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Wow Great Thanksgiving Escape Walkthrough

Wow Great Thanksgiving Escape

WowEscape - Wow Great Thanksgiving Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came celebrate Thanksgiving party with your friends. But unfortunately your friends locked you inside the party house. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from this house by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi Jen, joining

Bowl for kettle

Knife for pancake

Teapot for mug

Hi Dazz Ley nice to "see you" :)

Pancake for 5#

Hey Yvonne!

Give plate of food from fridge to chick, take tail feather

dip feather in room top of right staircase, use in bedroom, left staircase

Grape for bottle

Wine and water for the glasses

light gas ring and cook cob for a key

Make your own wine. Now this is my kind of game!

Hi Sam :) looks like a long game today

You bet guys, have corn, some SD or something,4 turkey and paper clue

Hi all!
Stuck with knife (used), magnet(?) and roasted turkey (not used)

In new scenes take turkey and skewer, cook skewer on gas ring

Cant find the knife?

Moshi knife is in kitchen drawer, how to move on guys?

wow... I cant believe I missed that. I thought I'd clicked everywhere.

use the thin item you get from mantlepiece in clock room on tv

Yvonne? thin item on what TV? there is no tv in clock room.

yvonne, where is mantlepiece? and how should I use the clock clue? my clue doesn't work...

What clock room?

I have some kind of remote, what looks like a handle. I cooked a shish-ka-bob on the burner for another hint(no idea what for) and I still have the thin thing that looks like a hack saw blade.

Hi Jenny, there are two doors one is locked the other open in that room

ah, the mantelpiece in clock scene...

Dazz have you used the key in the room where the 6 feathers go? through that door are more rooms. one is not an arrow, just click between brown door and glass blocks

Thanks Yvonne!

Losing interest, nothing I can do

I have no key Jenn, just the things I mentioned and no idea what to do

jenny, the clue from cooked a shish-ka-bob is used in same scene as 'find the words puzzle' upstairs from scene with "turkey"-clue

Just found another room, click the middle of the stairs where the 1 is.

dazz, from starting scene, there are are 2 hotspots with new scenes: top left and right of stairs

Hi Hotz :) wasn't ignoring you, having trouble posting, time is 10 15 60secs

saw blade is used in piano scene (not on piano)

it's ok yvonne. I am goining on :)

Dazz did you cook the corn over the burner? that gives the key.

colours from cook shish ka bob used in room behind stairs.
There is a puzzle there for all the words but apparently I am missing the "family" one.

still have knife, cleaver, remote and handle.

jenny, I think, 'family' ends in top left corner...

Cleaver used on turkey in room with coloured leaves.

Last feather is inside the turkey on the table with the coloured leaves. Use the cleaver.

family, is from panel under the sink, where you put 5 no's.

last feather Sam? I am missing 2 feathers. what to do with turkey, orange tool or black magnet?

POP found family under the sink in the bathroom on a paper.

pop, orange tool for sick teddy

remote is used on sick bear to get a teddy bear.

I tried hundred times Jenn, nothing works, game might be crappy

Need 6 words for another feather.
Missing 1 feather and 1 teddy

Hotz, the magnet is used in new rooms after you get the key from the feathers, same with the turkey. Apparently we need three turkeys. Clue for the striped box thing is also in new rooms.

Thank you Mooshi! After teddys go in box put on lids and bows and take your gifts to the piano room.

Dazz you need to turn on the burner and then light it and just drag the corn over it.

jenny, where is the third teddy?

and how to solve clock code in bath room???
10:15:00 doesn't work. neither
22:15:00 or
10:03:00 or

Hotzenplotz, did you get the teddy from the TV after using the saw blade?

Upstairs in new room is where handle goes, also turn on the light in there.
I need 3 cooked turkeys apparently. I have none

people, where you found a remote or orange thing or whatever is it?

Clock is 10:15:60

Hotz, clock is 10, 03, 60

When you get to the new rooms, don't miss the sim card for the laptop hidden in the security camera.

thank you, 1 feather to find...
and I have found teddys from using saw blade and from sick teddy...

I cooked turkey on the feast table.
Memory card on security camera, used in laptop gives naughts and crosses answer for last money bag.
Gives key to get into locked room from laptop room.

used orange remote on sick teddy for small teddy.

The navigation in this game is horrible. I keep getting lost.

TheGraymalk, wasn't it in shelf in scene with colored leaves code?

whoops, word puzzle room, not laptop room.

Wow, this is a long game. I still need hint for some stuff. box in room where words go, X and 0 puzzle etc.
Thanks for the turkey from the feast table Mooshi. still need 2 more.

In new room, there is a scoop and a razor blade.
Scoop used on bag in kitchen to give answer for 3x4 yellow brown circle puzzle.

razor blade for box to the left of naughts and crosses puzzle.

did X and O but still missing one money bag.

finally, my thrd teddy came from colored leaves. the clue comes from colored balloons in starting scene

Mooshi, where is razor blade??

I'm out and my knife was still in the inventory. Absolutely hated the navigation in this one. I'll stick around for a few minutes and try to remember where things were if anyone needs anything.

Hi all, missing 1 feather and 1 teddy

Jenny, the razor blade was in the last room you'll go to, through the door in the room with the box with the clickable stripes.

OMG POP! That took it out of me.
Razor blade was in room you get access to after getting all money bags.

Thanks Hotz

Feathers are from: clock puzzle, turkey jigsaw, wordfinder puzzle, turkey dark/light puzzle (clue from cooked skewer, and placement of teddy bear boxes.

Thank you, Hotz, got it!

Teddy bears are from TV in piano room which you cut open with the blade found on the mantel in the clock room, coloured leaf puzzle, and from giving the sick bear the square thermometer.

Where is hint for box with clickable stripes? and I have no key for the door in there either?

POP, duh, I forgot about the 8 digit # from the lamp.
Got the key now.

Now I have a lifter/fly swatter? and still need one more turkey.

Whoo Hoo, finally made it out!
Thanks for all the help everyone!

The lifter is for the bag of grain in the kitchen.

having trouble with the 5#...45435 or 46436 doesn't work?

Ginner, 56546

Thanks Yvonne...still stuck with 'family' and a knife.

Ginner you use family, on the word search puzzle, the knife stays in inventory

Thanks but can't get into any new rooms. Veggie clue?

Ginner look in the fridge

a waste of time

This game is crazzzy long.

Ridiculously non-intuitive...out with red X. My former favourite developer.

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