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November 2, 2016

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Caribbean Food Place Escape Walkthrough

Caribbean Food Place Escape

EightGames - Caribbean Food Place Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Caribbean Food Place. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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morning all, loading up!

Hi Robert, morning gang and all others who may follow - jumping in too.

Hello Robert and others. Going in.

Hu? Puzzle in scene left from start, one up, is very simple. Just change the columns until matching the symbol in bottom row.

Hi meth. One room left of card symbol puzzle: Scarlet shapes for puzzle. Missing some, of course, still in collecting mode.

knife used on pink blob mirror thing, then blade used on pillow

hi merit & Robert, morning gang & all other players ☺

started already some time ago, but my LTM (long-term memory) was off, so can't remember exactly what I've done ;-Þ

thx for this game 8G ☺

Two rooms to the right (pink bedroom): Useful knife in drawer. No key needed.

Use knife on pink disk on wall top left. Use razor in same room.

Hi Alpha. Buttons with cats, bananas, and apples go to puzzle in room we've got knife.

Hi Merit and AO. An easy slider for once (or I just got lucky);)

use hammer on chair

3 green circles with cake piece go with apricot button in forelast room from most right

gives hint for arrows, get board for pink pieces

where's hammer from?

Easy slider indeed!

Slider gives clue for clock (one room above start)

orange button plus 3 green circles give direction clue for first scene

hint for 3 blue symbols after placing is on pillow in room left of start/end

Turn on lamp in top row, forelast room, for a 3# hint.

Same scene: Paper with another 3# hint is used in room one to the left.

hint for coloured circle in forelast room of top left one is in room 2 left of most right one - LOL

Top row, left scene: Three red buttons are needed for 3# to change numbers.

last blue ball comes from completing the last couple of board puzzles - pretty easy to do

LOL Alpha, one of the oldest tricks, and I'm often enough had by that.

key from 3 red button number goes in room left of start/end for hammer - Robert said above what to do with it

and you get the exit key from the ball puzzle. thanks all- see you in the next one!

I've been rushing around doing easy things and now I have a pink board (complete)and missing one yellow ball. Don't know what to do.

Alpha, hammer comes from scene one left of start/end. Use one of the keys there. Got three, can't tell the puzzle it came from.

looking for a keyhole for small key now...

my last yellow ball came from hammering chair in start/end scene

Meth, I had just found a sneaky blue ball. Sorry!

Tab should be your friend. Easy sliders so far, just solved the train/hairdresser puzzle.

Got the chair one.
There's a tiny hotspot bottom of table on patio where the colourwheel hint is. Anyone used that?

found the locked drawer in top row 2nd room from left, gave me (my last) pink tile

I think that hotspot is from navig. arrow ☻

how to place pink tiles?
is there a hint & if so, where?

Alpha, just wanted to tell you as I opened the same drawer now.

Meth, the daily red herring.

Does anyone know what pattern we have to make for the puzzle with pink and blue tiles?

As far as I see, I have opened and solved anything. In my inventory there's only the pink/blue board we are looking for a hint and the colour board missing at least one ball which probably comes from the pink/blue board.

If you look on board in inv. (not about item), you see a different placement of the tiles...

I'm already frightened though. The puzzles so far were too easy!

Ah there is a symbol hidden in the pink puzzle.

if you move bottom right pink tile up, you can see where you can place one blue tile

Oh, there's a black place for one of the blue tiles in bottom right corner. Maybe we have to get it there? Will be hard enough for me.

And that gives me my yellow ball!

was pretty easy for me, the pink tiles, now to the ball board...

And got that! :-D

Gives yellow ball. Maybe now comes the puzzle of hell.

You never need to move the tiles on the top row Merit. Not too hard.

Oh - one of those where balls move until they come to an obstacle...

I'm out. EG went easy on us today, but I prefer the longer ones. Thanks for the company everyone.

also the ball puzzle was fairly easy for me

thx for yet another nice teamwork & company, merit, meth & Robert & all the silent players ☺

Dang, got everything but now I need to put the last "central" ball to its place!

Got it now but nothing happens? :-o

I hope it's not a bug!

move one of the corner balls with the same colour

No central ball for me Merit just 4 x 4 colours.

you should get the exit key - you may refresh & resume (?)

Oh, I see what you mean. Opened for me.

Yes meth, it's hard too explain. I mean the one placed not in a 3-row but in front of them. The neighbors of the red centre.

Grrrr. It's messed up now. Did it give the final key? If so, I'd consider myself out.

Yes Merit. Nothing more to do.

Done again, no effect. I'll give it one more chance with refresh&resume. Second time was easy as you know how to do it.

Okay, after refreshing and solving for the 3rd time nothing showed up. So I'm out virtually.

Thanks for helping and joining, see you!

Tried this game, and I found myself missing 6 balls. Six !! I have nothing left in inventory, I scrolled through the comments, nothing new there, I'm thinking I'm missing a complete room! :-)
Okay, I'm going to use tab now unfortunately. I don't like that.

lol, nothing, nada. Nice place to stay though. I'll go make some green tea in the kitchen.

PS I'm not asking for hints, it doesn't matter. I enjoyed the time spent on this game.

Hi arrie :), you are not alone, same here for me too.

Missing one symbol, maybe that's where the rest of the balls are

arrie, I didn't see a clue for the hearts etc, I played around until it opened, gave me last symbol, which gave last blue ball (didn't need 6 more)

Ball puzzle didn't open for me

For the record. Balls (you need 4 of each):
Blue 1 on puzzle board, middle row left room sofa, hairdressing puzzle, middle row middle room by blue chair
Pink 2 on puzzle board, middle row left room pillow, top row 3rd from right on table.
Yellow 2 on puzzle board, start scene hammer on chair, pink puzzle
Brown 2 on puzzle board, drawer top left room use key, pie puzzle (looks red in inventory)

Meant to say the hearts etc, clue was the board, just matching the highlighted ones to the bottom ones, LOL I see I'm on form Not :)

Yes, I did the hearts etc. one. I think now, reading methanwy's comment that I must have had it all, but like you Yvonne, couldn't work with it, it didn't open.

Big Bug then. Thanks.

Game spoilt with bugged last puzzle (balls) assumedly for exit key.

Ball puzzle stuck, didn't give me an exit key. I'm considering myself out. EightGames, you have great games but often final puzzles are buggy. Please play your games all the way through to make sure they work, before you release them for us to play. Thank you. Otherwise, it was a fun game.

Good game. However, I didn't receive key after solving the coloured balls puzzle. Also consider myself done. Thanks!

Im just wondering why EG doesn't fix it's issues. Blue circle turns and turns, takes for wver to continue, even writing this here; it skips and takes for ever for the letters to post.

ads run at normal speed but the game is so choppy.
please, please fix it.

game got through all puzzles no probs thanks 8games

nice game

Like others, I too completed the last 4-colored, 4-ball puzzle without getting the escape key.

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