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Abandoned High School Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned High School Escape

EightGames - Abandoned High School Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, an old student trapped inside the abandoned high school. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all! Started three minutes ago.

OMG! I'm here for a live one. Let's see who else shows up. Happy holidays, everyone!

Dolls are colour hint for two scenes left of start. Colour pens are used on notepad, don*t know by now how many are needed.

Hi morning gang, joining you.

Bowl is used on sink bottom row, third scene. Water stops running after that, can't stand playing a game with running water or open fridge doors. ;-)

Hi jilly, nice to meet a new morning gang member! :-D And hi meth, of course.

Chalk used 1 right of three way junction.
Going to be difficult to describe scenes without a start and end room on map.

Oh - in bottom row, 2nd scene I started working on the maths puzzle and it suddenly opened. :-o

I feel the same about leaving things burning merit!
Chalk clue used 1 left of junction.

Yes meth, I for myself prefer counting the scenes from left to right in their rows.

Wet duster in bowl of water.

Hi Merit and Meth. I think the number that suddenly opened for me was 12, first number was definitely a 1.

Your comment on the maths encouraged me to bf it Merit. I think it was 12.

Wet duster 5th from left gives symbol clue.

There's another hot spot on the chalkboard to the left of the opening scene.

Put the red button in the hole on the back wall right of door on 6th scene bottom row to open a puzzle.

Red button for back wall dolls scene.

Sneaky clue on the door in scene far right.

If you have used three coloured pens (yellow, blue, pink) on the notepad you have the clue for the three drawers in 8th scene bottom row. Just put in the number according to the coloured one. Gives three puzzle pieces.

Aagh. I got top drawer by mistake and can't see now what I put in. I had tried putting in according to the coloured paper but it hadn't worked.

Test tube tray goes on top of desk with the colored numbers.

Meth, that's right, just check if you have a mistake!

Doh, jilly, thought that was part of the board and even tried to use the stapler there, LOL. Thanks

NVM got the drawers. I was using a wrong system.

Found eraser in second to last right room. Dip in bowl of water and wipe blackboard to left of first scene for clue.

And of course put the tubes in there and pour green and then red acid into them.

Combine the chemics hint in forelast scene (board) with that tube colour hint for the puzzle in far right scene. Might take a while.

Gives three puzzle tiles for the circle puzzle. Don't be fooled by the NA hint, that's dark blue in the puzzle although it looks violet in the clue.

Oh, use the stapler on the three red balloons, dont wait for a needle.

Were all the test tubes in plain sight?

Meth, two yes, and two I think from a puzzle, but one of the simple ones. Maybe the dolls colours ore the symbols with the clue from using the wet duster?

Ah. Found my 4th test tube on floor far right.

Hm. I've put five buttons with two letters into the holes at the very left scenes, don't know what to do there. Neither I do for the puzzle in start scene. Haven't used the knife.

Now I'm stumped. Gauges work but I don't know if the book is the correct clue? Also, don't know what to do with the buttons in the far left scene.

And for the circle puzzle I need pieces as well as for the one in the stage scene (top row, left scene)

Ooh, knife?

Jilly? Which gauges and which book??? Have I missed something?

Book comes from blue and black puzzle Merit. Remember to take a screen shot/

Book came from round puzzle, used blue highlighter in it. Gauges are clockey things in room with running water.

Gauges become active after seeing book. We must need to combine clue from far right scene with book.

Where's the knife? I'm feeling a little stabby. LOL

Oh, I need three more pieces, and I think you meant the gauges in that sink-with-running-water scene.

Dang, where did I get the knife? Maybe in plain sight? I don't think I have solved a puzzle which you didn't.

Mmm, but how???

Have you solved the pencils in the staircase/junction room?

Combined the clues, but doesn't seem to work. I got 35, 50, 30 & 65, no?

I have not solved the pencils.

Okay, got those three pieces from the door, needed some time to understand what I had to do there.

Well I'm still somehow missing a balloon Merit, Lol
Dials book gives the first digit, clue from far right gives 2nd. e.g. first one is 45

Ah, first number was wrong.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Those balloons were in plain sight, meth.

Globe is for letters far left.

Just solved the blue/black circle. For those who may follow and forgot the screenshot:


Don't tell me the knife wasn't a knife but a pencil???

Doh. I had 3 balloons all the time. I had already combined 2 and forgot.

Play with the bubble toy in inventory.

Haha, meth!

And now to the slider ... I may be gone some time.

Aw, Meth! I've done that a time or two. LOL

Solved the gauges, now on to the next puzzle. Hard to catch up with you, I lost a lot of time on the door puzzle.

We've had sliders like this before and I know I worked out how to do it, but it's a fresh learning experience every time ;-/

Don't worry Merit, I reckon we'll all take ages on the slider.

Hoho, colours are different between clue and puzzle in this game!

And out! The slider wasn't so bad.

Yes, the colors are very different!

I have to face the slider now but have you guys already understood WHAT we have to do here?

Yay, done the slider. Now to search for the exit.

I also forgot to take a picture of the round puzzle before trying to solve it. Thankfully it didn't take too long.

Out where we started.
You need to get the three pieces into the top row Merit.

For the slider you just need to get the white bits all the way to the top. No need to slide to the right.

Before you leave, jilly: Great pleasure to have you here. Thanks for your help, would like to see you more often in our gang. 8G are usually published between 10 and 11 AM in Central European Time.

Basically you move a piece up, and to the side so that you can move its up-down slider down again. Then move it back to its original column and up.

Yes Jilly, good to have a new member of the gang.

Thanks for the slider manual. Easier said than done.

Thanks, Merit. I used to be able to play a lot more live games and I follow you all. Nice to see familiar names still playing. Roberto, Edgar, Alpha Omega, etc. I'm in California, so it's pretty late here. Thanks for the company!

Ah, thanks meth, now I know. Hope it wont take too long to do it.

And I too hate sliders! They should have a skip button.

Thanks, Meth. Lovely to play with you both.

Done in a minute when you know how. Thank you both for saving me grey matter.

Thanks for the hints and company and for the game EG.

And out. Thank you both for help and being here, see you again soon! And jilly, we have told that about the skip function so many times.

Okay, just saw you're in California, so you usually might be asleep then.

I'm in California too. They publish around 1 am here. This is the Euro club!

where tp use the marker. someone mentioned a globe, where is it?

Also don't know where to use the marker. Does everyone get ads every 10 min?

I'm stuck with only the marker and I don't know where to use it either.

The problem being is you can't search for key words if people are naming objects anything they want instead of what it is actually called in the game.

Anyway, I watched teh walkthrough and solved the puzzle on the back wall of the theater but I don't know what the clue was for it. Gave me the remaining symbol icons so I could finish that puzzle (thanks for the snaggy shot!) and that gave me the book where I used the marker.

Ugh. I'm not doing the slider. I agree about the skip button on those.

I had a problem with the gauge puzzle sticking when I solved it. If the same thing happens to you, restart and resume the game. Do the puzzle over, and this is how you should move the buttons. 1st gauge, use left button to move to 45. 2nd gauge, right button to 50. 3rd gauge, left button to 30. 4th gauge, right button to 65. You should get a globe.

I've read all your comments and I have absolutely no idea what half of them mean. I'm going to have to find the video walkthrough.

Mathematics hexagon HELP! HELP! I don't understand.

I liked that slider... (I hate the ones where there are eight squares in a 3x3 pattern, or bigger, or smaller. Those are horrendous.)

I came back to see if I could work out why the hexagon solutions was 12. Clue is the silver buttons in the top left room.

How do you solve the puzzle on the back wall of the theatre?

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