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Black Ridge Asylum Escape Walkthrough

Black Ridge Asylum Escape

WorldEscapeGames - WEG Black Ridge Asylum Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Selfdefiant for World Escape Games. Being a paranormal investigator has it's ups and downs. Today seems to be something slightly different. You went into the abandoned, Black Ridge Asylum to explore. Once inside you realized that you can't leave! There's some strange force keeping you here. Now you must figure out how to escape! Good luck and have fun!

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Love the virtual view from C to F Cool!!

Orb jar in I

No can do. I don't care for the video stuff.

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:32 AM  

hi (again) all ☺

SD was busy again - great!

thx SD/WEG for this game ☺

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:33 AM  

map on windowsill 1 room up

SD in D

strange tune...

Looking for place to use S/D ??

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:33 AM  

silver door in D, too

Not sure what door #'s are for yet also?

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:35 AM  

wow, great stairs, very nice idea!

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:35 AM  

use crowbar in I

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:38 AM  

need 4 more orbs to pass creature...

I have 20 orbs but need clue for piano, word clue and place to use S/D ??

Not a fan of the video cutscenes. Very disorienting, and takes too long. Just get me to the next room already.

Silver key in B

Word clue in E

Word clue must be anagram ?

Yep it was LOL

Purple key in G

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:45 AM  

silver key in shoe in B

gold door in G

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:46 AM  

purple door behind creature in I

You can hit skip on video parts if you want

The videos will be appearing more and more in my games, they don't take that long and you can skip them once you viewed it once.

S/D used in E for a gem

I think it is cool SD :)

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:48 AM  

number box in M, hint

are room numbers in I

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:49 AM  

piano hint in M

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:50 AM  

why ppl are so in a hurry to finish a game as fast as possible...?!

AO How to get to M? Need Gold key ?

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:51 AM  

blue jewel in start scene (I used flash)

Cannot "skip" the video as you enter room H. Bad business plan, SD.

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:53 AM  

gold key in K IIRC (was using flash all the time)

Nah, you will get used to it.

Face palm right in front of my eyes TY AO LOL

Red gem in J

No, I won't get used to it. I will simply avoid the games in the future. Unfortunate, as they were pretty good games.

Hi everyone, loading now.

Now were to place the gems ?

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 7:58 AM  

after collecting 5 jewels, slots in

B, D, E, K, L

OOHH On the walls LOL

Good game !

Lol Bandy ;)

great game thanks and I like video idea !

I noticed that you can just hit the up arrow and go right to the scene you want on video parts.

Me too Seb!

Sorry for your loss, in a world that is ever changing we have to change or get left behind. I will advance for the greater good. THere are more players that will be right behind me rather than turning away. True fans never die!

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 8:04 AM  

5 gems

- green in E (use SD)
- blue in A (you may use flash - ?)
- red in J (flash - ?)
- yellow from number box in M
- purple from piano in B

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 8:07 AM  

to search particular stuff in comments, you may use Ctrl+F plus keyword (e.g. key) - search with up/down arrows on the appeared bar

I suffer from vertigo and these moving scenes are very difficult for me. Please don't keep using them Self Defiant. I love your games but already I can't finish this one.

I AO I don't use that as to bug you with it ROFL :P

I'm sorry Jenny, you can skip them, If you can't watch videos like this how can you possible watch TV or play games in general?

I will be happy to "lose" the visually disorienting stuff. Same goes for flashing lights and constant animation. Nothing valuable is added, and those sorts of things are very disturbing to some of us.

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 8:12 AM  

yep, 1 skip button for room H was missing...

I learned long ago from a wise man, you can please some people some of the time but you can't please everyone all of the time. I do what I think is good, if you like it good, if not........

Self Defiant, I can only play these escape games where the scenes don't move. I have to very picky about TV shows as well. Living with vertigo is difficult and sometimes very painful and these moving scenes set it off so that I am sometimes dizzy for hours and unable to function.

Thank you everyone who enjoys all of my hard work to provide you with free games! I appreciate you as much as you appreciate me. Good day!

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 8:19 AM  

will the cartoon games also start to move?
(imaging the cute racoon e.g. ☻)

Alpha, you bet!

Nice game. A shorter version of my favourite type of Selfdefiant games. I like the video cut scenes, although I'm glad we can skip them after the first view (except for one room), it gives it atmosphere. Nice work. Thanks SD!

Thank you Sam! Glad you liked it. :)

sysin3, FYI there are hundreds of other game developers out there for your entertainment. Asking any one of them to customize their games to your special needs is an extremely juvenile and selfish request. You can always ask for your money back.

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 9:15 AM  

Isn't there a sneaky coin?

I'd like my money back.

HA! Love the cut scenes!

Another vote against the video. It was mainly annoying and did not add much to the game for me. Perhaps a switch to turn them on/off would help. SD games are one of the few reasons I come to this site anymore, so it's disheartening.

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 9:32 AM  

Wow! Wow wow wow!!!!

This game was extremely excellent,cool and it was..wow!
Never seen something like it, just didn't like the music much,thanks selfdefiant:) enjoyed it

There is a skip button for those who don't like moving scene

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 9:36 AM  

The best part was the creepy face that appears every time you flash your torch, I vote this a 100 stars!!

I don't mind the video. It gives it that "found footage" feel that we first experienced I think back when The Blair Witch Project came out. IIRC some people had a very hard time accepting that. Some people do have very real reasons why it's hard for them. Vertigo, TBI, etc... I don't see why they couldn't use the skip button, though.

That being said, can someone tell me where the crowbar is. I'm stuck!

POP. Found it! Nevermind

       Anonymous  11/11/16, 10:03 AM  

There is a skip button added for those who have trouble viewing or do not like these, plus the scenes weren't so long, so selfdefiant had respect for those who are sensitive and didn't post something like' all right gamers! You must play my game..or else!' it's disheartening to see comments with bad remarks towards selfdefiant alone and no one else as well, it's not his job to make everyone happy, Leave the game if you don't have fun with it

SD,I really enjoyed this game. Thanks. The cut scenes were interesting especially that ghoul's face in the door of the dark hallway. Gotta try new things - glad you always have...

p.s. Working on any riddles (please) ?

Sinister music! Good game, as always!

I like games that are spooky. The spookier the better and this one delivered. For me the best parts were that first trip up the stairs! Was not expecting that! And the creepy shadow guy in front of the purple door.

Loved this game :)

Good game SD. I liked the video cut-scenes... they added a certain eeriness to the game that really sets the mood. For people who like a more immersive game, it's pretty cool. For some people who approach these as strictly a logic problem, I can see where it is more of a distraction than a benefit. Perhaps you have an option at the beginning to play without videos?

I would like the cut-scenes if the camera work were smooth, but as they are (shaky and waving up and down), I don't like them at all.

all I get is a black screen. Guess I'll never know if I like the videos or not!

I have to jump on the "Team SelfDefiant" band wagon... You work super hard on these games and they are amazing! You fix glitches when they arise as soon as you realize they are there. I feel bad for those that have issues with your forward thinking, but for most of us, we welcome new and cool games from you! Keep on keeping on- they have kept me entertained for MANY MANY years!!

I good game....the movie part was new and different, and as always, I appreciate SD coming back to reply/fix problems/interact with us who enjoy his games....btw the crowbar was on the right side of the stairwell scene

Thanks for all your hard work and great games SD! I like the videos, makes it more interesting.

That was fun! Thx SD!

I finally was able to play (had to update my Adobe flash), and I didn't find the videos problematic, especially with a Skip button after the first pass. I do understand that they could be toxic to some people, but I guess that's what the red X is for.
Thanks, SD!

Thanks for the great game SD

** Walkthrough**
Map o window up scene
Silver key on shoe (Room B)

SD in Room D (low left)
Silver key used in Room E
Use SD in Room E empty sink drain= Green Gem

Crowbar in Room F
Used Crowbar on grate in Room I= Jar

Use letter MOODED from Room E to form a word for box in Room H= flashlight

Use flashlight to enter Room G
collect purple Key
Use flashlight In Room A= Blue Gem

Gather Orbs to destroy create in Room I to use purple key to enter Room K
Use flashlight in room K = Gold Key

Use gold key in room G
Click on right side white paper on pillar= red gem

Note letters on wall in room M
Use letter on Piano in room B=pink Gem

Note number above doors in Room I
Use number from doors in Room M box= yellow gem

Once you have all gems the outlines for them should appear on rooms
Green gem Room B
Pink gem Room D
Red gem room E
Blue gem room L
Yellow Gem Room K

Go to the Scene bellow room A
and out

Loved it! Thank you SD I sure do enjoy your work!

Hi Gika - nice walkthrough - thank you :-)

thank you SD for your games¡¡¡¡¡¡ i love all of them specially the scary ones,and now ,you surprise me again¡¡ i love love love love the video¡¡¡keep doing ¡¡¡ cheers

thank you SD for your games¡¡¡¡¡¡ i love all of them specially the scary ones,and now ,you surprise me again¡¡ i love love love love the video¡¡¡keep doing ¡¡¡ cheers

Kudos to you Sd for always renewing the genre and surprising us with new material - loved the video scenes, loved the music - guess I'm one of those true fans of yours, who appreciate the artistry beyond the puzzles. No sausage factory here, and you are to be commended for that.

@Gika,thx for the walkthrough, I for one miss these wts which were sort of a trademark of eg24 at one point, and which imho are so much more personal and engaging than YouTube videos. Hope to see more of your wts!

THAT was AWESOME! Thanks SD!

Selfdefiant: True fan here....I'm behind you all the way. I love your new ideas and how you listen to people. You're really the best in my book!

Gika - Thanks for the WT - really helped me!

I will vote *for* the videos myself. As selfdefiant says, either you are adapting and blazing a trail yourself, or you are just following and trying to keep up. Kudos to you selfdefiant.

While I sympathize with those who do have issues with moving video, I can recommend closing your eyes while it is playing, and then you can skip the scenes the second time through (if needed).

My two cents (even if I'm late for it): First I thought it was a nice change, and on the stairs I was waiting for something to scare me to death. I wouldn't need it though but it's totally okay. If SD wants to put this into his games, alright.

Don't forget: SD develops games almost daily, and we don't have to pay for them at all. Still they are far more better than most of the daily crap. I might have played every single game in the last years, and I'm still looking forward to them. Go on, you have still enough supporters. Thank you!

Thank you!!!!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  11/13/16, 12:05 PM  

Lol meritneith:)

Great game, I too was expecting a fright on the stairs haha

The videos were super cool and awesome that you can skip through them if you want. I love the Asylum games, so creepy, thanks SD!

Love the game with video SD, don't let the people stop you for making games with video. 2 thumbs up for the game

Best SD game yet - I like the video and the creepy new music. Longtime fan, first time commenter.

Long time SD fan here, just getting around to playing a few recent ones as I've been away from my puter for a few months. I like the video effect, also - really surprised to see it, and I have plenty of time to wait out the one with no skip button in H, haha! I am also sort of surprised to see how there are orbs to be found once the video is stopped? or were those only in rooms without videos, I sort of lost track. If there were, very interesting game making method, no matter how actually trivial my point may be. Have always loved your games, SD, don't ever be worried (I know you're not! haha!) about trying something new. I recall a time or few it didn't work out as hoped or planned, but it's always interesting.

Love, love the cut scenes, it make feel like I'm inside the building going thru the halls, rooms.

This game was very enjoyable!!!!

Adobe Flash game, so gone forever.

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