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Grand Swim Resort Escape Walkthrough

Grand Swim Resort Escape

EightGames - Grand Swim Resort Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Grand Swim Resort. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) morning gang & all other players ☺

prefer those ones comparing to the cartoon games...!

thx for the game, 8G ☺

Morning AO and others.

Hi all! Started five minutes ago directly from their site.

Some sneaky finds: top row, 3rd room, red clock hand above map symbol, and in 4rd room (not sure about that) a metal pipe above left direction arrow. Use that on stone ball.

Totally agree to you, Alpha.

put hands on clock for puzzle, but my 10 won't highlight...! :-/

red button in centre is for resetting!

Hint from cut curtain is used in scene two right from start in puzzle on the pillar in the background.

In far right scene shake the red lamp on the nightstand.

use scissors in top right room on curtain for symbol hint

is it only me, or isn't tab help working properly...?

Opened clock (with more luck than thinking...). I started with 10, then fussed around with the 2 and 8 (or 1 and 7, not sure anymore) and had only to adjust the 5 for a mm.

I think tab works but it's hard to see the yellow frame on light backgrounds.

Use spray on ladybirds.
Only tried tab in a few rooms, but it worked there.

use key from vase in room 2 right of end (no connection) for brush

same room use knife on pillow

not looking forward to that ball puzzle... :-/

Top row, right scene: The line pattern on the pillar is a 4# for room right of end. Count the strokes.

Neither do I, Alpha.

did your 10 on clock hightlight?

Dragged the line on the red dot puzzle, but it doesn't work ...

Use hammer on the front part of table in ladybug room for a puzzle paper.

dial hint in room 3 right of start for end scene for red button hint paper

Yes, Alpha. It seems to be the only hand which can be moved separately.

drag at red button puzzle in start scene

Hi, 2 keys in inventory have S or N shapes...

Use oil on the chair in top row, 4th scene for a light blue square.

oil wheel behind bench in room with smilies for another square tile, one was from red buttons

Hotz, these must be some keys I don't have by now.

Was there a special trick to the red dots puzzle AO? I've been on it for ages and it won't work.

Doh, they do have when you have put them into the letters.

turning symbol wheel from stroke numbers was a bit senseless IMHO (& it opened before the last symbol was deleted)...

you are dragging, meth, aren't you?

I fear, that's a bug at clock puzzle...

pinacular/telescope is used on wall in ladybug scene

meritneith, if you have 2 keys in inventory and you don't know where to use, try it on S/N-shapes....

which item gives the clock?

Hotz, thanks, I got it right after my comment.

Yes AO, I've dragged the line to match the pattern, both including and excluding the middle dot on longer lines. DW :(

put brush on stick for broom for spider web in end room for final puzzle hint as it seems...

For the red dots: I always work with paper notes for letters or numbers, and for patterns etc. I do screenshots copy them to Word. You can do this (or another kind of snapshot) and drag the pattern on the dots. Alt+Tab still works.

even after refreshing & resuming, clock won't work...! :-(

Alpha, which clock? It was in the ladybug room hanging on the back wall and could be picked up, but you got that already? You don't need a clue or so, just two hands.

yep merit, that one - I adjusted all hands properly, but 10 still won't highlight... :-(
do you remember, which item the clock gave?

lines on pillar in top right scene give clue for #code in ladybug scene

I think a coloured ball. Have you tried resuming the game?

I have to leave for about 20 minutes. After returning I will have to face that ball puzzle, nothing else to do that. I think it will give the last square.

Thanks for your suggestions. I've got my snip open in a second window. Identical pattern. No response. I'll have to give up. See you later all.

need N key, 2 red 6 1 blue ball, where to use hammer, top number paper piece...

oh, bummer - CU meth ☺

for hammer: meritneith @3:08 AM

2 red & 1 blue

thx Hotz
missed that comment & forgot about the place...

AO, I think you will get top number paper piece from color code in ladybug scene. you have to use pinacular/binocular for clue

thx Hotz

can't finish, as clock puzzle d/w...! :-(

alas, thx for your company ppl & the nice teamwork, at least that never disappoints ☺

oh wonder!
was afk for a bit & let the game run, then tried a last time to adjust the 10 & suddenly it worked...! :-o

wanted to cheat officially at ball puzzle, but in VWT they cut the almost the whole solution, only the end can be watched... that doesn't help me much... :-/

yay, I got it!
but plz don't ask me how, just fiddled around a bit - a lucky punch it seems...

missing 1 cyan square tile now...

found the N key in room top right (with the line patterns), bottom right on floor

managed it to get out at last - final puzzle wasn't too hard for me

Back again, now on to that puzzle.

Haha, they didn't cut the solution, it is in fact really short. Turn the green circle twice clockwise and then the big blue circle three times anti-clockwise. Alpha, you've been had by that!

Final puzzle is in fact easy when you've understood the strategy. Nice game, liked it far more than those cartoon style games, could have been a little bit larger though.

Thanks @all for your company!

Nice game until the ball puzzle. Hate those with a passion so didn't even bother. Red X from me.

Hi ppl just looked done everything except use the scissors can't find where need a blue square & a blue ball

duh just found it the curtain top

& out nice game 8g didn't need hints for a change

Tell me, please, 4 # code (of the lines on the column). I do not understand

Good game. Thanks Games Bold

Count how many lines for top, then count next lines, then next, ending with bottom, which is 3. That gives you a 4# for kitchen room, I think.

Thank you very much, MerridyJ

lol eight games, not that it matters much, but after the spanch and the nailpiller we had this time a flowerwash (flower vase) and a pinacular (binoculars)- personally I find these candid translation mistakes refreshing, we escapers are playing for the puzzles anyway, and we still understand what you mean with these amusing words
(I gave five stars to this game btw) :-)

Poor game. As it was G2Rule today. What's happening folks? Are you out of your nice ideas?

For the red dot puzzle, make sure that every dot you cross turns green.

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