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Brain Stealer

MouseCity - Brain Stealer Escape is another 3D point and click adventure escape game developed by Hidden Key Games for Mouse City. You have to find evidences to arrest the mysterious, crazy brain stealer. Good luck and have fun!

Note: This is a real 3D HTML5 point and click game. We have optimized it to work smoothly on low-end devices as well, but there might be some very old computers that can play it a little slower. This is a very new technology, so you need a modern browser to play. To experience the best graphics, please use Firefox or Chrome with the latest update. If you have any thoughts, ideas or maybe problems, please let us know in the comments. Would you like more real 3D escape and adventure games? How can we improve this new style?

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Lots of random clicking. Impressive graphics but very little logic to the clues and steps to take. Make more but make them more intuitive, please!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rington. Where exactly did you find little logic to the clues and steps? We would like to avoid it next time.

Great graphics, good game.
Probably better to keep code panels (the 4 digit code) the old way with clicking instead of the moving/dragging.

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Thank you, BurgersBeBob. We are very happy that you like the game! It was a big dilemma how to make the code panel. We will do it in the usual way if there will be next time :)

The number lock is so hard to control :(

Like the fact we can drag things and trash up the place

At one point, I got brain back from scale and I became with more items than the width of the game. No arrow to navigate through inventory, so the brain was out of reach to use.

Overall nice

I'm stuck with acid and a bunch of things, but that's on me

game wouldn't load for me at all, even with adblock off,please check HKG, thanks:)

Got sd card...

dam, a brand new type of mouse city ! dam nice ! TQ

One idea: to eliminate items after used (like the papers that are clue to solve puzzles)

Stuck with sd card, a hammer, a jar(?), a brain, acid.
Locked cabinet.

Don't seem to find any more usable hot spots

@Dazz Ley
What device and browser are you using? We tested it on 5 browsers in Windows and Mac and it should work almost everywhere.

@Jon D.
Thanks for the suggestion. We do eliminate most of the items after you don't need it, but we didn't think of eliminating the clue items. We will do it this way next time, if there will be!

Acid can open locks.

Tried acid on lock... nothing :(

Jon D. Try to use that acid somewhere. Think a little outside the box :)


Maybe try again, worked for me, on the padlock.

Using Chrome HKG, but perhaps I should wait and play later, thanks for your concern HKG:)

Game didn't run so smoothly in my old, very old, laptop. Maybe because of that I couldn't target the lock hotspot properly with the acid.

I liked it... logic and fun. It's a bit shaky on my computer, makes it hard sometimes.
Like the fact we can drag things, not only pick them.
Didn't like the number lock.

I had already tried to melt the lock.
Maybe I was "highlighting" door instead of padlock. It's a bit bumpy on my laptop...

@Dazz Ley
To be honest, I have no idea what the reason can be. Does the other Mouse City games that we have developed work for you?

@Jon D.
Thanks for the feedback, we are so happy that you liked it too! If there will be next time, we will make the hit areas bigger and make the number (or any kind of) lock to the usual one-click way.

I enjoyed the game, a bit laggy but soon got used to it. It would be nice to see more games like this. TQ

Very nice game!!! I love it!! More PLS>

Yes, enjoyed very much!

A menu would be nice, for
audio and save options.

HKG, the other games work normally for me.
I waited and tried again ,no luck, playing by chrome and using a new laptop

Thanks everyone for the positive and nice feedbacks! We also hope that we can continue making more and more games in this new 3D style. It won't depend on us :)

@Dazz Ley
This is very strange, because it should work, especially on a new laptop. Don't you even see the loading bar? What do you see? Transparent or black screen?

Great suggestion on deleting inventory when done with it. Also, when you hover on an item in inventory, telling us what that item is would be helpful. If the lock code is X-brain, I can't find X. Clues?

Example of randomness...twirling the chair in both directions over and over but there doesn't seem to be a reason for it.

For the lock code, try measuring An Steiner's brain at the scale. After it you can convert it to the lock code with one of the hints.

About the chair, it is just a simple chair. In this game, you can interact with the environment much more than in usual games. You can open things, move them, throw away, etc. This makes the experience much more realistic instead of just making a linear gameplay, where you can only interact with a very few things that you need. This is also present in the best and most popular adventure games in the history. I don't see why it is a problem, but I can understand your point that simple games are not that responsive and you like that more.

Also thank you very much for the suggestion about the inventory! We will definitely add this feature in the next one if Mousecity will ask us to make more of these kind of games.

HKG, love this game style and really enjoyed throwing things around and interacting items to other items but can you please make the inventory area separate from the rest of the game screen? I would grab items from the inventory in the fridge scene and as I would grab the items and move them down the screen the doors of the fridge would open. Kind of annoying as I wasn't sure I was actually grabbing the item.

HKG, love this game style and really enjoyed throwing things around and interacting items to other items but can you please make the inventory area separate from the rest of the game screen? I would grab items from the inventory in the fridge scene and as I would grab the items and move them down the screen the doors of the fridge would open. Kind of annoying as I wasn't sure I was actually grabbing the item.

HKG, the loading bar appears but stops during loading, and screen remains black

perhaps the game is a bit too large, because it makes my laptop run slow every time I try to open

game open not in grome

"X" is stil working


I tried this in Chrome and had no cursor and the game was too dark - pretty much a black screen. It loaded in FF, but my cursor was very slow and it was hard to get it to stop on items. I have the latest version for my computer, but I think my computer must be too old. It's 64-bit. I like the look of the game, but the cursor is just too slow to play it happily. Thanks.

I'm enjoying the game very much, including the moveable chair, trash bin and table which are just for fun.

However, I'm stuck. I've retrieved and weighed one brain and put the X brain on a table, but I can't find a place for the last brain.

great game!!!

so.... The game concept was good, but the interface needs work. You asked for feedback....
- The dragging open doors, drawers, etc was a pain and sometimes cause my whole screen to scroll
- The combo numbers, as has been mentioned, where a pain to spin
- Hotspots are always important. I had to go pixel hunting for the spot to dissect the brain

Overall, I like the game concept, but felt the 'advanced' interface was more of a hassle and distraction than an addition to the gameplay.

OK, the reason I couldn't proceed is that somewhere during the game the saw disappeared from inventory, and I was thus unable to dissect the X brain. A minor bug that should be looked into.

This was fun! My comments will echo some of the others -- enjoyed dragging stuff around and the general look of everything. There was some logic to the puzzles. Some randomness is fine, like being able to interact with the environment more than necessary - for me, that felt natural and I wasn't thrown off by the fact that I could move the trash cans and chair around, for instance. Other randomness should be avoided - why is one surface the spot for brain dissection and not another? Doesn't make sense and is annoying to players. Moving the lock was tricky, but it was also not fussy about being precise so I didn't mind it. Thank you for trying to innovate and being responsive to player feedback!

1. Had to open game in Firefox Private Browser window & it took me 30 minutes to find a "how to open a game with improper parameters" on the internet - annoying.
2. No hot spots for using tools, placing items...etc, but a huge hot spot for twirling a useless chair & farting around with a useless pencil holder. Since you smash one brain jar open with an empty jar & the hammer didn't work on the padlock jar or the # lock cabinet jar after several tries, I got stuck. Teeny-Tiny hot spot is silly. I'm using a hammer! Precision is not necessary.
3. Opening the drawers was ridiculous. 4 swipes with the mouse dragging all over the screen, stop, reset, drag again, stop, reset...One quick swipe would be fun & more efficient (Exit door was much better by comparison, but still took 2 attempts.)
4. I got lucky with the brain hot spot the first time, but played again 2 more times & kept missing it. Bigger would be better here.
5. Please never do another # lock like this one again.
6. A different inventory method would be preferable, but if you do a scrolling inventory, please don't use the backwards arrows. If I am clicking to the right, I want to see the next item to the right!

1. Love the interaction with the surroundings, even if there was no real point to it, I liked spinning the chair around & tossing the pencil holder (those pencils were glued in there good - couldn't get them to move!)
2. Great graphics - with a couple exceptions, it was not too dark - dark games get the "X" from me - I at least need a torch beam so I am not pixel hunting in the dark.
3. Helpful tips when we find an item, but could use a hint as to what the stuff in our inventory is once it is there.

I look forward to more games like this with the above improvements. Thank you!

@Dazz Ley
Unfortunately I have no idea why it is not working. Maybe you have less than 2GB RAM and the game can't be loaded and it stops. This is the only thing I can imagine.

I am sad to hear that, but unfortunately we can't downgrade the graphics more, this is about the minimum that such a game needs. We tried to target >95% of the computers, which means that it still won't run smoothly on very old or slow devices. However, we will try to find ways to make it work better on slow devices.

@Gary Moore
Thank you very much for your feedback. I have noted your suggestions, but unfortunately we have never seen that scrolling issue and we couldn't reproduce this problem. The game itself and the scrollable page are two independent things and it should not happen.

@Mac Carter
The bone saw disappears after you use it. The main character then says which tool you need after it. Just use them on the X-Brain and you will get the SD card, which is one of the evidences you need.

We are so glad that you liked the game! Thank you very much for your efforts on suggesting improvements. We noted them!

@Cash IsKing
Thank you so much for this long list about showing what you liked and what needs improvement. Noted them and hopefully we can implement all in the next one in case Mousecity will ask us to make more of these. Unfortunately I don't understand the first point what you mean there. About the interaction, opening, closing, sliding, etc. should be very smooth. It took very much effort to make it very easy to handle. Are you using a trackpad? This is the only way I can imagine to be a little more difficult to use. We hope that there will be next one and you will like that even more than this first!

For everyone else, thanks for the positive feedbacks! As developers, the only thing that motivates us is that you are enjoying the result of our efforts and long weeks of planning, designing and development :)

not playing in firefox. Get this message. "the browser cannot allocate enough memory"

Unfortunately your computer doesn't have enough RAM to play the game. Computers need more resources when playing 3D games.

HKG, the scrolling issue occurs because the dragging open of doors especially, moved my mouse off the game screen and onto the web page, at which point my computer thought I was attempting to scroll the page.
If I don't move the mouse in just the right direction to open a door or drag things, I end up dragging the mouse right off the game field and onto the web page area, which caused the issue.

not loading, Ad block off

I arrested the guy without doing half the things I think I was meant to. Got into the x brain, but never weighed another brain.

Loved the game! However none of the surgical gear had a title. The apple got identified but not the saw, and i thought it was a key. The combo lock took me forever to get right. I don't mind the movement of the numbers they just need to land in the right spot each time, and not float around. I had the right number but setting it was hard.
Ever found a light buld and the memo the the brain as 1230 just sort of popped up on my inventory. My guess at why the chair moved was that after i played with it for a bit i thought... oh you can move things.
good fun, thanks

I use Chrome and have Flash, Java etc. I had same problem as Dazz until it finally loaded. The problem may have to do with some Unity software. Navigation was too tedious so stopped playing soon. Thanks.

I use Chrome and have Flash, Java etc. I had same problem as Dazz until it finally loaded. The problem may have to do with some Unity software. Navigation was too tedious so stopped playing soon. Thanks.

@Gary Moore
Thanks, it is clear now. Unfortunately we can't control what is happening when the cursor goes outside the game, but we will try to make these moves smoother and simpler to avoid getting off the game.

You can't arrest the guy before finding the 4 necessary evidences, so probably you have gone through the whole adventure and didn't miss anything :)

@Ian R
Thanks for your feedback! In the next game, we will make these little control difficulties much more simpler and smooth.

You don't need Flash, Java, Unity or anything like this. It works without any plugin, all you need is just a modern web browser.

Good game, I like the concept. Had to deduct 1 star though for the bad puns. Moo solini??? (At least there weren't any Moose Lamb jokes.)

Hi Hidden Key Games,
Thanks for the response. I have the latest Chrome and Windows 10 as the OS.

I just offered a suggestion because whenever it did not load, the computer said I am lacking some Unity software. When it finally did load, I had not added this software. Took a while though.
Just offering information.


I'm a Selfdefiant games' fan but I agree this one is pretty good and worked perfectly on my computer!
Still I'm stuck with only one of the brain and the SC card. Have opened up the lower drawer using acid to melt the bolt but now I can't take what's inside, have no clue what it is ;-)
Keep looking, thank you for this nice game!

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Done ;-)

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