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Unlimited Luxury Hotel Escape Walkthrough

Unlimited Luxury Hotel Escape

EightGames - Unlimited Luxury Hotel Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Unlimited Luxury Hotel. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hello morning gang. Let's have some fun here!

morning Meth - loading up!

Hi hi! I'm already in. :-)

use glass piece on side of chair

Not too many items today.

Pink cyan purple did work 3 right of start eventually, but only once I had cycled to the correct cyan.

Arrows and blue rimmed disc used in start scene.

The 8 symbol slider is very fiddly. I keep dropping the buttons.

sensitive icon puzzle!

I kept the 8 symbol puzzle for later. ;-)

hi (again) merit, meth & Robert & all other players ☺

can't play just right now, cuz I'm on the phone (& then I'll be way behind)...

thx for this game, 8G ☺

use metal pole on flower vase

Sorry about that AO.
Perhaps that maths hint will become clear when we find the puzzle it applies to.

Those yellow/brown buttons with the line go to the puzzle in far left scene (I think I collected five).

Most puzzles so far have been unusually straightforward. I expect there will be a really hard one round the corner.

Which maths hint? There's the maths puzzle, you can change the = to +-*/ but I haven't done it until now. I'll wait until the point there are only the symbols and the maths left.

Was the metal pole in plain sight, Robert?

Do you remember where you found the metal pole Robert?

Time for symbols and maths comes closer...

Oh, I hadn't tried changing the symbols Merit.

use hacksaw on wooden box

The maths is easy in the end. I started looking at the options for the operator between 4 and 12.

Metal pipe comes from placing symbols Merit. Maths comes first.

I'm doing the symbols. DUH!

I have noted down the symbols on a paper and use other papers to move along. When I've got that I'll do it in the game.

no. metal pole from a puzzle - i think in one of the left hand scenes - sorry can't remember!
Be aware colour puzzle in bathroom is very colour sensitive - took me a few goes to get it right

No, that won't work. I think I'll cheat that later, trying the maths now.

3x3 colour grid is clue for 4#s.

Ha, got the maths!!!

last puzzle is trial by error

(start going right, up, right, down, down - 9 more moves and you have the final key!)

Thanks all - need to go to work now - super late!

And here's the metal rod. I thought at the beginning the vase was today's red herring.

Of course I have two symbols out of place on yellow puzzle. As ever!

Thanks Robert so far!

I might have a blonder day but I'm stuck with the card puzzle (missing one card), the wooden box (no hacksaw), two buttons with Roman 2, a red flower-shaped button, and a 3x5 puzzle board. Don't know what to do with that all.

Oh, the symbols? :-/

No, wait, the colours and the 4#!

Yay done the yellow puzzle! As AO would say, it's a PITA.

Got hacksaw.

I'm trying to remember Merit. I have 2 brown flowers, and one red. Missing one card also. I don't have the 3x5 board. You need 3 roman IIs.

I just got the yellow board, still missing a button. Sigh.

Need the last pink card, a place to use the flower button, the last II button, and I don't know what to do with the 3x5 grid.

Need a hint for the 4 symbols above bathtub.

And what about the CBJA in far left scene?

What do you mean by CBJA Merit? I have 2 completed puzzles in far left scene. Can't remember what they were!

POPO! I had missed the CBJA hint.

Finding CBJA activates buttons above bath.

At the left wall there are the letter CBJA written in pink.

I thought the symbols might start with chain and end with anchor. They dont :(

No, it's not the letters chain, boat, ?, anchor...

I thought the J could be juice.

... boat, juice, anchor. First one was whatever comes after boat.

C for can? The watering can?


Pink card thing is a memory. Missed making a screenshot, in the beginning all cards were open. So trial and error.

And the picture shows the pairs to be matched!

I was fixated on the boat being a yacht. Doh.

Another puzzle board! :-O

I'm still missing the last II button...

I'm going to try and do this purple board without looking at Robert's hint ... for now.

Where did I got that 3x5 board from? Hmm...

What's in your inventory now Merit?

Oh wait, there's still that 8 symbol thing. Have you done it yet? Maybe the II button came from there.

I've got the 3x5 board , the yellow board for the II button, and the purple board missing two brown flowers.

Haha, just seen your earlier comment. That was a coconut!
I must have already used the 3x5 board I think, because I seem to be on final puzzle. My memory's gone to pot.

Okay, I'll do the symbols by cheating. Might take a while though.

Yes Merit, 8 symbol thing you have to drag buttons along the black lines, or else you drop them.

Got exit key now. On purple puzzle mainly I tried to keep away from as many brown flowers as possible.

Got left side by watch the w/t

How on earth did Robert manage to get out so quickly? I was almost 40 minutes behind him.

Are you still on the pink and purple puzzle Merit? Just wait till you get to the yellow one!

Just looked at the WT to find out about that 3x5 board Merit. I just pressed the buttons on it, et voila!

1. I've often wondered how Robert is so quick. Either he's a genius or he cheats sometimes. ;-)

2. Got the II button now from the 8 symbols. Two puzzles left.

3. That guy doing the video w/t was even more clumsy than me with the buttons!

Who could think of that? Got a flower from grid, thanks.

back & skimming thru comments, cuz some puzzles are already active & don't remember to see the hints LOL

I'm working the yellow puzzle now. Started fixing left side, had finally everything correct with only right and central button to be swapped. Messed everything up.

Went out and in again and tried the right time first. Ended up with everything correct with left and central button to be swapped.... ;-)

Spoiler from VWT for yellow puzzle:
Hope that's correct!

Got it finally, no cheating! :-D

hey, you're still here...! :-o

Well done Merit!

I think I'll need Robert's hint for the purple puzzle as I haven't really understood how the flowers move.

Just hanging around AO, but I think most things have been mentioned above.

Merit I gathered no more about the flower moves than that they try to block you in. So try to stay away from them.

Robert's hint helps me only so far he wrote it, LOL. Cheating now.




Meth, I tried to go out of their way but they didn't let me, LOL!

For those who won't get it too:


Out now too, had two cheat twice with those killer puzzle. But meanwhile I don't care about that, the fun of these game is for me running around the place with you guys and try to find hints and things, and solving doable puzzles. For the killer things cheating is alright.

So thank you all another time. Alpha, we'll stay tuned a little while.

Just seen that you've been educating us on parrots in the Mirchi, AO. LOL.

Oh, I'll play that Mirchi now!

LOL meth ;-Þ

btw meth
followed your RL for yellow puzzle & your post is correct ☺

Glad of that AO.

need some more line buttons & flower to move on grid...

missed the 1 line button on bed in room with (broken) vase

I found line buttons quite easily AO. Have you checked all cushions and pillows?

Done Mirchi.

The two maze puzzles in this 8G were ridiculously easy!

thx for sticking around for a bit merit & meth, got out thanks to your great hints & esp. spoilers ☻

OK, going now. Thanks for the company everyone and for the game 8G.

Pretty straightforward enjoyable game. The symbol puzzle was a pain in the behind, the movement was so not user friendly. The game was also buggy. I had to restart the game because the four arrow puzzle on the wall in the bedroom suddenly became three arrows. Was fine on restart but very annoying to have to begin again. Overall a nice game but dragging those pieces using a trackpad was a nightmare. Thanks Eight Games.

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