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Unique Hotel Escape Walkthrough

Unique Hotel Escape

EightGames - Unique Hotel Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Unique Hotel. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) morning gang & all other players ☺

just starting...

thx for this game, 8G ☺

Hi all you smart people! I'm in for a few minutes.

Far left scene: sneaky stick at the balustrade in left background.

Morning AO and Merit and others.

in top left dining room, don't miss brown pic puzzle tile on table in front & move cup also on right table

Going left from start, middle row, middle scene: four green buttons with silver lining go on all, click all (no order), frame for picture pieces opens.

drum stick at passage in room right of start & 4#code hint

That middle row, right scene: Use pliers on the picture.

green/brown pic puzzle tiles go in end scene

flower pots go in top right dining room

Flowers go far right scene.

in scene right of end, there's a key on table I can't take...! :-o

I'm still on left side from start... ;-)

In that room where you use pliers there's a 5x5 grid on the wall. You can change the colours there.

Hint for that comes from top room above start. Put two silver buttons in that grid, click on each one until all colours are inserted. Go to the other grid, put colours in, they will go out after doing it.

Return to clue, click other buttons, return to grid and change it. After that the panel opens for a red ball.

Hard to describe! ;-)

Hi, 2 levers are used on pillars next to ceiling light in far top right room

Red and green balls go to the SPINNING PUZZLE in room with TV two left of start. Btw: Don't miss the time hint on the picture (don't know by now what it is for, haven't been on the right side)

Same TV room: Below the two pictures on the right wall the four sun-shaped symbols are used.

if anyone needs a spoiler for 10 colors on ceiling light in far right scene:

Levers on pillars in far right scene for a clue on light.

Use stick in scene one left of start: zoom into the part between table and right sofa to get a red ball from underneath sofa.

Aagh. The robot got me already! I didn't notice it.

That puzzle in start scene will give us a hard time!

Did someone mention the 4# hint on the big pot for the 4# puzzle in start scene?

5# hint on pillow in same scene!

oh, no, meth, you have my sympathy
thankfully for a pretty long time I don't have any troubles with the robot thingy anymore (*knocking on wood*)...

Alpha, I ignore the talk about the robot and hope it doesn't see me! ;-)

Red square button to wall near the horse picture in end room. The hint on bed for five buttons is clear I think.

put glue on drum stick & use it on vase in dining room far left scene

Use glue on drumstick.

There's one stick you can zoom (got that from scene one right of start? Not sure anymore). Put gum on it.

clock goes in room left of end, but need another, it seems...

In far right scene don't miss a sneaky horse piece on the chair to the left (near map arrow)

2 very similar greens on grid in right room above start (no direct connection)

Thanks Merit. That was my last horse piece.

in bathroom with red-green-blue clue on mirror: there is a symbol-number-code just above red towels

for 5x5 grid with red frame: make all tiles red!!!

ditto here, thx merit ☺

Use the liquid bottle (looking like ketchup) on the water puddle in start scene for the symbol hint one scene right.

I bet I've missed other stuff which is so obvious that you all stumbled across it.

Remote is of course used on TV for the word clue for one scene below.

5x5 grid with red frame will give you a part of symbol-number-clue.
use this clue part in bathroom for first position, go back to 5x5 grid and make all tiles green and then blue...

Thanks Hotz, good find!

This comment has been removed by the author.

The pool picture (with four pieces put in) gives last two red balls. I'll keep that for later.

btw, hat to mute the tune - it's dramatic, but snipped together, couldn't listen...
(prefer the more quiet music)

Thanks Hotz for RGB!
I had to turn all sound of my pc cos the music kept turning itself on.

Sorry, missing one last red ball, hope I didn't confuse you.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh Merit, I must have missed 1 red ball. Off on another round.

No meth!!!! Missing that too! :-o

LOL Merit. That's a relief!

Hotz, have you got two clocks??? Where was the second? I think the red one came from far right scene in plain sight, missing the other.

in-between inventory check
2 clock hands, liquid

still missing 2nd clock...

I've only 1 clock. Where was second?

See Merit above AO. Liquid on side of pool in start scene. Otherwise I'm same as you.

I think, second clock came from red/green balls puzzle above TV

LOL we're all «clockless» except Hotz ☻

sorry, I can't remember all red balls :(

Ok, now I've got a problem. I'm stuck, got only two clock needles in my inventory. Most puzzles need a ball/button.

Big question now: where is the 10 colours clue from far right scene used?

thx meth
missed that comment of merit...

have you got the red ball from using stick under couch?

missing 1 pool pic puzzle tile...
(the top right)

In scene left of start there are some apples at the left edge of the screen, and I always think the green apple is a ball! :-E

meritneith, 10 colors are used on the ceiling light itself...
if you need a clue, see my spoiler @1:57 AM...

I hadn't done the colours far right. I was looking for somewhere else to apply the hint until I checked AO's snaggy. DOH. Gave me my last red ball.

& 2 red balls (have the stick one)...

But red green ball puzzle won't respond. Must need a clue.

Alpha, if IIRC I've got the two pool pic tiles on the right from going around left of start, and I would say they were in plain sight. But I'm not sure. Maybe check my earlier comments.

Yes, Hotz, I told using that stick earlier.

thx meth for the flatteries, but it's Hotz that made a snag.gy this time ;-Þ

AO, what code is unsolved?

Sorry. I was wrong. Click the arrows, not the balls.

What? Let's check that with the colours!

I need the top right pool pic tile to get my 2 last 2 red balls...

Sorry Hotz for the mistake Thanks for the snaggy.
Two clocks now.

got the clocks: 02:45h is 03:45h for both clocks!!!

didn't move the vase in bathroom - doh

2:45. Move the 2 on to 3 in both clocks.

Phone call, might take a few minutes

LOL HOtz. You beat me to it!

and out, thanks for your hints!!!

Final puzzle disappeared before I could take a screenshot. You need to take care not to muddle purple and pink.

aaargh, can't get green/red ball puzzle right...! :-(

Okay, going on with colours.

Thanks for the company morning gang and for the game 8G.

that's also POPO - said & got it in a jiffy ☻

Got last ball.

could make a snag.gy either of the coloured line dials, but red line on bottom, purple at right column IIRC

And finally the balls. Messed around until I saw a possibility to get it right, no logics for me. ;-)

make the edges first, only one solution for each

thx for your fun company & the always nice teamwork - looking forward to plaing with you the next time ☺

btw monkeyhappy has new level(s - 1 about every week)

Before you all leave: Great game, great company, great help. Thank you!

red-green balls puzzle is easy:
- you have to move 2 green balls just next to each other on 1 ring (it doesn't matter which ring).
- move this two ball away from the middle, so you can move the third green ball to the third middle position, that is NOT on the ring from step1.
- move 2 green balls from step1 to the middle and you got it...

Hu, did the final puzzle quite quickly. To mention it again, great game as the puzzles were sneaky but solvable.

what do you need to move clock hands

Bugged - whisked around several scenes when starting. Music, though turned off, comes on at odd moments. Items in my inventory disappear.

It's always this 8G designer's games which cause problems.

i was enjoying the game until the ads crashed my game. i was a longs ways into it and when the ad finished it would not go back to the game. i am not going to rate it because although i did enjoy as far as i had played, i am not willing to start all over to finish it. these ads have become way too intrusive on this site!

Nice game. The music was weird, it kept turning itself on and off which was offputting, but I loved the really imaginative puzzles.

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