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Escape Palm Beach Walkthrough

Escape Palm Beach

Palm Beach Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Sneaky just escaped the shark men and made it here on palm beach. Now he must figure out how to escape before they catch him again! Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all!
Thanks SD for the game!

Sneaky coin in Q.

I could just sit and stare at the video sequence in S all day. At the very least, it is a welcome distraction from the cold, rainy weather around these parts. (:

Very sneaky red gem in P (look at the bottom of tree)

net is used to get silver egg in B

Silver Eggs:
- B (use net)
- I
- M
- O (use mitt from J)
- R

@SD: The drawer in N had already have code for it, so I just clicked it to open.

don't worry about drawer's code in N.

Urban, that was a clue. :)

I can't find pink gem, any hint please

hi (again) all ☺

I think I saw a fin of a sharkman in the bathroom window...! :-o

thx SD for this fun game ☺

sneaky code in L (right side on cabinet)

Thanks @SD, I wouldn't have tought it :)

it must be in letter box in O, but where is the clue?

loog or gool d/w

Can't find a hint for the 4# in J

NVM - I should read it all

Rüdiger, the clue is on paper in J (read the last row)

nor loog or gool or logo works for me on letter box

me, too Seraku, like to sit endlessly on that beach...! ♥

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Sorry, my brain got things backwards re: the 4-letter word.


with bf - it's



thanks for letter clue!!

thanks @Seraku. found the jetpack

in leet speak a 6 isn't a p (I think)...?!

lizard = chameleon for spider in Q

The 6 = P works if you mirror vertically, but then the 7 would be a backwards L. It's a stretch, but I suppose we can forgive SD given that he is constantly being chased by the Sharkmen. (:

Rats! always missing 1 coin...

@Alpha, TAB appears to work in this one, if that can help you track down the missing coin.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget... Thanks, SD, for another great escape! (:

thx Seraku, but I already closed the game, alas, but no prob ☺

Lizzard was really well hidden in Q, in the green. I am now looking just for the orange gem, I'm not sure if there is still some unlocked box

POPO, totally forgot the little table with colors...

where are the goggles and where is the clue for the 4-digit box in J?

@zoe: clue for 4 digit in J is on the paper, you have to round the numbers from recipe.
Goggles were I think on one painting in upper floor

Thanks, Urban...I was way overthinking the paper and trying to round up the decimals!

These games are and always have been excellent games for so many years...thanks SD!

Why can I NO longer play theses games with esacape 24????

Why can I NO longer play theses games with esacape 24????

Thanks for good game !

thanks Urban for red gem

spoiler for drawer code in j (hint on recipe same room)


googles in D

Where's the clue for the number box in K?

@Unknown hint in L (dots bottom right)

don't find orange gem, I suppose hint is table with 4 colored balls but for where please ?

ok found
hint for table in O (on books)

seb:hint in o: books

table with colored balls in H gives lighter for candle in M and orange gem

thanks Fred got it

Great game SD. The 9007 clue threw me for a loop both literally and figuratively...

This game does not load for me at all.

After 4 tries it finally is loading. Hope it is not buggy.

I assume I use the goggles to get the gold key, but I can't find where. :(

goggles,anyone? lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

Goggles were on a painting in M, IIRC. Stuck now with goggles and lighter but no gold key.

googles in D, used in water in R for gold key

It suure would be nice if someone would share where the goggles are used

Goggles are used in the pool, second pic.

For those of us who collect the coins,
they are found as follows:


Thanks. I couldn't tell that the spot in the water was a key and no hot spot cursor appeared. I clicked around it but never right on it, apparently.

goggles used in R

Seb, ty you for dots clue, never would of found that

not finding the lizard.....

what to do at table in h? i have the clue

Thanks for another beautiful game. I would have wanted to stay there forever if there hadn't been that spider. Don't want to live where those creatures keep sitting and waiting for me to come home. The spiders I have to face here are big enough. :-E

les, if it's not too late to answer: just click the coloured balls in order from clue, you see the mouse cursor changing to a hand.

Good game, although the number/word clue took me forever because it didn't quite fit with the final letter being backward. Other than that I really enjoyed it.

thanks,meritneith!-didnt notice the hand!!! LOL

Where is the egg in I? Thanks!

I don't think there was actually an egg in I, although someone posted that was a location.

Egg in I is on the table

Fine enough game, as usual...

But for God's sake SD, either get off your lazy behind and search the web for countless, endless, and FREE options, or pony up the money to pay, FOR NEW MUSIC! You've made people listen to same boring, irritating, 50-second loop of music for how many dozens upon dozens upon dozens upon dozens of Sneaky games of yours?! Sure, I can turn the music off but why should I have to?! Either be FULLY creative with your games like SO many other devs here who publish their games with new music EVERY TIME, or don't bother posting games.

Wow, all of that for a rant about music. I like the music I use and many other players compliment me on it. Thanks though. :)

Thank you, SD. Very enjoyable, particularly the basketball/net visual. Your games have been a source of enjoyment to me for many years now.

I don't listen to the music in any escape game, whether SD or not. It's just my preference. So scouring the world for new music would be wasted effort for me.

mst3kr....Life's too short matey!!!

I like the music too. sounds like Enya.

I love Selfdefiants music for sneaky games. Is there any way to know the names of the music you guys use?

I love Selfdefiants music for sneaky games. Is there any way to know the names of the music you guys use?

I will try to give links. :)

Missing purple gem, presuming its in number box in K, but can't find a clue for it

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