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Thriller Forest Escape Walkthrough

Thriller Forest Escape

Games4King - G4K Thriller Forest Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Dream up a situation that you are trapped in side a thriller forest. You need to get escape from the thriller forest by finding the objects for figuring out the puzzles. So there is no doubt that you will surely find the way out. Good luck and have fun!

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If anyone needs a screen shot of pic let me know.

Well stuck with a Rose and need one more of every thing LOL

Hi ev1 : ) Trying to join - hope game will let me ...

5 squares on tree clue for 3x3 grid.

roses go above door in house
need another yellow flower. Not sure where purple flowers or yellow flowers go

where do the purple flowers go?

methanwy good find!!

Jo Ann one scene up then right for purple flowers and up to in front of hose is yellow one go

The other yellow flowers go up top far left

* House, not hose LOL

Now back to nothing but a rose left??

Thank you Bandy, couldn't see those shadows for placing the flowers

I've placed the yellow spikey flowers but not the other yellow ones. Any hints?

Hiya Mr clown

NVM I've just seen Bandy's hint. My, those shadows are faint.

methanwy Up top far left waterfall in back ground I need one more though?

get ya shovel? go up and left and use in front of waterfall

HI Drop!!! :)

not getting the 5 squares and the 3x3 grid. I got 5 letters but they are wrong...

1493 is clue for 4 colors - ignore the green # in the wrong place

Jo Ann look at the lines imagine then in the grid

LOL been a while bandy

Good one Just 1 !!

Yes, looking at the lines and the grid but getting it wrong somehow. I get HRAHY so of course wrong but can't for the life of me understand what I am doing wrong.

Maybe I need more coffee

That should be it Jo Ann ?

@ bandy: one scene up and right from where - start scene? Can't see place for purple flowers there...

HRAHY on grid first Jo Ann, and I've just discovered that it now works on the 5 vertical letters. It didn't before doing the grid.

I've entered it many times and nothing happens

Owl to hole in tree gives clue for masks, but I'm missing one.

ZU scene has a lock box

Oh God - now I can, lol. Staring me in the face!

on grid first.... no wonder! Thanks methanwy!

methanwy were did Owl come from?

Has anyone done the 3 brown and 1 green buttons?

I'm looking for that devil mask too methanwy ...

Owl came from 5 letter puzzle in start scene.

Owl came from entering 5 letters on door after doing grid.
Purple flowers left and slightly down from locked box Zu.

I have 2 devil masks on the tree too, but I don't remember finding any.

Face palm Thank you!!

POPO Green is position 1, go clockwise and click 1st, 4th etc.

I am missing 1 yellow flower for tree trunk in top left scene. anyone has found all yellow flowers?

Placing 3 fuses gives 3rd mask.

And the dog is free! Thanks for help on placing flowers Bandy.

Hotz, I got my 4th flower from doing green and brown buttons.

I don't understand the green and brown buttons.

Thanks for the game G4K. Those puzzles were quite tricky.

methanwy, is your comment @9:49 AM a clue for green and brown buttons?
I can't understand it :(

I'll reload the game and check Puffin. Have to get though the ads first though.

Tried your green/brown buttons hint methanwy, but not working for me. I'm clicking: top right (1) , top left (4), top right (9), top left (3). Also tried the 3 as bottom left.

Aagh. It doesn't seem to work now :((

I must have had a lucky punch. I thought I did exactly what you said Zu.

Where do little bunches of 3 x yellow flowers go?

Zu top scene far left

This time I did 1493 in the way you said Zu and then two more top left and bottom right. Gave me the flowers. I'll start again (!) and be really careful to note what I did.

Zuleika, on "tree trunk arch" in top left scene

Use 1493 on 3x3 colour grid for 4-colour puzzle in adjacent scene. Gives last yellow flower and a rose.

Ty bandy and Hotz : )

i can't get the 4 buttons to work

Same here Jo Ann ??

thanks methanwy, for me it worked with: top right, bottom left, top left, top right.
but I can't see any logic...

Thanks Hotz that worked for me

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok, I think I understand. Starting top right as 1 then click bottom left as 3 then top left at 4 and finally top right as 9

Worked but ???????????

does anyone know where the purple and green flowers go? and i m not understanding the 1493 thing...

Well done Hotz. I must have hit that combination by chance while trying out a string of other theories.

Finally out. Many thanks for hints ev1 and ty to G4K : )

I remember now Jo Ann! I had entered them in ascending order not as they are written. Sorry everyone :-/

oliveya22 see my post @ 9:25

methanwy no sweat !! :)

Thanks @bandytrc

Anytime :)

finally out. Good game G4k!

Doubt I will finish this one. Hints left here are not that helpful. I am missing one green flower and 1 all yellow flower. and a key and 2 fuses and 1 mask. where is all this stuff??

finally found a walkthrough and realized that the scrambled picture gives 2 flowers. out now.

any one still here? All puzzles that I can find are done. Missing green fuse, one devil mask, and one rose. Only thing in inventory is mask clue.

You still around Ericka? You don't need a green fuse. You need to place the other 3 in their correct positions and you're almost out.

Thanks methanwy, I've been going round and round.

Not so good this time around, some illogical clues and VERY hard-to-see placement shadows.

pic puzzle


LOL meth
it was a goat, not a dog ;-Þ

still don't understand the how for the 4 1943 buttons...

anyway, thx G4K for a challenging game & ppl for your hints ☺

watched the VWT for the buttons - it's in increasing number order, count 1 as top right (green), go clockwise

can someone spoil the color order?

The 4 buttons makes absolutely no sense.

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Ginner, you take the numbers 1493, then you look at the 3x3 color grid on the house. Those are your colors.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Good game, interesting tasks for igrokov.Mne assemble a picture very much) Google (translator). !!!! Learn Russian yazyk.On very rich. Maybe I'm wrong. Other languages are very poor. Translation can not be.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

& out needed lots of hints to get thro this one ty guys

I'm sorry, but this game was just not good. There was no logic to any of it. Having to repeat certain things like the letters and the grid made no sense at all, and some of the places to place objects were almost impossible to see. I usually enjoy most G4K games, but this was an exercise in pure frustration because of the total lack of logic, and it gave me a headache from straining to see where to put things.

agree with you Sam, this game's garbage

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