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Escape From Exotic Bungalow Walkthrough

Escape From Exotic Bungalow

EightGames - Escape From Exotic Bungalow is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside exotic bungalow. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Here we are, good morning all!

I'd like a big, big puzzle with those diamond pieces. ;-)

Morning Merit and others joining us.

Some weird navigation again with those down arrows.

Top row left room there's some sort of cat's cradle puzzle. I guess we have to untangle it.

Coins go to exit scene.

I went down first. ;-)

Orange button with red outline go to scene one down from start.

Use magnet on zoomed in table in scene right of start for a key.

hi merit & meth & all others ☺

started some time ago already...

thx 8G for this game ☺

Switch goes to lamp in bathroom scene for a colour clue.

Just done a first round. That arrangement of rooms at the bottom is going to get me every time!

don't miss several items at bathtub & check behind pillows in several rooms

switch goes at lamp in bathtub scene for colour hint

Colour clue is used in bedroom, top row, for some pipes.

remote d/w for me at both TVs...
have a lighter & a paper & dunno how to proceed...

Alpha, just give us a few minutes! ;-)

For the diamonds in pool scene (pillar in background):

Top row is violet, middle is green, bottom is blue. Haven't seen a hint anywhere, just bf'ed.

progress, missed a coin & an orange button in couch scene with orange pillows

Strange spinning puzzle with yellow/black beast buttons in scene right of start. Will do that later. ;-)

Combine 2 calendars for 1 scene below start.

Combine two calendars for the shapes in scene one down from start. More pipes.

My last diamond (purple) was in 2 scenes below start.

Snap Merit :-)

I don't think a clue was needed for the diamonds - the side bars lit up when a row was correct.

wet paper in pool, but again stuck with the same items as above - remote, lighter, wet paper

In scene with orange pillows, insert a blue blade-looking thingy into the pentagon thing. Count the lights for the pentagon thing in scene two left of end.

place wetted paper on blue TV

The pentagon to use the clue is in far bottom scene, sorry!

I had missed a grey dog button behind cushion in exit scene.

Has someone solved the cat's cradle by now?

not yet merit...

I'm missing one orange button for scene below start. Then I'd surely could use the pillar hint from scene with pipe puzzle. Do you know if they came from plain sight or pillow/vase moving?

Got the cradle but it opened so fast I could not make a screenshot! Two more pipes.

Disk from dragging lines puzzle one below start. My last orange button came from behind a big brown plant pot somewhere Merit.

Where is the remote??

I was just fussing around trying to "free" the green thing in the middle and made some patterns.

Merit on the cat's cradle do you remember vaguely what it looked like?

Disk on no signal tv and remote give word clue.

Got the last button from pool scene!

Aridza, the remote was in bottom scene on the desk. I had thought of posting that but didn't.

Meth, I only remember the two buttons with four links were on top. No sorry, that was pure luck and none of thinking.

argh, can't get cat's cradle right...! :-(

I think you'll have to watch the w/t. I would have if I had tried just half a minute longer.

Thanks Merit, that's a starting point anyway.

I've got such a lovely clean pattern on the cradle, but it's not right:(

I'll have to face the beast puzzle and WILL cheat. Just for that.

ok, as I don't have the possibility to stay at this puzzle till tomorrow, I'll officially cheat with the VWT now... ;-Þ

(also as there still isn't a skip button...)

where to use lighter?

& still missing an orange button...

Spoiler for the beast puzzle, press buttons in following order (12345):


Two pipes.

And I don't know where to put the icecube, can't remember if I got something from the oven in the kitchen scene or if that's a hotspot.

& what's about that HT hint?

Alpha, they did not come from a puzzle. In pool scene there's a brown pot to the right, there was my button and meth mentioned it too.

oh, sneaky glass on sideboard in top row right room

thx merit & meth, too for my last orange button

Had a peek at the VWT for the cradle. The final arrangement for the corners was
but even when I had it exactly like in the VWT it didn't work until I reflected the whole thing through the horizontal axis.
Image as the final move is being made:

put ice cube in glass & use the lighter for coin

Doh thanks for glass! I think that HT thing relates to the 8# in exit scene.

coin also has a backside, using hint in end scene, but nothing is happening...

LOL AO. That was all I had in my inventory and I hadn't thought of that! Duh.

I'm so disoriented after that cat's cradle that I can't remember where anything is. And the robot is back with a vengeance.

ah, the HT hint - thx merit

Indeed, the HT thing is the order for letters and numbers. H could mean head, T tangaroos? ;-)

TH = heads tails

Meth, that's bad. :-O

Now I have a nice pipe pattern and try to figure out the rest.

even more pipes

coin puzzle


combo word/number on coin (both sides) with HT hint on white armchair in room left of puzzle


does sth happen merit
when you get pipes right?

Okay, if you made that nice pipe pattern I mentioned and nothing happens turn around the pipes on top and/or the bottom right. At some point the gems fall down and the real puzzle starts!

I was missing one dog. Found it on bookshelves bottom room.

If someone has found a manual for the gem puzzle, please tell me, LOL

gems fall down


get the straight ones right

white line at left side


Thanks for the find on adjusting the pipes Merit.

I've got my heart at the bottom, but the others don't seem to want to budge.

ok, you can swap the gems, so put heart on top as first, then on a white circle part, then turn circle till heart is at bottom & push the button in circle centre
everything still clear? ;-Þ

sorry, push button to turn the circle & click gem to let it fall down

You can change the gems and move to the empty hole but what to do with the wheel? I'd think they go in those slot but how? *confusedam*

Oh, you can swap the upper hole and the white space in the wheel too! Thanks.

On first attempt I got all the gems lined up in the right order in the queue and got the heart to fall, then puzzle got stuck. On a reset, I am just doing them 1 by 1 and they seem fine.

once all gems has fallen down, it gives exit key

thx merit & meth for your company - always fun to play with you 2 - & the nice teamwork ☺

Three hours of staring to understand the puzzle and one minute to solve it. MAN!

The white and blue gem goes on top.

Cheers AO and Merit, I enjoyed that. Thanks 8G.

And another five hourse to find the exit door again in this maze.

My pleasure, Alpha! The house looks better from inside than from outside. Thanks for being here as always

Oh, and meth, if you find a glass tomorrow, tell us. That will save us a lot of time, LOL!

LOL Merit! I'd picked up the glass without even noticing it.

Enjoyed the game a lot, but will give my (probably unwanted) constructive criticism. The gem puzzle was not difficult but it was tedious. It took a moment to realize that the straight pipes needed to be a particular way, which would have made more sense if the highlighting on the curved pipes matched them; it didn't. The cats cradle puzzle was just downright annoying. The player had no clue whatsoever as to what was required. I opened the cradle to expose the gem which wasn't the solution, I opened the bottom thinking it might drop out, that wasn't the solution either, it wasn't until after a ridiculous amount of time later the string disappeared altogether that I found out what was expected. By that time much of the enjoyment from the game had fizzled. Please, if you're going to make puzzles where the solution isn't immediately obvious, give clues!! Would have given 5 stars but it loses one for a puzzle we had to basically stumble over the solution for, or resort to looking up a video walkthrough. Not cool. 4/5

what is the goal of the cradle-puzzle?

scrolled through this whole thing and not once did anyone mention WHERE they got a lighter! I can't find it!

These games are painfully slow for me. Anyone else? I can't play them any more

Jenny, if you are still here, lighter is 4 right of start underneath lamp.

Thanks methanwy, I did finally watch a walkthrough and found the lighter in the kitchen scene.

So sad. . .apparently missing one pipe piece. Nothing in inventory and all puzzles are completed exceot the one with the pipes. I've searched all opened compartments for the pipe. Over an hour and can't complete.

were any of the pipe pieces just lying around? Or all from puzzles?

Well I went back and restarted. Got all the pipes this time. All from puzzle compartments.
Out. Thanks EightGames. It was challenging and fun.

I really enjoy 8 Games, but the navigation....?

The navigation was terrible, the last puzzle was an absolute no-brainer once you figured out how the stupid thing worked, and the strong puzzle was just dumb... with no clue as to what the final configuration should be or what the goal was, it was essentially guesswork. It took me 52 minutes to finish this one about 15 of which was spent on nothing but that stupid puzzle... annoying!!!!!!

* string puzzle

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