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Barn Cat Diaries 2: Bad Dream Walkthrough

Barn Cat Diaries 2: Bad Dream

CoolDutchCat - Barn Cat Diaries Escape Episode 2: Bad Dream is second episode of Barn Cat Diaries 1 HTML5 point and click room escape game developed by Cool Dutch Cat. Find items and solve puzzles to help Barny escape from a bad dream. Please be patient, game takes a long time to load. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Some problems are fixed! But still you may not run this game on elderly computers or browsers!

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The play button isn't working so I can't start the game.

sunshine, try and click just above the letters ....

Stuck in cat scene , back button does not work

Yes, this is a nightmare

Cool, if you mean just above the play letters, still won't start.

Yes, this is a nightmare

not loading for me ... waiting 5 mins and still "loading"

Crashed my computer. Had to reload everything.

@zoe ..... I honestly don't understand what's wrong.
I tried it on Chrome and on Firefox and both run smoothly and without problems.
What browser are you playing with?

If more people have problems like that I will ask EG24 to remove the game.

I am playing on chrome without any issues, but I do need a hint on how to light the match and candle. Thanks!

@maximom, that can be done later in the game. You will need it near the end.

Clue paper has 2 sides

Thanks Cool!

where do you use the blue bottle after ou put it in the window?

got 7/9 paper fragments, candle holder w/o candle, match and blue bottle. need colour code, number code for circle on wall and letter code. any hints please?

Cool - I'm using FF. Froze my computer when I tried to log in. I'll try again and let you know....

Great game.
No problems with browsers etc.

Everytime you get a new bottle you have to use it on the window again.
Use the mouse on a cat's nose and then use the bottle on the color next to the cat (every cat its own color, its own bottle). After a cat is gone there are often new hotspots in that scene.
Knife is used next to the color dial.

@helmutbuchner83, keep looking around for more paper fragments. They're all there without having to do puzzles or codes.
Then make the paper (in the middle of the pop up screen) and turn it around to get the color code.

BurgersBeBob: don´t get your advice, please explain. TY


I know that the site where the game is placed will freeze for a short period of time to download some information it needs to start the game. Sometimes for a bit longer period of time.
It differs.
The only thing I can imagine that caused the long period on your computer is the fact that a large number of people logged in at about the same time soon as the game was placed on EG24.

Your message worried me. Don't wanna be responsible for crashing other people's computer. So please let me know if it goes okay next time.

@helmutbuchner83, The first thing you need to do is getting all the papers. With 'the mouse' I didn't mean the pc mouse, but you get a real mouse in the game (from doing the color dial I think). Use that mouse (and take it back) a lot.

must have clicked every µ-inch but still miss 2 paper fragments. could anybody tell where the "sneaky" ones are?

Cool: Yup...froze it again. Pop-up box says this: "A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue." I have to check "stop script". If I have any other tabs open, it freezes them too. The "debugger" option does nothing.

my game froze too in scene whith the four birds left of window.

OK...third time. Chose debugger option again and it unfroze and I can play....very strange, as that never happened before.


Okay, must be something on the game site.
I will check their forum to see if it's a known issue.
Thanks for the information. And so sorry you can't play.

5 - every cat has one, except the bottom left one.
6 - where matchbox is
7 - where color dial is
8 - where 3 digit dial is
9 - where word code is

But alas...started to play and it froze again. Thanks for trying to fix, Cool!! I'll try later. Love the looks of this game!

thanks BBB; startet the game new and got the whole paper message now - but got no idea how to turn over the paper. everywhere i try just the puzzle pieces move...


Okay I found the cause. It's not the game itself, its a java script something that happens occasionally when loading large files (this game is rather large) and is worst on Firefox.
It is usually caused by add ons. Flashplayer seems to often cause this.
Mozilla had a lot of error reports on this.

tricky - you have to complete the puzzle in the middle of the screen; if all pieces are settet right the turnover symbol appears.

@helmutbuchner83, It obly works if you make the jigsaw in the centre of the pop up screen. Then click it away and open it again.

jigsaw puzzle gave mouse, used it on every cat and a shining light appeared beside them - aaaaand stuck again...

When paperpieces are nea the right spot they freeze.
As long a they move they are not right.
Once you have one or two in the right spot it gets easier to put the others.

yay HTML5 game..

don´t know how to "load the mouse whith magic", and what about the bottle above the ysellow cat (can´t get it) and the changing colours of the eyes of the right-down cat? (man, ist is 2.30 a.m. here and i´m getting tired...)

BBB, are you still there? how to make that thing whith the different colours / cats / bottles?

and still looking for a 3-digit-code and a 9-letter-code. Come on, Cool, give another hint! PLEASE!

@ Helmut

BB gave a pretty good description at 4:50

You need the mouse as well as the bottle to beat the cat.

Can't resist to help, it's almost 3:00 here too :)

3 digit code comes from bag of nuts next to color wheel that you open with a knife,

Rats - can't get back to main screen. I was in the "use eye-color on the tree" screen looking for where to use the snail. Back button wouldn't work but clicking around on the screen somehow took me to the scene where I use the snail. But now that back button takes me back to the same scene I got stuck in. Clicked around some more in that scene and got to the pile of dirt and the safe. But same thing - Back button sends me back to the stuck scene. Too bad, I was enjoying this game.

seven squares are related to the changing eyes colours


Ouch .... I thought I had those zoomspots all correct.
I will look into that tomorrow morning. It's past 3 at night here. If I go change the code now I will probably only wreck it.

thanks Maximom for the bag of nuts hint! used 4 bottles on 4 cats now (used shovel on pile of sand) and got a blue bird, a red bird and a snail but no other bottle and there are still two cats with lights left. need anothe hint how to go further on...

Thanks Cool - great game though. Like the graphics and the concept and it makes you think. :-)

Helmut - snail is used on a tree on the left side of one scene (sorry can't remember which) to give the word.

thenks Janet, i will try after a newstart because the $$%&/game froze again (in scene with path through forest where once a cat was).


I just hate it when something like that happens. :(
It's hard to discover by my debuggers, because you have to click on a certain spot in exactly the right place.

thenks = thanks

since its 3:20 a.m. mow i´ll go to bed and do the restart tomottow (hope cool has done his homework then).


Cool wil start as soon as she is awake.
Which will probably not be at 7 this morning :)

suddenly thr game un-froze so i can go on - if i knew which tree it is that janet mentionet. i tried all 6 cat scenet but no left sides tree will take the snail...

This comment has been removed by the author.

grrr - can´t find the pixel where to use the snail or the birds - could somebody give me another hint please?

hi Janet, thanks for your efforts but the letters do not change when i try to click them, so it´s sure i have to see the clue first

Then I'll delete my Spoiler - sorry. Thinking it might be the scene with the pile of dirt. Since that's one of the scenes I went back to in the stuck window.

Please, where is the pile of sand to use the shovel?

Yasmin - you have to use a bottle and get rid of one of the cats before the sand pile appears - it's a light colored scene with a path in the middle.

I have used the red and blue bottles, but cannot find another. I have a shovel and 1 bird...any help?

Thanks, Janet...still stuck

@yasmin: if i remember right the next step is to give the 7 squares the right colours analog the changing coloours in the eyes of the right-down cat. you should receive your next bottle then.

Did you do the colors from the eyes of the cat on the tree (think it was same scene as shovel)Also did you use the knife next to the color wheel to open the safe? Doing this from memory but I know I also had a red and I think a purple bottle.

Lol Helmut - not in bed yet?

Thanks again - I've tried many times to click the squares - they will not change - and yes to the other

i hate to give up a game as long as i see a chance to solve it...
YASMIN: don´t give up trying to click the squares - they will change at least after a few of tries, that happened to me too but could make them in the end. Colours from top to bottom: dark green, purple, blue, red, cyan, pink, light green.

nope - I appreciated your and Janet's comments - will try tomorrow - maybe with less traffic on the site.

4.30 am - certainly bedtime now! hope someone leaves some breadcrumbs for tomorrow...

ok finally in - now playing in Chrome and stuck. Have the birds but can't place them, and burning candle and find where to use this ... any help still out there?

finally ... use candle on spot to left of window for colour order for placing birds

Helmut - when you come back. Replayed - use the snail on the tree to the left in the cat scene that is 5th from left - the one on the upper corner of the basket. When you put your cursor on the tree you'll see a little + sign in a circle.

Replayed and finished. Thanks Cool. I enjoyed this game. Appreciate you.

Also I see this game is only rated 2 stars but it is truly much better than that. The cursor is a bit tricky - have to have it on exactly the right spot and sometimes it "sticks". But it really is a very good and creative game.

Game play button still doesn't work despite Cool's suggestion to click above the letters. Playing on Chrome.

This comment has been removed by the author.

game freeze after put paperpieces together

Game could have been quite good, but there was a bit too much random pixel hunting for my liking. Perhaps if there had been 'shadow' placeholders for items, like G4K uses, it would have been better.


My first game was even worse on picking things. That's one of the reasons I used the cursor-changes.
It's improved in this game, but I am not entirely happy with it yet. Gonna work on that a bit more.

Thanks for pointing it out.

could someone please tell me HOW to play this game.
I have found a pitchfork, 1 paper fragment, matchstick and candle ad can't doing anything. I am stuck in 1 scene, I can't move, can't click on anything.
I have read the first 20 comments, but there is no helpful hint...


I have been working this morning on changing the back button behavior because it caused freezes on certain levels.
I just uploaded the new version which hopefully solves the problem. Hard to test because I can't reproduce the errors.

Sounds like you have a freeze too. Can you reload the game?

thanks Cool, I will try

Let me know if it works please. :)

ok, now the nightmare cats are clickable...

Pffff ..... Hope the code is "foolproof" now.
If you have any more issues let me know. I'm online.

and the game freezed again. I will not try again.

btw. I had to restart because 1 paper fragment disappeared. I don't know which one or why, but I just had 8 fragments and looked everywhere. after a restart I have found all 9 fragments in less than 30 seconds...
moving the paper fragments is very hard and laggy. I don't know, how you could see the backside of this paper. the fragments don't stick together, I tried my best.
and I couldn't do anything with blue bottle...

Cool, thanks for making this game, but it is not playable for me (using chrome).


When a paper fragment is dropped near the right spot it freezes. Once you have 1 or 2 on the right spot you can easily move the other ones against them.

Looks like more people found it hard. Next time I will make an outline of the paper to make it easier. Oh what ... I will change that in a minute. Not much work.

You can't do much with the botttle until you solved the colorpuzzle on the wheel.

I was really enjoying this game until I got to the place to change the squares on the tree. I've tried for over 1/2 an hour and can't change any of them. Cool, keep working at it, you have wonderful ideas here and beautiful graphics.


Thanks ..... :)

I am not sure what causes the problems. I tried playing directly on on the game site just now and got the ad over and over again :(
The game IS really big, so maybe when lots op people log in at the same time it gets performance problems.

One of my debuggers was playing it a moment ago and had the same problem you have. She never had that before and has been playing for over 25 times.
I have a feeling that the site I placed it on has some problems. It's really slow at the moment.

The errors seem to be really random and I can't reproduce them, which makes it hard to find the cause. Still have a lot to learn, that's for sure.

Hi, just started playing, I got all the pieces of paper, did the puzzle, turned it over and got the hint for the color wheel, unfortunatly I can't use the back button so I'm stuck with the puzzle pieced together...

@Aridza, have you closed the screen with the hint on it?
The big red Cross?

I had the same problem as Aridza. I had closed the screen with the hint on it. I had to reload and it didn't happen a second time. I also had difficulty changing the coloured squares like sweet4grease.

Apart from those problems, I enjoyed the game. Loved the graphics. Thanks Cool. :-)

got mouse, loaded bottle with magic, placed mouse next to cat but cant place bottle on the colour spot, where does it go? i've only solved the paper and colour wheel puzzles, video walkthrough would be amazing right now

Очень понравилась игра!!!. Играла без проблем.


Thx ... :)
I am just not sure if those problems are due to the game code or due to the gamesite having problems with the load.
Wish I knew .....

I do know that freezes sometimes happen when a script is rather large. That's a java-script issue that happens mainly on Firefox. Mozilla has a lot of issues on the matter. Flashplayer seems to be the greatest evil :)

Anyway, I will try to make the next ones a little smaller.
I got a bit carried away with the animations on this one. :)


Colors are important ..... bottle color and glow color must match.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Not at the moment Yalor.

I assume you have the blue bottle?
You must find a cat where the glow get blue when you place the mouse.
The mouse can be taken back.

ive done the blue and red bottle, have shovel and blue bird, cant change colloured squares despite seeing code

I had to click in upper left corner (not the middle) of each square to get it to change.

Really hate giving up on this one, as it is a wonderful game - never got the blue squares to change. Many restarts - different browsers...may even try again in a few days


I did a lot of research today and am almost convinced it is not the code that causes the freezes. It's too random for that.
I am looking into possible software issues.

I have tried 2 new uploads, but both failed or made the problem worse. I'm working on it.
Want to have this solved before I make new games. So frustrating if they randomly crash.

Hi Cool, just stopping by to wish you well in your game making, I wasn't able to load the game, maybe because my computer is old and slow (vista) make sure you catch up on your sleep, have read earlier comments :)

Hi Yvonne.
Maybe you could not load because I was trying some updates.
Turned them back, because they did not work.
And yes ... I am tired. Gonna grab a book soon, give my brain a rest. Thanks for the good wishes :)

Great game! It only froze up once, after the paper was assembled. On the replay, I did the paper before anything else, and all went well from there.

Make sure the friendly mouse is in each scene before you place the colored bottle, which must be activated in the window first.

sorry but I don't know why anyone would think this game is great. It may have potential but it's a mess. Game freezes, etc. Pretty much unplayable and frustrating too. Oh well, I tried. next time test game more before posting. TY anyway.

Game froze when I got the puzzle papers all together. Back button wouldn't work. Tried to reload the game and my Mac went beserk. Hope to see this one again when the problems are worked out.

This is a very buggy game and should be removed from this site. At one time I had three mice on my screen when there should only have been one. The game's programmer should really have employed full beta-testing before posting this here.

@Siobhán Long's sister

I am not at all hapy with the errors that pop up randomly myself. Really bugs me. I was already considering to have it removed, but then a lot of people suddenly mentioned they could play without problems.

Is has been tested extensively and I have been trying to find the cause all day. Right now I am pretty sure it's not the code that causes it but something else, maybe on the game site.
I will ask the game to be removed from EG24 but leave it on Scirra and try and get to the bottom of the problems with their supporters.

I am really sorry that it runs so bad.

Cool, ignore Siobahn's haughty comment, Siobahn has nothing better to do than make people feel bad about their performance, this was a great game even though it took time to load, but worth it, thanks and please make more of these:)


It's not so much Sionahn's comment that makes me want to remove the game for now. But more the fact that I feel as frustrated as he/she does.

I could live with the bugs in the first one, because I knew they were caused by sloppy code. But this one should run smoothly, and it did during all the testing.
The fact that the game looked bugfree and then after being uploaded runs so bad doesn't feel good. It makes me afraid that if I can't find the cause it will happen again and again.

So I really want to get to the bottom of this and solve those random things once and for all. If only for my own peace of mind.

Personally I also feel good about the game itself and the concept. But not at all about the way it runs here. And I want to get some grip on it before trying again.

Even with the fixes the play button still doesn't work. I suspect it's a freezing issue and I will check back later to see if it's fixed.


Yes I think so too. And I have the feeling that it has something to do with the game site. It's like the games looses focus for some reason and does not get it back.
I will have to contact the game site on this. Hope I can get it fixed.

I should add that I'm not using a mouse just a touch screen. I don't know if it makes a difference but thought you should know.

The game actually hangs computer, panel play a long time stands still.
Not good. The game is interesting and simple.
Ysterday gave up the game, today succeeded in Chrome.

I give some instructions.
First find all the pieces cards.
The other side of the puzzle will give you the code for a color wheel.
We have a mouse, the first bottle (blue magic) is from hay.
We use in locations middle right.
All the bottles first in a light window.
From the location of the blue bottle is the knife, used to wok on the left side of the color wheel.
Three hazelnuts give the code to the safe on the wall.
Large triangle 5...
We have a red bottle and irradiated it in the window.
Red location is the center of the left.
The mouse carries a kitten in space ;) and we have a shovel and squares. The colors of the squares are the cat's eyes.
We have a bottle of purple and blue bird.
Purple bottles we use in locations with a cat with flashing eyes and we have to use up sand shovel. It is a bottle with orange magic.
Everything is linearly.
Nail goes to the tree in the central location on the right side.
Always remember: x-ray bottle in the window and take the mouse from any location on the action.

Ps. sorry for the spelling, but English is not my national language

When I tried early today a message popped up on the game screen that said "click here to refocus game". So I did but it didn't help.

Very cute game, I look forward to many more...


That could be a problem yes. The game is not made for mobile or touchscreen use. Best playes ith a mouse.

I can (theoretically) make them mobile enabled, but have the problem that I can't test it because my fingers and touchscreens do not like each other. Always has been an issue for me.

On the other hand, one of my debuggers does use a mouse and has freezing problems as well. So that can't be the cause of the freezes.

Cool don't be too hard on yourself. I think this could have been a great game, it just has some bugs/issues with it. The fact that you are trying to fix it is most important and it shows that you care. I hope you continue to make more games. Good Luck!

thanks Janet for the tree hint - you know hat held me up for so loong? snail can only placed in zoomed in modus (slap my hand on my forehead).got letter code now.


I do intend to make more, still have a lot of idea's and I love making them.
But I DO want the games to be bugfree and it's really frustrating to see how many people have problems.

This game started loading on Febraury 5th 2017...it is now March 13 2018 and I'm still not able to play, because of the loading thing.....

hello Cool, nice to see you again! today i could play w/o any problems (no freezing, all the back buttons worked find). But stuck now - have 4 birds, seen the place where to put them, but was not able to see the bird clue left of window because my candle is still unlit (btw.: what i got in inventory is called "candle" but looks like an empty candleholder). A hint what to do next was great!

It's unfortunate, but this game is acting just like the first Barn Cat Diaries for me, I cannot even get the game to load all the way. It keeps freezing, no matter how much time I give it. Refreshing the page leads to sometimes loading more, sometimes loading less, but always freezing in the end. This is with Firefox and Chrome. Games look interesting, but I don't know what to say. If a game does not load, then it just won't load ha ha. Good luck on your next game dev project. By the various comments, seems like you have a good grasp of puzzles and all that.

You have to light the match Helmut. Look for a fire somewhere.
Doesn't need a candle, I decided is ia an oil burning thingie :)

Hope you got some sleep. And I admire your determination.


I have contacted the game site to try and find the cause and a solution. I will not make another one before I know what's wrong.
It's no fun for the players that run into the issues and most certainly not for me.

lit the match at the bonfire where once a ca was; match lites candle (ok, ok, it is a complete candle); placed burning candle near code on the wall; placed all 4 birds and got a sign "quiet please cat asleep".I think this is the end of the game and will give it 5 stars!

lit the match at the bonfire where once a ca was; match lites candle (ok, ok, it is a complete candle); placed burning candle near code on the wall; placed all 4 birds and got a sign "quiet please cat asleep".I think this is the end of the game and will give it 5 stars!

hello Cool, nice to see you again! today i could play w/o any problems (no freezing, all the back buttons worked find). But stuck now - have 4 birds, seen the place where to put them, but was not able to see the bird clue left of window because my candle is still unlit (btw.: what i got in inventory is called "candle" but looks like an empty candleholder). A hint what to do next was great!

Game won't load for me at all and I'm using the most recently updated Firefox browser.

hate to pile more crap on your plate,cool, but if you click in the upper right corner the screen goes black and theres no back button. i didnt see this mentioned in the comments so i thought id let you know. also, if you think the problems are somehow related to the site that the game is posted on, try another one like new grounds.com. anybody can post their games there. good luck

Hi "Cool",
I just wanted to tell you I could play your game, and I did it twice, without any issues, 12 hrs ago. I'm use Chrome.
I appreciated it a lot, it's different from all the others escapes.
Thank you, wish you the best :)

For those of you who had problems with the game.

There were so many problems mentioned with the game that I asked EG24 to temporarily remove it, so I had some time to find out the cause and fix the problems.

I changed the backbutton code, seems to work fine now.
I contacted the supportteam from Scirra who told me that they have had some issues with their server over the weekend.
They also have changed a few things with the ad, so that it does not prevent people to load the game and they have done a few things that will increase loading speed.

One issue remains: the colorblocks not working. The effect I used there is not fully supported on elderly browsers. I have tried to use another method, but I would have to make the blocks so small that they become hardly clickable.
I know for sure that the blocks will not work on the last version of Chrome For Windows Vista. I'm sorry I can't do anything about that.

In future, I will try to avoid using those effects, if I can't I will add a warning to the game.

The back button stops working, so I get stuck in a scene with no way to continue. This game is very badly designed. Thumbs down.

I playd this game the first time it was released and I hadn't any problem. I used windows 7 in chrome. I realy realy like it was different and I hope to have the chance to play more games like this.

Tough to get in ... now I think I'm going to enjoy this one. Tea at hand? check. Cookies? check. Here we go.

I agree with Barny : I find those cats scary too.

Very nice game

Just a complain: hotspots were hard to catch. Tried to zoom the window (like every other hotspot) so I could use the bottle...
Putting the mouse (on cat) was my last choice... I was clicking all over scenery to place it... and tried to pour bottle on mouse, not on light above it. Took me a while to catch the mechanics of the game

Yesterday things in the inventory kept disappearing, I couldn't lit bottle, now it is just a black screen, it doesn't load.

How much time for the game to load? lol.. 1st I had a problem with black screen, disabled adblock and voila! But now I'm stuck on the 'loading' screen for quite some time now.. I guess 20 min already, and my connection speed is pretty fast! I'll leave it loading, but with very low hopes of succeeding lol

hmm I had a delicious nap and try to continue, but ... it froze. Restarting of course, because I want to use that blue bottle.
Nice mouse.

This comment has been removed by the author.

ah, I see I can mail you. Will do that.

I'm afraid I have to stop now.
I found the squares (thanks Janet), but can't change them :(.
Keep working on them Cool.

It's quite a bit later in the day now, and the game loaded fine. But no amount of clicking on any part of the blue squares will make them change for me.

These games could be really great if not for the pixelly issues. I had trouble changing the colors, placing the birds...etc. But they're really good and I like to play them so I hope they improve. Thanks cool!

I replayed today and the game works in Safari. One suggestion: don't make us pixel hunt. Finding a clue to something is always more fun than randomly clicking about to find where the next action is. Eg: placing the snail and the candle. Otherwise, great game - different. Look forward to the next one.

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