone trying it!

Hi everyone
Going in :)

Hi Gika, good luck!

I think key in room 6 is low left behind wood on the floor. Trying to figure out what to use to get the key!

I can see the tip of the key, but none of my tools work. I have hammer, saw, SD, super glue, matches, wrench and statue. I have placed 34/45 items.

It's possible there's another tool hidden somewhere but I think we were all pretty thorough in our searches. I am going to call it a night and check back tomorrow.

Yep Maximom! I will check for another tool a little longer. Probably above the inventory, you know GB loves hiding things where it's impossible to see.

Oh and we still have clues from:
Room1-North West
Room2- South East

and "clock" in Room 5

Oh, so true, Gika, hope you find something!

The clock in room 5 is a spinning wheel, the clue is 24-5 but you have to see it first for the puzzle to work. If you see the clue, spin the wheel, and it comes up 24-5, you get an item. Also the directions are always used in the last room on vases or glasses or similar objects.

where is the 24-5 clue?

thanks Maximom. Got the "disc" from the spinning wheel

AHA! Found metal liquefier in room 3, bottom of screen on left side, just to the right of the wood box, green color. Used to remove metal pot in room 6, took several attempts, but doesn't appear to be anything under where the pot was.

Where are the keys in room3 please i can't find

This game is similar to another GB game, Amazing Place Escape, which no one who posted was able to finish. I have done all that can be done so I am calling it quits.

claude, I don't remember where the 2 keys were located, but I think the skeleton key was concealed. I use my accessibility magnifier set at 200% to 300% to find the keys in these games.

claude, in previous games one of the keys were hidden left of the word WEST, hope that helps. The other game like this one is Atacama Escape.

OK found it thanks

Final note: I think there is supposed to be a broken key behind the torch in room 6 that is then repaired with the super glue and used to enter room 7. I have been unsuccessful in finding a broken key.

found a wrench in room 3

well,i am stuck in R4 with no Right portal key...stuck stuck :(

POP...used the treasure key and found it :)

found a wrench in room 3

Use matches on small wooden box in room 3 for skeleton key

So, it's possible to get trapped in this game with no way to progress because you can't go back and pick up a critical item that you may have missed. That's BS. This game is poorly designed.

Anyone remember where they got super glue?

Thought number code in R4 would work on colour puzzle R3, but nothing happening...

Got the glue. Removed the pot in R6 - still no key. Can't do anything with torch. Tried every tool on it several times (saw, hammer, sd, wrench, glue, stick, matches...). Stuck in same place as everybody else.

It did for me, Zuleika. Remember, white is number 1. The first three colours go on the inside squares (2,3) of rows 1, 2 and 3. The fourth colour, which was blue, goes on the outside squares (1,4) of the fourth row.

Yes - I got it working Anita and got the glue. Ty anyway : )

Keeping this window open a bit longer while I go off and do other things - just in case I get a brainwave or find another tool.

I can't go further from room 3.Please help,what i have to find ther and where.

Same place as everyone else

I used the hammer on the pot in Room 2 - Didn't see that anywhere in the comments. Still cant find the 24-5 hint/clue? HELP?!?

Grafto- Just keep clicking on spinning wheel until it stops on 24-5. You will get a yellow disc and it blends with the background of the wheel. (I think clue was in room 2)

I guess I haven't
"seen" the clue. I have gotten 24-5 and still no medallion/disc.
Not sure about the "clock" clue. I am not seeing it.

Grafto- I haven't seen the clue either! But once my clock stoped on 24-5 there was a tiny yellow disc on top of the "clock" it is really hard to see and the color blends.

But we can't get a key to go to Room 7 so I think that doesn't really matter.

SUCCESS!!!! I reloaded and went back and got the disc. After that I went to room 7 and messed around by the torch with the hammer, saw and finally got the broken key. Used super glue on the key.
Entering Room 8 now.

Use hammer on Rock. Lots more items in this room.

Number Clue in room 8 is 2 5

Sorry not room 8.. Room 7

As I look closer, it says 24-5 in room 7

OUT... helps if I put all the items in place. (left an umbrella) Last puzzle comes up in Room 7. Follow directional clue. Prison Key and Done.

Grafto Torch is in Room 6 and GB usually only have 7 rooms. So did you use the hammer and saw on torch in Room 6 to get broken key????

I've done that and nothing happened.

Gika... I got my rooms mixed up... There are only 7 rooms. Last room is another windmill scene.
What I did for the torch was to zoom in to about 200% and clicked around with I think the saw. Either that or the hammer. Can't remember which one worked.

Trying to replicate yesterdays result... No luck...

I have clicked over 1,000 times with the hammer and saw and still nothing.. I am still not sure how I got the keys to appear yesterday... FRUSTRATING.

pude conseguir llave para r7, agrandar al maximo pantalla pinchar en la punta de la antorcha, cuando mire el inventario ya estaba ahi, pegar llave.

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