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Avm Scary Bungalow Escape Walkthrough

Avm Scary Bungalow Escape

AvmGames - Avm Scary Bungalow Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you are trapped in a scary bungalow and you want to get to back to the real world. The only way to escape from the scary bungalow is through locked door. First, you need to get into the scary bungalow and escape through it by opening the exit door. Therefore, collect objects that will be helpful to you in solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, for door in S1: start with bottom button...

Hi, Joining you if it will load.

now I stuck after opening first door...

Black screen again for me. A pity.

Managed to load at last from an ad free site.

so far: I opened the door in S1 and stuck with 5 scenes: (S1, 4, 9, 3, 5). I have found 1 colored ball in S4 and don't know, what to do with number clue in S9. any idea?

multiply the 4 numbers in sc9, then add the results for 2#

open spot in 3

ladder in 7

good find Dazz, thanks!!

Hi folks : ) Game loading.

Three tan buttons are: Kangaroo, fox, cat

broom in 8, used in 5

thanks Hotz!!

Totally stuck - where is hint for opening door? Also brute forcing 2 digits not working - another hint?

See direction pattern on roof for 4 beige buttons Zu.

Zuleika, the clue in on roof in S4. start at bottom button, not in the middle...

Zuleika two digit is 33

broom was clue for animals

POP - ah so THAT was the clue, lol. In house now.

Sarahsigh, have you found a clue or brute forcing?

Hi Zu :) the circle S4 is clue for door see Hotz's comment top of page, 2 digits from clue S9 Dazz Ley's comment 11.29

I'm mostly flailing around and BFing. Got access to scenes 6,7,8,10 but I'm stuck now.

cant even open first door LOL

No idea where to use the 16 part of the "kfc16" hint from S5

Purple button goes in S9.

mmm,,, 4 pink buttons in s6 have same 8 letters as green buttons is S2

Nvm I rethought clue LOL

haha Sarah, KFC= Kangaroo, fox, cat :D

Numbers from green path (count gaps) open keypad.

Hint in (top of) scene 6 is for digits in scene 7

code clue from maze? : 12151138

thought colored cube is a clue, but nothing

Coloured square goes on outside of house Dazz.

16 part of the "kfc16" hint is used on green numbers in S8!!

Oh thanks Hotz. I was about to try out another theory for those green numbers. You've saved me a lot of time!

Is it just the corner numbers that should add to 16 - or (shudder) everything?

Zuleika, imagine a big X, all 4 'arms' of this X should have the sum of 16.
eg 10&6 in top left, 7&9 in top right...

It seems not to be the diagonals leading to the centre spot that need to add to 16. Could be rows, columns or corners I suppose.

Thanks Hotz. Then I was just unlucky in my choice of which arm was which.

Not all solutions work for that 4x16.

The big numbers need to be on the outside. Clockwise from top right 9 14 11 10. I guess that two circles shape may have been a partial clue for that.

Ty Hotz - that's what I thought : )

Yes going back to look at it. Two circles in s6 also a clue for the green numbers.

Outer Corners (Clockwise from TL)

Inner corners (same pattern)

good find methanwy, so I had a bit luck to find that ;-P

It had been what I had been about to try out when you posted about the 16 Hotz.

any idea, what to do with 234-paper?

I worked out it should be 423 - presumably for the 3 numbers in S3 - doesn't work. Tried all combinations - nothing

Same here. And I've bfd starting with 2 and 4: nothing.

I tried to use this paper for 5#code in S5. for arrows I tried the differences and sums, but NO LUCK.

Well its not for the 3 yellow buttons. I did a comprehensive BF. (Unless I made a mistake ;-/)

I can't find anywhere else to use the 234 paper clue unless it's in a scene I haven't opened up yet.

Has anyone tried to use the zigzag clue in S10? I've tried it on the wheel below it. No good.

There are still places in scenes 5 and 8 where you need a key, and 234 is the only item I currently have in inventory.

Where do you use the arrow clue from scene 6?

The arrow clue from the wall in s6, not the top.

Those arrows were part of the clue for the green numbers Sugarcrush.

I tried to use this paper on 5 sliders in S10 and got it, but the paper still in inventory.
for sliders: the first 3 sliders are 342...

I wonder why the dot on the clue paper is pink? Something to do with the red pink yellow buttons puzzle possibly?

and the paper is gone after solving 5#code...

34234 worked on s10 sliders for me.

Gave book and bug. Thanks Hotz!

Thanks Hotz! Progress now. Sliders give 5# clue.

And at that point the 234 paper disappears.

Paper from 5 digits is used in scene 9.

book sits on table S8

Can't get the arrows right.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I've also tried using the direction paper for north south east and west on the green wheel, but that doesn't seem to work.

NESW worked for me on that wheel and paper is gone now.

thanks Burgersbob and methanwy

Don't thank me Hotz, I have got it right yet!


Use the other 4 letters (anagram) as code in scene 6

Paper from 4 spiders doesn't work on wheel in scene 10 ?

BurgersBeBob. Should I try to get the NEWS into the diagonal slots or the top and sides ones?

Nvm. it does work but there are 3 positions on that wheel and 2 is out.



sword for S6...

NVM just like a compass. I'd tried that so many times before that I was overthinking it.

Thanks BurgersBeBob. Got it now. Being dumb. And that robot is getting me.

3 books is 3 digit code.

Paper from 3 digits is for 4 colors in scene 4, but paper still there.

Clue paper for green wheel did not work for me, got nothing. According to image, should have gotten 4-color cube and bird. Already spent 80 minutes on this game, waste of time. Red X, I'm out.

Tried to use that 8 digit paper on red button box. No good so far.

8 digit paper is for red button box, but combine with the scene 10 hint.

hi BurgersBebob, I tried that in some combinations. culd you give a clue how to count please?

Top left of box is 1, bottom left of box is 2. Next to the 1 top left is 3 etc.

Yeh, I've been trying that too with no success.

thanks again, got it :)

Yey. I understand now. You're a star BurgersbeBob!

Now how many possible interpretations are there of these clues for the colour sliders :-/

And why do I still have the red button box?

for color sliders in S7: lowest position is position1...

and finally out!
thank you all very much for your hints!!!!

and thank you AVM Games for this nice and challenging game!

At least I know where I am with the colour ball slider. Let's see how I do.

The box and paper is not used a second time. The key you get from the color balls is the end key.

how to use the 4 numbers in S9? how to multiply to get 5 numbers?

And out! Left with button box and clue paper.
Thanks for the hints, especially Hotz and BurgersBeBob. I'd be nowhere without those. And thanks AVM for a really enjoyable game.

I never did understand that Marja. I guess it was BFd after seeing the clue. Answer is 33.

On outside of the house that is.

Thanks methanwy. Thought it was for 5 numbers

(9x2) + (5x3)

meth, didn't mix up clues this time :)

Oh, I see. Good to know. Thanks.

LOL Yvonne!

what scene does KFC16 go? cant find any place to put it.

oliveya, KFC and 16 are 2 clues. KFC for 3 animal buttons (Sarahsigh) and 16 is for green numbers in S8

ok thanks!... it was very hard to read..

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This comment has been removed by the author.
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someone tell me the clue for green circle(NSEW)

I leave this game for number puzzle. I don't this make it and I don't like. Is it so hard to put the skip button does.

Thanks methanwy. Thought it was for 5 numbers

how to use the 4 numbers in S9? how to multiply to get 5 numbers?

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This comment has been removed by the author.
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