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Luxury Hotel And Resort Escape Walkthrough

Luxury Hotel And Resort Escape

EightGames - Luxury Hotel And Resort Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Luxury Hotel And Resort. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) morning gang & all other players ☺

red herring this time is spoon on table in scene right of start/end (but don't miss to take the fork)

thx for this game 8G ☺

Didn't we already play this one?

This looks exactly like a game that was already posted here.

This looks exactly like a game that was already posted here.

collect 10 coins (check behind cushions) for room left of start/end, gives other part of paper for colour hint in same scene

Caribbean Food Place Escape. It's the same exact game. Why are they re-naming it and posting it again.

Hi gang! I must admit I've started playing directly from their site. The memory puzzle in start scene takes hours - you have to match animals with their marks.

Wrong link. Try

We have played this one before?

yellow tiles are for puzzles in start/end scene, such as the colour hint combo

fox tiles go on grid in room left of start/end

I for myself haven't played this before.

use cloth on 6 positioned plates

plates show amount of clicks (order like you read) for puzzle in room with chess board

check drawers in room with pink=4 on wall beneath window

Friends, The link has changed correctly. Sorry for wrong link.

mhm, pizza tiles are making me hungry ☻

Bottom row, left scene, put five bottles on the table at the left side and change the order from small to big.

don't miss yellow tile in plant pot in room 2 left of start/end

Globes go on the right side of scene two left of start.

bottom row, left scene, merit?
only have sun beds there...

No prob Eight games ! I ate the pizza so I must restart LOL :P

Oh, it was the wrong link. NOW, I am playing the new game.

Alpha, thanks for hint with plates. I have tried to click not amounts but the order desparately!

pizza tiles go in conference room on wall

don't miss to move cup on table there

They are kidding with the pizza! :-o

clicking on yellow part of the tiles, you can change their direction, drag them on their place by using centre button

top puzzle


Got the pizza. You just have to get two pieces together, then it's getting easier.

No hunger problem with pizza as I don't like salami.

Lighten the candle (that was obvious) and for some reason hold knife into flame.

LOL bandy ☻

I only ate 1 pizza tile, so missing one...

Ah, and I was right with my idea: Dip the burned knife into the pool to get a word clue.

What was the code to find comments here ? ctrl +

Pour water from the mug (filled already when you get it) into three glasses for a number hint

small letter mistake, it should be balloon (double L) ☻

ah, thx merit
was searching for a 4th glass...

Bandy ctrl + f

now where is that room to put bottles?

Alpha, thought that too but just tried out. The 3# hint is for the shapes two scenes left of start. You can change them after seeing the clue.

Going to the yellow thing in start now. I'm not good at those.

meritneith thanks :)

you place bottles at sun beds :-o
(I don't see any table there...)

missing yellow tiles for middle & bottom puzzle...

officially stuck now
have mirror & 4 forks in inv. - still missing 1 pizza tile...

Use morror under table with chess board

Man, got one tangram now. Took me hours to understand how to move them and to put them at the left side. Up to the other two now.

(the one at 1 o'clock)

* Mirror

Dang, I'm missing tiles for them!

Now, got mirror and forks too.

Missing three foxes.

ah, thx bandy ☺

& missing 1 globe, too...

found my last pizza tile in most left room in bowl on little table

Forks are used at that strange colour hint in bottom row, forelast room to the right. Doesn't help much but makes inventory smaller.

Okay, only item I've got is the mirror. Missing three foxes, one globe, two 4# hints and a place to use the fork clue.

And what about that strange water picture left of the globes?

Oh, one of the 4# is active now!



Put just counting the fork marks is not enough. I wonder if the pink=4 hint is relevant

Thanks AO I needed that!!

Ha, mirror is used under table in 2nd row, 3rd scene. Easy when you see a hotspot and have only one item left.

number puzzle in middle row room 2 from left is now active

& yes, pink is relevant for sure, but how...?

Mirror clue is used one room to the right. Gives a green fox.

Now what about the pink fork thingy.

If you look at the water picture, there are four rows of that cord where pink is on the top. Three with cyan on the top.

This won't help, I know.

pink has 4 letters
how many letter have the other colours, then add & substract the lines

Pink = 4. Did we miss other hints like that?

Oh dear! Good find, Alpha!

What are the 3 #'s from glasses for ?

Just wanted to shout that 6 + 5 = 11. Doh!

Tangram time. Hope I'm done until tomorrow's game.

Got it the 3 shapes on wall

Nope! In Game Ads is a NoGo!!!! Red X for me....

Bandy, in the hallway where the globes go and that water picture is: There are three cross-looking shapes. Change them according to the numbers (4 is square).

after a lucky punch of the top tangram (see screenshot above), I now have troubles with the other 2... :-/

meritneith Thanks :)

Got the 2nd one but forgot about a screenshot, sorry! It was the stairs-looking one, IIRC take the long shape on the bottom and turn the "square side" to the right. Then put it on the bottom. Hope that helps.

finally the middle tangram


Got the bottom one, trying to get around with snaggy.


great, that u use snaggy, merit
how do you like it?
I just ♥ that tool (like my snipping tool), so easy

Okay, got the foxes giving me a crystal. Drag it through the maze on the water picture. I have to leave now, will finish later. I'm sure it will give the final key.

Thanks for helping and company!

All I have in my inventory is a ripped piece of paper, and now I'm stuck. I'm missing one purple fox head.

Bottom one was picky!!

All I have is a lit candle ?

Sorry to have missed you guys. Busy morning.

oh, no my bottom tangram doesn't open... :-(

AO It is real picky!

nope, refreshed & resumed with no avail...! :-(

I have one inactive puzzle in the start scene. That's the only thing that I haven't been able to solve.

I take it that I need the other half of this ripped paper, but I can't find it.

Bear I think other paper was in pool scene.

Code = number of letters in the word + / - number of lanes on the forks

This comment has been removed by the author.

well, watched the VWT & merit's screenshot d/w for me, neither the one from vid - alas, another 8G bug...! :-(

Dose anyone remember were knife was ?

Found it cb in scene with PINK hint

I'm not bothering with that stupid rope/water puzzle.

Okay, back again.

Alpha, that was my first time with snaggy, just saw your screenshot and tried it (combined with Snipping Tool). Great thing, thanks!

Now to that maze.

Gaah! One mm before end it got me again. The hardest part for me is the first row at the end where it's narrow.

Finally. My advice: Concentrate only on the tip of your cursor. Ignore the blue mark it makes. Don't get angry even if you fail the hundredth time at the same point. Take your time. Only use swearwords when you can keep your hand calm at the same time. If you can, use many of them - evil ones. Out now.

Thanks again!

LOL merit ☻

thx for your company, also all others & for the nice teamwork ☺

I had the same bug as AO :(

Im not going to play these anymore; they are buggy and i hate these ads; maybe its a good idea to boycot Eight Games till the ads are gone!

There are other sites that host Eight Games without the ads. I just keep this open on the side for hints and comments.

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