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Avm Club Room Escape Walkthrough

Avm Club Room Escape

AvmGames - Avm Club Room Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. In this game you have to escape from the house where huge party is arranged. Presume that you are stuck into the club room when you went their to attend the party. You have to solve some interesting puzzles and get some clue to escape. Click on the objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Doesn't load for me even when I click on black screen.

I have no loading issues in chrome... (deactivated adblocker)

Hi Hotz :)

there is a sneaky red dart in background of S2, somewhere near the red curtain

Hi Yvonne

There's a dart to be taken S2 left of coloured ball star

game loading :)

Hi people

Hi Gika :)

Darts goes on brown box in Sc4

2 blue circles in S3 are clue for sun in S11

Hi Yvonne :)

I am stuck, I can't find a clue for any code except of sun and male/female. and I am missing 1 billiard ball.

MF in sc4 is for Male/female in sc5

no.6 ball on bar S9

there is some kind of wire above green bench in S9

Wire goes on speaker, need another one

I had to restart my laptop. I was having problems with my cursor , I couldn't see so it was impossible to click on things

hi (again) all ☺

just starting...

thx for this game , AVM ☺

You must have amazing eyesight Hotz. I could barely find that wire even after you said where it was.

Science Nerd, I was scanning with my cursor for any hotspots...

trying to catch up.

Thanks Hotz for wire hint that was really hard to see

Blue buttons in room 5 gives hint for eyes in room 11 (missing 1 ball)

Stuck with 4 chips.

stuck with 2 poker chips and 3 blue "gems"?

Science Nerd, where have you found 4 chips?
I just have 2 chips and 3 blue gems...

Gems go in the right hole in the floor. They are tricky to get in there and takes several tries.

I might have gotten the chips from putting the gems in the hole.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I thought sofa colours in S1 were for colour order on right side of door S5, not working for me

Hi Science Nerd, are you talking about the holes in the floor where the pool balls go? I can't get any of the gems to go in there.

thanks Science Nerd

Thanks Science Nerd. Now I have 4 chips, aces card and battery

Yes. They go in the right hole but you have to do it just perfectly and it takes a lot of tries.

battery goes at bulbs, need another one

POP finally, line up bottom point of gem with line on floor below hole. gives 1 chip and final pool ball.
have all 4 chips.

Need hints for colors and arrows and more cards and darts etc.

Are the starts above door in room 5 a clue???

Battery goes in light bulbs (need 2) and card goes in far right room in the back where the cards are on the wall. There's no place for it it just pops up there.

I'm still stuck with 4 chips

Oh yeah, need a 4 digit # too.

what's about ***= in S5?

Thats what I asked Hotz. I thought it was for symbols in S11

Don't see a clue for lights on the wall in S1 or the purpose of the star with colored balls

No clue for arrows on pole in scene 7 either.

Or for 4#. I keep looking for a way to access another room or something.

also no hint for word.

No clue for word either.

No hint for sliders either

Maybe if Hotz finds that other speaker wire we could get somewhere! :)

I have found 1 wire, now it's your turn ;)

I agree Science Nerd ! Come on Hotz

This feels like we are missing half a game or something.

Or maybe we need another DART for the brown box

I just tried throwing chips at everything. Nothing.

well I am tired of rechecking my rechecking. Will check back in later. If anyone gets moving please leave me some hint?

I just called for back up.

Still no answers for us AVM???

No response from AVM so this is seeming a lost cause.

use the 6666 to get the #code ( ***= )

new scenes now :D

Thanks Pete

good find pete. thank you

i got the second battery as well



6x6x6x6= 1296

hurry up,i will need your help too :D

this game is hard.

Dart in s10 (right side hotspot)

the 2nd wire in s8 wasn't hard to see ;-Þ

wire and bottle in s8

POP there is a lot of hotspots in S10

thx Pete & Gika for the spoiler ☺

a very nice clue for blue-yellow dots

second bottle in background of S8.
I stuck again with 2 paper :(

ur welcome Alpha

ahh the dots. thanks again

i am stuck after i used speakers

Hotz,use the O and then the T...

argh, can't get the dots right...! :-/

Is the hint from bulbs the colors for S5??? bc I can't get it right

Finally got it!

said & did it quickly

O for left side, T for right side

can't get colours right either Gika, can you spoil it please. attached wires to speakers but nothing. and where is hint for the dots above couch??

paper with strokes is for 5 dudes in S10. the shape in top right is just 1 stroke...

Gika spoilerredbluegreenyellowblackpinkspoiler

light red,light green,dark blue...

Hotz how please?

thx Hotz

count the lines

critters 1-5 top to bottom

Thanks For Spoiler Pete. I managed to get it after trying 3 times.

Jenny look at Pete's spoiler. You need to attach something else between wires on speakers.

ur welcome Gika

as AO said: count lines, use lines top row left to right and bottom row left to right. use this numbers on 5 dudes 1-5 top to bottom

Alpha,is that paper with strokes we got from speakers? i still dont understand and stuck as i always do

Pay close attention to symbols paper clue for s11= letter clue and bottle

10 cards clue isn't working :(

Spoiler for lines


pete, spoiler for strokes ahead


oh thank you Gika :D

I took forever with the start slider

and thank you Hotz and Alpha :D

Paper clue from start slider is used on arrows in S7 (hint the middle arrow is down)

No problem Pete :)

Need slider hint and arrow hint?

Hotz mine cards didn't work either :(

my last bottle was left side behind counter where you place them

have paper for star now

where is hint for the red slider buttons??

My cards don't work either.

For the cards. I've tried flipping the colors, having only numbers on top or bottom. But nothing works

does anyone know where the blue diamond jewels go?

stars no so easy :D

arrow hint from star

3rd arrow from top is on 6 o'clock

Jenny, I totally forgot the red slider buttons

and there is still a pic puzzle in S6

Oliveya22, the diamonds go in the right hole in the floor where the 6666 pool balls go. very finicky, need several tries and starting the a certain one. Pain in the neck!

Linda :the arrows spoiler11.

Yes we still need a piece for that picture.

put the cards in ordes as per s11, but nothing happened...

Hey, they just removed the orange "blurb" above the comments about people posting WT hints and solutions....interesting...

We all have that problem Alpha. I still need hint for red slider and piece for puzzle too. This game is way more than annoying!

maybe because it' no more necessary, Zoe

there are only friendly ppl here for a pretty long time already ☺

Agree Alpha :)

hmm those cards...

That's what I was thinking when I saw it gone!

I assume hint is wrong & cards must have another order...

Thanks.. where do the champain bottles go?

I have been trying every order I can think of for those cards and nothing works!

bottles go on the bar in scene 8 Oliveya.

oliveya, bottles go in S8


well i will try again tomorrow,i wish you a good night all :D

CU Pete ☺

has anyone figured out the T and O paper clue...

Olivia they are for the yellow dots above the couch where you put the blue gems. O for left side and T for right.

oh ok.

I am plain giving up on this mess. moving on to happier games.

bye all!

ok I'm confused what the clue that you get from the blue and yellow dots? what is suppose to be exactly?

I think we can't go further, only by solving the cards...

CU Jenny ☺

Oliveya its like connecting the dots. Start from the left and follow the line to the next dot

a video-WT is online, but it stops just at this cards code :(

Oh No Hotz, that doesn't help us :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oliveya Yes, the bottom right is suppose to be missing

ok thanks!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

does anyone know where to find the clue for the red sliders?

Oliveya- We are all stuck in the same place. Haven't solved the cards, missing 1 puzzle piece and the clue for slider.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi All. Thanks for playing.
S11 hint used for cards. Ans reversed earlier. Apologies.

10 J 8 A 3

5 7 A K Q

I also stuck on the code with the cards. Click on the passage and got another game at the same nazvaniem.Ne understand humor ...

AVM is certainly a good thing that changed, but the replay again and twist the colored balls in the star .. do not want more.

Yes Nafanja, Will publish walkthrough soon. Thanks for pointing out.

OK sure. Will try to avoid those tricky puzzles.

This comment has been removed by the author.

has anyone figured out the playing cards?

disappointing to put so much time into a game, only to be sabotaged by faulty clues...the cards do not work in either direction, per the clue in game or explanation by avm. pooh.

i just looked at the walkthrough and is suppose to be exactly how the clue is written... but for some reason its not working... I'm guessing theirs a bug of some kind.

give up cards won't work tried 4 times even checked video w/t took several times for some puzzles to work after placing in correct order each time

repeated game, bug with card fixed. Link to the puzzle with picture:

and immediately got the key to exit
the game is simple, just have long twist Star (((

Again, I play this game. Passed surprisingly quickly) Even star with balls quickly turned. Thank you for AVM igru.Zadumka good. Just all the upset bug in the original version.

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