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Escape From Coastwise Ship Walkthrough

Escape From Coastwise Ship

EightGames - Escape From Coastwise Ship is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, an old student trapped inside the coastwise ship. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi Robert! I'm sure Alpha will join us soon, seen him on Mirchi.

3rd row, left scene: Hint for the arrows is paper from bin one scene to the right. Just go like you would read.

And today's red herring is something lying on the floor in that bathroom which you can't pick up.

Don't miss the drawer in the bathroom (below the central sink), tab shows up.

I know by now I'll be missing a puzzle piece.

hit ten times in a row to get the handle (bottom left scene)!

hi (again) merit & Robert & all silent players ☺

just starting... nice ocean sound

thx for this game, 8G ☺

Hi Merit, Robert and AO and others. Just loading.

Oh, nice to see you guys! Morning gang almost completed.

paper clue for arrows in far left room (middle line)

who else merit?

ah, maybe Hotz ☻

Didn't want to write completed, everyone's welcome here. ;-)

That running ball bottom row left scene was painful... gave a screwdriver handle, I hope the other part is NOT in plain sight.

after placing blue switch, wait to click on letters to spell out escape

coins go on upper deck

Doh, it was! In the machinery scene in bottom row, lying there!

Diamonds (white with marquise cut) go to the machinery scene at the left, click on dude.

A visitor. So I'll have to leave. Things may get busy over the next few days, so if I can't make it again, Happy Christmas to you all.

for this one, tab really helps (in machine rooms e.g.)

Completed screwdriver is used on sneaky panel in right scene, bottom row (below levers).

dragging of the blue squares... up to the third stage now with 5 red blocks on it...

Oh meth, sorry! Well, wishing all the same to you. See you soon!

ahh - you can go diagonally across the squares

That panel opened by screwdriver gives a "dollar" (and a battery) which you can open for a paper hint for axes.

same to you meth - CU ☺

other part of SD is on steps next to the 4 colour circle clue! Phew!

Screwdriver is used a second time on a panel above the purple gems (tanzanites or iolites) in scene where the puzzle pieces go.

Good morning everyone :) you are way ahead of me, just starting

oh, no, how many levels on the drag the squares...?! :-/
(but I like that puzzle somehow LOL)

Combine book from there with the tracing sheet which you got in one of the first scenes.

Hi yvonne, one sneaky puzzle for me and you have a real chance to catch up.

Word puzzle and 6# on upper deck give two map pieces.

I'm still keeping the square dragging to the point of time there's nothing else to do...

use binoculars at windows

Hi merit :) as you all leave good hints, I shall take it easy and enjoy the cruise :)

bonjour yvonne ☺
nice, you're joining us

Hey, got the dragging puzzle! I think there are several ways to solve it though.

AO, nice to "see" you :) hope you don't lose your internet connection

sth different with the cute smiley ☻

That switch puzzle is a PITA.

let's hope indeed, yvonne...
but I think today is a good day to stay connected ☻

smiley faces gives another yellow puzzle piece

Finally... I meant the puzzle in the room 3rd row, 3rd scene, where you put the blue switch. First I tried to hit the switch when the letters showed up, this doesn't work. See the tiles running, see where the next letter is, keep your mouse pointer there and click when the letter is showing up again. Takes some time but doable at last.

Word puzzle with clue from armchair gives four puzzle tiles. Let's hope they're all I need!

Lucky day! :-)

I don't like the fact that I'm still missing ONE tanzanite.

in-between check, cuz I'm going in circles right now...
have compass, complete map, paper with ulrd & 1 battery in inventory, missing 2 coins, several pic puzzle pieces, 1 gem, 3 yellow rectangle tiles, several smileys etc.

But I like the fact there's the magic of POP. It was in a sneaky panel on the pillar in the room with the smiley puzzle (top row, right scene)

my last yellow but came from the slider puzzle after entering number clue

Alpha, for the ulrd paper see one of my first comments, and maybe my last gem is yours!

doh, missed a whole bathroom scene, where to use udrl paper & enter hint
but can't solve arrows yet, argh!

key to the block puzzle is to drag them a little bit of the way, that way they don't reset back to the beginning. Gives last three batteries

That's strange, I had looked at the paper and the arrows worked immediately...

You mean the arrows arranged like NSWE? I have an arrow hint (from the switches right of the gem) but no puzzle for that by now.

Alpha - one coin was from a puzzle, the other two were in the open (one was on the control panel in the bottom part of the ship)

Merit - arrow puzzle is just below the slider puzzle (think it was in first bottom scene).
No key needed this time, just 4 batteries!

merit you wrote «puzzle in the room 3rd row, 3rd scene», which one is that (for the switch)?

my darn mouse is sometimes double-clicking for a single click - strange...

find my last diamond on floor in darker machine room

where is hint for 5 numbers left of round window with star?

you may already posted it, but skimming thru comments only I don't find it - where's hint for 4 coloured round buttons in enter-hint room on armchair?

alpha - after you place the 3 coins, you get a set of numbers.
click the up arrow (l-r), first one all the way through to zero again, then up to 9, 7 etc.
Then keep click the down button (again, l-r) until the numbers stop moving. This gives you a new set of 5 numbers to use on the blue slider puzzle

Hope that makes sense!

Alpha - use the binoculars to look through the windows. click the colours the appropriate amount of times (Blue = 4 etc)

still missing 1 gem (have that from smiley room)...

thx Robert ☺
well, don't have 3 coins yet & binocs either...

Sorry, I'm working so bad at those smileys, this will take hours for me!

Thanks Robert, will check that later (was no problem as there were still other things to do).

Alpha, I don't want to go out of the smiley because I would have start all over but for the map I think I mean the row with start scene for the 3rd row.

Okay, it was good to take a smiley break for looking at the comments, when I resumed it was so easy to do the rest!

missed that little rascal in black bathroom, in CB

Checked that with 3rd row (from top), 3rd scene (from left): It is the cabin between the bathroom with the bin and the cabin with the seastar in the window.

Back and so far behind that I'm going to see how far I can get without looking at the hints. CU all later.

       Anonymous  12/20/16, 3:08 AM  

Hi Guys Where on earth do you put that switch?

Haha, Alpha, just read my comment from 1:54! ;-Þ

merit just explained it ☻

Chris, just see my comment two above yours about that 3rd row, 3rd scene thing!

the main issue is, that I can't multitask well, i.e. reading comments properly & playing & posting at the same time, I'm always falling out of the focus in the game...

Rats! have to go afk a bit, so meth will catch up on me for sure - brb...

Alpha, what do you think am I doing right now? I'm just going around for an in-between check to see what I'm missing. Haha!

Okay, found the 2nd coin by Robert's help in the control room (bottom row, where the 6# clue is found): on the right control button, just below the Gibraltar map.

back - where is that darn 4th window to look thru with binocs, grrr...?

merit - another coin (in plain sight) is on a table in scene with outside decking chairs

am sure the last coin was from a puzzle, but can't remember which one!

my spatial orientation is not the best in this one... when I find the hint, I can't find the puzzle anymore LOL ☻

Hi, if I have read correct the coments above, I have to find third coin to get a number clue to get a slider clue and to get my last yellow tile.
any hint where to find this coin please. I am going in circles for near an hour...

thanks for places to use SD!!!

Robert, thanks, got those two now. But I've got the problem that I have only three puzzles left: the one with the yellow squares where I'm missing one, then the five levers and the five numbers, both not active.

Don't know if I could go on with a second battery but I don't think so.

Merit - do you have all 3 coins now?

If so, after placing them, see my comment at 2.59 to solve number puzzle above bed

Alphy, your last window may be the one in the room from going down in that famous 3rd row 3rd scene cabin!

Alpha, not Alphy, sorry

Robert, no 3rd coin, that must be from a puzzle I don't find. Or it's the one for which I'm missing the yellow square. Dang!

huge POPO!!!
my last coin was on table in room with binocs on bed

indeed merit
thx a bunch (that's where I found my last coin)

thank you so much AO!!!!

Now if I knew where the binoculars had been...

Now this remembers me of that old movie "See No Evil, Hear No Evil" where a blind and a deaf guy are witnesses of a murder and chase the killer. That's the way we got those coins. Thank you all!

just replayed. see below for coins:
1) Control room below map on monitor
2) On table on decking outside
3) On side table in bedroom

Got the yellow square now. Thanks!

dragging colored shapes was a real pain....

Can it be that the yellow square puzzle is very tedious and another PITA?

now still missing 1 yellow rectangle... :-/

this is a toughie today (at least for me)...!

square puzzle is tedious!!! (see 2.48 post for small but required advice!)

Yeah, that's good advice. Which am I not allowed to touch? The yellow squares, the other shapes, all of them?

The moving blue ball sucks.

other shapes. not sure the reason for the yellow shapes, just stay to the highlighted lines (quite sensitive!!)

doh - done the smileys & there it was...!

Magda, just wait until you face the final puzzle.

ah, you can put the tiles just somewhere on the line to place them out of the way...!

on each intersection, too, then you don't have to restart from 1st place

Got them at last. Man!

Now I'll go and smash my mouse hand with a sledgehammer to feel better.

Thank you all guys for helping and joining and just being here!

argh, can't move the pink square...!!! :-(

had to zoom out & start from scratch to make pink square move :-/

Bruce is saved now - thx ppl for your help & your nice company, esp. the special guests ☺

now I'll listen a bit longer to the ocean sound to calm me down LOL ☻ - cuz robot thingy got me at last...!!!

For anyone coming later the long moves on the coloured shapes puzzle are difficult, but you can have "rests" on the way anywhere on the line. If you drop a shape after that, it will reset only to where you last rested.

I'm an idiot, I dont get the blue dragging squares..

anybody care to help a gal out? lol.

Bee Have. If you are still around you need to colour all the squares including the final blue square.

Fek that was hard but good!

Fek that was hard but good!

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