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Ultra Modern Mansion Escape Walkthrough

Ultra Modern Mansion Escape

EightGames - Ultra Modern Mansion Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside ultra modern mansion. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all! Just in time, thought I was too late for live game.

hi (again) all ☺

finally it's posted here (already started some time ago, so dunno if my LTM will work properly - LOL)

thx 8G for this game ☺

there's a new item I never seen in an 8G - a ladder

dunno what to make of this tune...

I muted down.

Silver buttons with coloured rings go to the back wall in scene above start.

Window hint in scene two above start should be for floor in start scene.

You need ladder to put 3 lights in

me, too, I muted down

don't forget to check some windows

Direction arrows for puzzle above bed in same scene.

yep, merit
for floor, but X means not highlighting

Hammer in pool scene. Maybe for that glass box in scene where you got ladder.

I'm stuck now with only unfinished paper in inv. & missing purple colour number, 4#code unsolved, too & dunno how to solve puzzle in start scene...
(did I forget sth?)

indeed, merit
for that glass box

Checked the windows, haven't been to all scenes yet. I think the number hints go to the switches in balcony but I'll check that when I come back to there, don't want to run around and miss something.

ah, & missing letter hint...

Have you dipped the leaves into the pool? Got four so far, seems there are more of them.

& clock hint (I think I need more items for it)...

And in that pool scene ladder is used at the three doors in back view, put tube lights there for a colour hint.

leaves are for b'fly symbols, you need 6 & flash

Alpha, I try to catch up to you soon and hope to be able to help then!

colour hint from neon lights for kitchen 2 left of start

missing also a dial for balcony

& a red ring...

for kitchen puzzle

Got all leaves now.

Keyhole in wall just below bedroom window. At least I think that's what it is.

b'fly hint from leaves is tricky, as they are pretty similar...

Not looking forward to the hexagon puzzle. Keep that for later, will do things from my note list first.

Ah, direction arrows puzzle in that bedroom needs a hint I got somewhere from a window (use tab!) for the path.

Hexagon puzzle was simple. Phew.

Metal ball goes to the hole in the wall in the balcony scene where the coloured switches are (far scene when going up from start). Don't know what it did though

I know now. Use stick to get a red ring.

Got the butterflies. I made screenshots of every leaf. Took some times but it helped.

hexagon puzzle was indeed easy


yellow on top
blue middle
red bottom

gives (my last) red ring - drag them at kitchen puzzle

Alright. Worked everything out. Alpha, I think right now I'm so far as you are. Missing same things.

Sam, do we need a clue for the hexagon or how do I know what to do`?

kitchen puzzle gives key for bedroom 1 room before

Ah, just wanted to write I checked the hexagon thing!

And I'm behind again. I think that ring puzzle will take two hours for me.

the ring puzzle is not as hard as it looks like

Ah, you don't have to walk every single point when the path is free.

key gives (my last) dial - have flames now...

Got it!

flames are for bar sliders in kitchen

don't overthink them

gave another pic puzzle ring

missing 2 more...

Okay, in-between check. I'm missing two puzzle rings, 4# and letter clue, and I have collected gazillions of screenshots of coloured numbers and additions. Maybe for clock? Or the switches on balcony?

And a paper puzzle piece óf course.

Switches aren't active.

you may zoom on sliders in kitchen to make switches/dials work...

Sliders in kitchen? That kitchen where the flame thing puzzle was?

Now they are active - strange!

I went around again to check the numbers, maybe I hadn't zoomed in in one of them.

Oh good grief, that clock! I thought there would be buttons to go into the squares and I was down to 3 pieces of paper in my inventory. You press the addition numbers to make the hand go to it. Eg. press 3 then 5 for 3+5 and the number will pop up in the square. Ugh, that took me forever to work out!

purple number in start scene in window

got another pic puzzle ring from puzzle in top left room

sliders in kitchen, where colour ring puzzle was

Okay, missing only one puzzle ring (the centre, made a screenshot).

Completed paper goes up against the mirror behind the buddha statue.

Clock: click the numbercombinations you found (4 of them) one by one and numberclue will appear. Just remember the colors

thx Sam
didn't notice that clock numbers are clickable... doh

got (my last) 2 paper pieces from 4#puzzle

letter puzzle gives centre pic puzzle tile

DOH! Good find, Sam!

The circle puzzle at the end is pure evil!

Incredibly idiotic ringpuzzle. Just stupid clicking and hoping to get lucky. -1*

I'm out! I wish I could give you all hints on that end puzzle, but I just screwed around with it til it finally worked.

Totally agree to you, Sam and Marleen. Until that point it was a really, really good game. Why spoil it then?

Alpha, I only discovered it by pure dumb luck. I was so frustrated I just started clicking all over the clock, lol!

pic puzzle is trickier than you think, but I have exit key now

thx for the nice teamwork & fun company ppl ☺

I don't know why they do stuff like that Meritneith, that really ruined things for me. It wasn't even clever, it was just frustrating.

I hardly ever catch a live one. It was fun playing with you guys. Thanks for the game EightGames!

pic puzzle

I clicked alternating the connected rings (centre doesn't move) 3:1 & somehow it worked

Before you all leave: Nice to have your company, and thanks to all for leaving good clues!

I fussed around and got it right ten seconds before I wanted to cheat with the w/t. No strategy, pure luck.

EightGames, I think you read our comments as you sometimes write something here. It's always the same: Good game, good puzzles until you spoil the whole fun with slider or spinning puzzles a normal player can't solve on their own. Please stop them, or better: Give us a skip funktion.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Have to agree with Meritneith and Marleen, a good game but that ridiculous idiotic ringpuzzle at the end totally ruined it!

I am late to the party, but I just wanted to say to EightGames that I disagree. I thought that the ending ring puzzle was challenging and fun. I really enjoyed the whole game.
Thanks so much.

liked the music!

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