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Exotic Hotel Escape

EightGames - Exotic Hotel Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Exotic Hotel. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all, jumping in. Might be I have to leave before getting out, or could have some phone calls. Let's see how far I'll come.

hi (again) morning gang & all other players ☺


thx for this game, 8G ☺

Morning Merit.

Top row, rightmost scene: Sneaky hidden panel in wall above sofa, to the right of the painting.

coloured squares go on grid 2 room left of start

Hi guys!

Coloured squares go to scene two left of start. Keeps inventory tidy.

And morning AO.
4 gold symbol disks with stars etc go bottom right room for a key.

Coloured balls go 1 right of start. They have to be put in in order shown in book.

Don't miss the # clue on the footside of the bed in top row, 2nd scene.

pink gems go in bottom left room

don't miss UV-light there

& flask (bottle)

& robot thingy caught me again quickly...! :-(

Sneaky dark green square in scene left of end, under table to the left. This could be one of those things you'll end up searching for.

Key from 4 gold disks used 3 rooms left of start.

star/snowflake etc. symbols go in bottom right room (missing 1...)

Clue for pink/blue gems should be on pillar in pool scene. Missing two gems, haven't been to all scenes.

clock hands won't go on clock in bigger auditorium...

Alpha, they should be in plain sight, got them all.

Gives a key.

Don't miss sneaky R heart under pillow in dogs pic room.

Tried the hands on clock too.

Pink-blue puzzle is easy and obvious. Four golden coins from there.

Has anyone seen a knife? I think we need one for the apples.

My last gem (pink) one room left of end top row on chess board.

at coloured square puzzle
start bottom right & go row by row right to left in increasing number of clicks for correct order ☻

Collect three books for a shape clue.

Use cloth on white screen one room left of end.

Then place neon light on it.

Placing all brown shapes in wall slots gives knife ... now where was that pillow I wanted to cut?

No knife is for apples, gives other half of shapes clue, but I'm missing one book.

Pour flask on orange cushion 2 left of end.

where do the bunch of golden symbol buttons go?

books all in plain sight IIRC

POPO. My last book on a bookshelf, duh. In scene where you apply the shapes 2 left of end.

mmm my shapes from apples and books not working.

that should have been meth, not merit re book ☻

ditto here with the shapes, doesn't open... :-/

POPO 2 combine books clue with colour code from cushion for shape order

Had a phone call, so I'm behind you now.

Missing one shape for knife, haven't used keys or so.

ah, thx meth - tricky!

oh, no, have to go afk for a bit...

Ah, got the shapes - more than I missed, LOL

Took a while to get my head round the hearts letters order.
You have to note the order that results when you enter the letters (hidden behind a curtain) and work from that to get the correct order of entry.

OK got knife

Interim check. 9 puzzle pieces, 1 clock hand, stone. Found and used only 1 key.

my second clock hand/needle was on a chair in scene with heart-puzzle.
use stone at clock and put needles...

thanks for letter hint behind curtain!!!

I'm still trying to catch up but did you pull the curtain in room two right of start? Gives a word clue

Yes, you did. Doh.

one clock hand on chair in heart puzzle scene, the other on table in clock scene

otherwise same stuff as you...

any idea where to use numbers on bed in scene with ring picture? (3 scenes left of start)

Thanks guys for clock hands.

clock time for numbers 2 right of start

Meth, I need your help. I've cut the apples, and I've opened the books. I've seen the order on the pillows but there's only one apple shape that looks familiar: the six swirls on a wall. Where is the puzzle I have to solve with all that stuff?`Thanks.

No Hotz. Scratching my head about that, the puzzle pieces and the thing at the back of the pool. Hoping for POPO.

2 keys from pic puzzle, but didn't see any keyholes...

meritneith, you have to use cloth and UV light 1 scene left of pool to get a clue for 6 shapes...

Thanks Alpha, had forgotten about that number.

Thats the place Merit. Active when you examined the books and apples and the white screen which needs wiping and a neon light.

AO, keyholes are in same scene as bed with numbers.
where have you found other picture rings? I am missing 3 rings

Hotz, thanks, hadn't told that I've got this hint to. I see a book shape and an apple shape there but it doesn't help me. Sorry, I'm totally confused about that!

Keyholes were in same room as drawer with keyhole already opened Alpha.
My clock clue not working?

To be clear: I think I've got a whole bunch of clues but I don't see where to use it.

meritneith, this clue means: first use 3 shaps from 3 books (use color order) and then 3 shapes from 3 apples...

POPO 1:40 not 2:40.

Big DOH! The swirls are the place!!!

2 sneaky keyholes in room with long number on bed (3 rooms left of start)

there go the golden symbol buttons

Got it! Sorry for bothering you and thanks for your patience!

any hint, where to find last 3 picture rings please?

Two left of end merit above orange cushion.

Is this puzzle a shooting game or what?

My last three rings came from heart puzzle.

long number for box from golden symbol buttons (click the corresponding ones, when line is on the hint)

Ok, clicked the symbols in order and got a number box.

Does anyone need a screenshot of the rings? Made one before putting in the last ring.

thx merit

just post it, for the after live players ☺

I have the rings fom heart puzzle, and I can't find any new hotspot.
what to do with big circle in pool scene???

I thought I had the thing at back of pool solved, but no. It's going to take longer than that ...


What the heck, after being successful with that yesterday it's a good practice. ;-)

And suddenly I'm out too quickly to take a screenshot.

move key bits on final puzzle on top & adjust as per corresponding shape (drag, it's a bit finnicky -yellow is on bottom when parts are on top of circle)

Do you have anything else in your inventory Hotz?

finally, my last 3 rings were behind a hidden panel in far top left scene: hotspot is above left blue pillow

So sorry Hotz, I can't remember where all those came from. Had some phone calls meanwhile...

I think two or three came from plain sight but the rest should come from puzzles.

Visitor well timed as I think we're all more or less there. Thanks for your company and the game.

thx guys for your company & the nice teamwork, as usual - CU in Mirchi ☺

That shooting puzzle is hard!

Done it.

Out now too. Thanks for a great game, thanks for helping even when I was so dumb, and thanks for your company!

Hotz, you mistake left for right !
Last three rings in top RIGHT room in panel above RIGHT pillow.

That was an excellent game!You really do have to look everywhere. I was still finding clues after doing three or four passes of a room. Loved the puzzles - not too difficult that it makes you bored and frustrated with the game, but enough to make you have to use your brain. More like this please!! Thanks EightGames! 5/5

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