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Where Is My Flight Escape Walkthrough

Where Is My Flight Escape

Games4King - G4K Where Is My Flight Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you went to park on an evening where you lost your toy flight. Your toy fight is gift from your loved one and so you can’t let it go. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the park to find your lost flight in the park. Good luck and have fun!

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Hello all. Loading ...

I couldn't find orange butterfly in far right scene, but butterflies give order for colored balloons.

Same here Hotz. I just reckoned it had to be there somewhere.

3 rows to ad to 26 disappeared before I took a screen shot. I had 123 down first column and 12 top right.

clue behind 26s not working on clovers, either order or number of clicks.

hi (again) all ☺

don't have much time, but at least I'll start...

thx G4K for the game ☺

the easiest solution for 3x26 is: replace 12 with 4 and 11 with 3...

several spots to zoom in are not hotspots...! :-/

Sneaky clue paper by right tree base in right scene.

How does colored balloons work?

Do you go from start left right or right left?

Bandy click in order of butterflies left to right scenes, invisible orange butterfly presumably on right.

Don't know how to use my clue paper which can't work on letters and looks as though it is for the clovers.

clue word is on knife handle...

Ok so it is left to right Methanwy thanks

orange balloon isn't clickable anyway

Sneaky spot in the 4 of games4king

symbol clue is next to safe in start scene

pink ball goes on stone in far left scene

This one is not my cup of tea. Gl EV1

Frog put on a stone and give three bees.

purple balls go in flower shape on tree in far right scene, but I am missing a clue...

Put frog on zoomed in rock under bee hive.

another purple ball under stone on roof

thanks Nafanja! I haven't tried to catch bees with bare hands...

BTW thanks for symbol clue Hotz.

clovers become a left/right code...

btw, I have found 4 purple balls so far

After you have used clovers, they can still be used for some sort of direction puzzle.

break the jug for #clue for purple balls positions...

4 purple balls for me too. I haven't used the knife to cut anything.

methanwy, read Nafanja @ 10:40 AM and you will get something...

the clue from 4 purpe balls is used on colored symbols in mushroom house

clovers become a third code...

was afk for a bit & you left me far behind...

where is knife from?

I saw Nafanja's comment, but I've tried catching bees, cutting the hive, cutting the branch. No luck.

hey, I am out and I am great ;)

thanks for this nice game and for your hints

from the symbols

Oooh, I caught a bee! 2 to go.

methanwy, you have to be fast, if you want to catch some bees with bare hands. :)

To catch bees, use right click to stop them in their tracks. makes it much easier.

Broken pot gives the code, but I do not know where to use it. There are 4 balls.

What did you use to break the pot Nafanja?

oops, have to run - thx for your hints ppl, CU ☺

Nafanja, my comment @10:46 AM, think at a clock

Hint characters at the bottom of the tables, which sit kury.Tsvetnoy code to other characters not found ..

Did you see the clue to the right of the hen Nafanja? I think you must have, but I cannot remember the order of discoveries.

I forgot what broke the pot. The knife is taken from the inventory. Maybe they?

Not the knife, but thanks anyway Nafanja.

Well I'm going round in circles pixel hunting. Giving up for now. Good luck Nafanja.

methanwy, feed 3 bees to frog to get key. use key to get football and paper piece. cut football to get second paper piece and a letter clue...

POPO. I gave it one more go. Unbroken pot is clue for clovers 2nd time round.

on pot you can see 4 lines, this is a clue for clovers. you will get a wrench to break pot...

note: black numbers in broken pot give clue for positions of purple balls in for right scene (think at clock)

Third time round for clovers use clue inside mushroom house.
Thanks Hotz, got there eventually.

lls are in the extreme right scene (like a clock)

On paper, the color code and the number seen in 1357 or 7531. Where is it? Color is not suitable.

I can't find anywhere to use that paper either Nafanja.
But I am missing one moving eye, so perhaps that is the problem.

The colors go from right to left

nafanja, red color is between 7 and 5, so what number is red? use this clue on colored symbols in mushroom house...

I flew on an airplane)

Duh. Thanks Hotz. I appreciate your sticking around to help.

I'm aboard at last, but I don't feel I'm so great for that performance! Thanks again for hints and for the game.

has anyone figured out the clover pressing clue.i can't seem to figure it out.

back - my flower doesn't open...! :-(

SPOILER should work

%&$%3&$%&5$%&$%6&£%&2$%&$ o'clock


hint is from 26 puzzle, click



ah, refreshing & resuming worked

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2132 doesn't work for the clover leaves...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oliveya you need to combine the knife word "success" for the clovers USCE

thanks finally go through. had to look at video walkthrough.

finally out! Good game G4k...


Purple balls
click Stone on top of hut roof
number 4 from GAmes4King sign
Tree hole- far left scene
Middle of puzzle on right tree (far right scene)
Tree hole far left scene

Clue on right tree (far right scene low cut)
Zoom in on butterflies. Note the colors from far left scene to far left scene.
Colors from butterflies from left to right are used on balloons (King scene)= star
Place star on door- open hut

Arrange numbers n panel to equal to 26 on each row = eye (note dot clue)

Click bellow where the chicken are sitting and note the symbols on the right
Use the symbols bellow cactus= knife

Click on knife= word clue
Use red paper clue on clovers to spell out the word from knife= frog

Zoom in on beehive and catch 3 bees
Zoom in on rock in lake (far left scene) to place frog
Feed 3 bees to frog= red key
Use key below chicken= football and tile
Click on knife in inventory and click on it again to take it back
Use knife on football= tile
combine tiles for word clue

Use word clue inside hut= pot
Note lines on pot clovers (2nd round)= wrench

Use wrench to break pot= number clue
Use number clue to place purple balls on tree far right scene) It is a clock= paper # clue

Use circles inside hut on clovers = chicken (3rd round)= chicken

Place chicken with gray chicken= shiny ball
Moving pink birds from left to right/ and black right to left= shiny ball

Use paper #/color clue inside hut symbols on left side. Note mirrored numbers 7531 and the colors between them. (hint: which number is between 7 and 5??=6 what color is between both numbers?= red . That’s the answer for the symbols with 6 arrows= flower

Place 2 shiny balls and the flower on statue far left scene= eye

Place eyes on statue far right scene= key
Use key on chest= plane

Have Nice travels

Urgh, thanks for the clues guys, my paper was just red, with no clues on it, so I was stuck there for a while.

Special Camps, thank you very much for your support in the game.) I use your help (tips) in games.

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Again, I am sorry, Google translator translates as a special camp. This reduction. I do not know English. And Google knows about special camps .Proshu sorry, I'll rip your nickname .a that you would not like obizhalis.Mozhet -nibud abbriavutorno? Google still can not be translated correctly. In advance, I apologize again.

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