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Nunu Kid Escape

Kamo Escape - Nunu Kid Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Kamotokamotokamo. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings.Good luck and have fun!

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Nothing seems to work on 3 digit # May need more than the paper?

hi (again) all ☺

ah, Kamo - LTNS!

thx for this game ☺

after removing rods in main room, count the ones still there for puzzle on door of new room

Ok BF works LOL

I can spoil if need

@bandy, I just got the 3# to work. Take a look at the symbols in the hole in the second room. They are three numbers laying on top of each other. Input the numbers in the order, top to bottom.

Solution: !&@*#$7!&@*#$3!&@*#$4!&@*#$

I have 4 mans ans stuck. All done. In this game 3 digits in 2 places. In the first room goes numbers from tunel. First is 7.

I put chair near the hole in second room but can't climb up. Also got one little "king" and partial number hint

The three-digit code in the pit.

I used the dog key but ???

had to disable adblocker to make game load... :-/

Thanks Seraku I see that now LOL

there is a place for 4 numbers on the open door

I have 3 sticks,paper and a doll?

Rope in a hole apply

Urban count the rods you took out for that


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The rope is taken back. There are 2 key kukla.Kuda do with it?

And POPO works after dog key get another chair!

Two chairs around the pit and put the stick to put 3

2 chairs then place sticks get rope

place both chair next to floor hole & use rods from shutter as ladder - get rope with hook

@nafanja: use one on drawer in first room, but you have to have dog lever down.
I have 2 dolls and partial number code, can't find anything else

The rope hung near the door and slipped into the hole .. And?

you can pull rope with hook when dog lever is up, new view

Pull down the room.

Whew... took a little creative thinking to use that rope, but I have escaped.

Thanks, Kamo, for the great game! (:

I have a key left over after the little cb was unlocked?

you can hang rope on dog...

The rope is way to go to ground floor

Rope won't stay on dog key?

Ok click hole then you can go down

Where to put those 4 dolls?

@Urban, there will actually be five (5) dolls in the end. You need to find a way to the upper level to be able to use the dolls.

What is 3 digit # ground floor PLS.

& you can hang rope on rod between chairs

There are 2 key and three dolls. Where the fourth doll?

can some1 give me a link for this game. I get a blank page when I try to open.

cit. «you can pull rope with hook when dog lever is up, new view»

where's that new view, rope won't stay on dog...

I found a fourth doll.

disable your adblock & it may work
(at least for me it was...)

AO put rope on dog then click the hole

AO you have to click on the hole after placing the rope, it will go by itself

thanks @seraku, now searching for another keyhole and way to go to new floor.
@sue: disable adblock

actually all set-retried without adblock

ah, thx bandy
didn't think of that combo, I meant you're all talking about the big hole on floor LOL ☻ doh

I have 4 dolls and a duck key still in my inventory, along with two code papers. Can't figure out how to get to the other level.

I need more clues, please. I have one "key" still and used another. Need to figure out the 3-digit number downstairs. Also have 3 king dolls...Help!

When we hang the rope on your dog, you need to poke a hole. The rope will be held in the hole and lift the lever-dog.

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oops, so 3#number changes each new game, it seems...

oh, no, g2g & not finished yet - alas, leave some more hints plz & CU ☺

No there's two 3 digit puzzles. Okay, now I have 4 kings but still stuck. I can't figure out the rest to escape. :(

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I BF # ground floor I think it was 988

Where it is necessary to insert a second key? (The one I adopted in the nightstand)

So still stuck at the same place. 4 dolls, 2 notes and the duck key. Can't figure out anywhere new to interact with.

Nafanja I am looking for that now??

I do not know(((

Where is the 2nd note, not that it seems to have helped lol. Still have 2nd key and four dolls and nowhere to turn lol.

@Nafanja, @bandy, have you gotten to the upper floor? The key goes to the box thing with the three squares on its top.

Sucks that people say "out" and offer nothing.

How to get to upper floor? We're stuck!

Seraku How to get to upper floor?

Cyndee, I think I found it on the kitty paw table!

you can use the rope to pull the handle UP from the other room too. (use the 'handle' you got from bull statue)

any idea for up-square-down code in upper room?

To anyone who has not gotten to the upper floor: Place the rope on the dog switch, but feed the rope through the metal clip/handle you inserted to open the cabinet.

@Hotz, I must confess, I escaped without solving that puzzle. I think it might lead to another ending, but I couldn't find the clue for it.

Final code is from the green numbers on each level. Theyre listed sideways.

Ok Got to upper room but very tired of BF ing these 3 digit codes!

Oh i completely forgot about that last code, i was so happy to see an exit.

haha, the clue for this code is in the place, you have found the first doll.
this code is so simple :)

Finally out that was ruff on the brain! Never used Up Down puzzle ?

thank you Seraku for saying how to get to upper floor....didn't think to put the rope through the handle...

@Hotz, really? That's such a simple code if that's right.

But, gosh, is it worth loading up the game again to solve that last puzzle? I'm banging my head against the AVM game right now.

for second ending you have to find a box with cake.
the clue for up-square-down-code is in the place, where you have found the first doll. (yes, the code is very simple)

FINALLY got out. Thanks to all of you for the hints, and thanks for the clue about the final code. The only one I didn't have to BF!! I don't think I have the patience to try and get the other ending LOL!

At the top of the box through the handle skip rope .. will be a new scene.

@Hotz, I just replayed it and got my cake as a reward. If only that cake were real... I could go for a sweet treat right about now. (:

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Seraku, now let's play the AVM game :)

Came out with a cake) Thank you for the game)

I don't understand, why this game went down the front page on the sake of games, that are posted every day (G4K,WoW, Avm, 5n...)

@Urban, I noticed this too. A lot of the Japanese games seem to fall quickly down the list for no apparent reason. Yet, I have seen games from the main crew (like the ones you listed) actually move up the list. I guess escapegames24 has some peculiar sorting order behind the scenes.

still don't know how to get to the upperfloor

Very best games "Two ends..

well End Two

Click BACK ... to move forward.
-Click on TITLE at the top right and then on LOAD ...

FIN 2:
2x right, zoom, square click several times (small anim
Cake box
-2x to the right, forward = End 2.

Where is the box with the cake?

What does "2x right, zoom, square click several times (small anim Cake box - 2x to the right forward" mean?

In the top room, I put the 5 kings in place, then use key in box. Then what do I do for the cake?

Lau...put the rope on the dog lever and then through the u'shaped handle above the dog. Make sure the dog lever is down. Then go to the other room and pull on the rope that is hanging on the wall.

Oh, I see! Click the square only seven times..you see this on the castle.

Then you get the cake box! Thanks, Kamo for a great game!

To be more clear: top floor up/down puzzle, the clue is the red squares on the castle. Only click the squares seven times. Fun game.

Thanks for all the clues! However, I noticed a place at the bottom of the rods/window things where you could zoom and it looked like it needed to be unscrewed. Did anyone open that?

Got it and thanks FireFly. (There are 7 squares on the castle, so ignore the triangle buttons on the box you opened with the duck key and click the square button 7 times)...out

Fun game with several clever twists and turns!

Came out with a cake) Thank you for the game)

This comment has been removed by the author.

nobody's here anymore - missing the last king...

great game very logical!!!

What was with the clue with the sideways arc, 4 rectangles and star? And why could we zoom in on the bottom of those poles? Methinks we're still missing something...

Very well made and beautiful game. Classical style of the better games from the past. Very clever puzzles, especially the multiple uses of the hooked rope.
Thanks to Hotz and Seraku for the upper room info regarding the secondary use for the hooked rope!

5th king from green 3# safe

note the 3 green numbers on each floor



replaying for other ending

2nd note is on board showing floors

both notes give red number



AO the last king comes from the floor number code if I remember correctly. But I'm sure you're out by now, since all the clues were given already. Nice game, needed all your help to get out :-)

Excellent game! But what I was supposed to do with the bolts below the wooden grating?

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