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Jessica Valentine's House Escape Walkthrough

Jessica Valentine's House Escape

Kazz - Jessica Valentine's House Escape is another Japanese point and click type escape game developed by Kazz. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm stuck with a yellow-type mask and a splinter of glass. Not poluchetsya win player. We need a ball.

Whatever, lol.

This game is fun! I am fighting guy in blue. At first I kept dying but then realised I had to hit his hands first and then his boots. However, in toilet, I got air freshener, so when he emits smelly cloud, I select it and it clears the air. However, he regenerates in a more powerful form and his erection hit me and killed me. LOL Has anyone gotten further?

wandering around in circles, find nothing to do or to look at what helps me whith the 2x4 numbers code....in my eyes typical japanese rubbish (reminder: don´t play japanese games! never again!).

interesting game, opened most of the doors, but stuck,
will come back to it when a few hints arrive

anyone finished this game ?

For the blue guy/Screamer: first spray him with deodorant. Then use the hammer on the right foot, left foot, right wristband, left wristband then use the girl card on different parts of him.

Helmut, a lot of Japanese games are brilliant.

So far--
1st one is the baseball dude
2nd the bathroom girl- use mirror piece to cut ropes
3rd is nightmare girl- hit her hat, then tickle her stomach with the feather

whoops- I forgot the Screamer dude in there-
he's after you get bathroom girl, you gotta use her on him
then nightmare is #4
and #5 is new guy in Screamers room -- had to use nightmare girls time stop twice, removing clothes, and use spray-think i used it first & then used it last & both of us went to 0

Bring wig to baseball room & get Jiro card
#6- ice girl- use Jiro card

sorry Anony.mouse, how to hit the nightmare girl's hat ?

The best order to capture the room.
1, Baseball Capten nishi
2, Night mare or toilet girl
3, Screamer
4, Screamer room again
5, Man of Fire
6, Snow girl
7, Vampire girl
8, Half mermen lady

Japanese tips bulletin board


@gino- simply touch the hat, nothing selected-- she'll get pissed & use up her time stone thing

Vampire girl- use sword & then ice girl when vampire is down to 1

Got further on last room-
Marin- used feather & then when plant turns purple used Jiro's fire - plant will disappear & not come back (haven't beat her quite yet though)

Got her-
Okay after the plant is beat - you will need vampire girl in your deck- but don't use her till Marin gets to 3rd stage, You need to spray Marin & then i just used feather twice & then Vampire will attack

And got the #'s -
best I can tell is it's the combination of the stars on the cards you got in each room


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@Anony.mouse, How to pull out the sword?

@Anony.mouse, How to pull out the sword?

Note— 1)Make sure to save often, occasionally game will freeze & you can continue where you left off if you save. 2)When I played first I showed everything to Cecil & all the cards to everyone, they make comments that are useful in figuring things out.

Walkthrough (part 1)
Names for Rooms-
Baseball / Look Up / Shop
Vampire / Flower poster / Fish
Screamers / COPY poster / Bathroom
Ice / # box / Nightmare

Turn all the way around – look at Flower Poster, COPY Poster & # box - to get the Baseball sign to light up & unlock
Enter Baseball & get ‘Holy hammer Golden Mosquito’; Use hammer to beat Capt Manrui – click shoes, hair, glove, racket, cup & his groin --- You’ll get keys
Take rake; Click on picture in back (It’s a map) click bottom right corner to look under it & Take card
Exit & look up --- Use rake to push green button, Look back down & Take bag --- Get purple album
Go to Shop, Give Cecil Membership card & she’ll upgrade it; Show her keys; Give purple album to her & She’ll upgrade album & give you Capt Manrui card
Go to Bathroom; Break mirror w/ hammer, click down arrow & then click sink --- Get piece of mirror
Click left toilet door (on the white handle) & enter to free Melito, Use hand to remove nose restraint, mouth restraint & blindfold, Lastly use mirror piece for ropes; --- You’ll get a card & Take deodorant spray from corner
Put Melito in your card deck
Go to Screamer; To defeat Screamer: Use deodorant spray, Use hammer on boots, and bracelets, Use Melito on the stars on his chest & lastly on groin --- You’ll Get Golden Ball & Screamers Card
Add Screamer to your deck & Go to Baseball /Shop & Look Up; Select Screamer & click pink button, Look back down & click on Sword
Go to Baseball room- Capt will tell you Nightmare is ticklish
Go to Shop & talk to Cecil about sword; click feather (in pot of green goo)- get feather; & show Cecil the keys again, she’ll give you another key; Show Cecil golden ball
Unlock Nightmare room- To beat: touch her hat (cursor should show hand), then select feather & click her stomach - Get Nightmare/Flaia Card & Portable stove
Put Nightmare/Flaia in Card Deck
Go to bathroom & speak with Melito, she’ll tell you Jiro was talking about Baseball Club
Go to Baseball room- talk to Capt
Go to Screamers room- To beat Jiro- use Nightmare girl – while time is stopped click hammer and then Jiro’s pants, repeat this time clicking Jiro’s shirt, once he’s set the room on fire- use hammer once, then use spray --Get wig
Go to Baseball room & give Capt bag with wig – get Jiro card
Put Jiro in card deck
Unlock Ice room, to beat Rika/Snow Girl- Use Jiro --Get black Rika book
Go to Shop – Give Cecil black book – get Rika card
Go to Bathroom- Use Jiro on left stall door
Put Rika in your deck
Unlock Vampire room & get ejected
Knock on door & Enter Vampire room & give Golden ball
Either Retire fight or fight & get ejected –
Go to Screamers room, he should now have a barrel in the corner, click on barrel
Go to Shop & give Cecil Rake- get Container; Go to Screamers room & get Oil in Container
Use Oil on Sword in Floor; Now pull Sword & Go to Shop- Show Sword to Cecil
Go to Vampire Room- To Beat vampire – Use sword on boots, bracelets, cape & yellow cape tails, When Vampire is down to 1 spirit heart – Use Rika
Go to Bathroom – get Vampire card from Melito

Enter Fish room – She’ll tell you stars must equal 10
Put Jiro and 2 others in your deck (Melito & Nightmare or Screamer & Capt Nishi) You must have exactly 10 rarity stars to enter Fish room
Re-enter Fish room after checking your cards (hmm… does that plant look familiar)—To beat Marin/Fish – Use feather apx 2 times on Marin’s Left breast- don’t touch plant, Plant will turn purple, now use Jiro, Plant will burn up, Touch Marin till you get kicked out
Put Kamina & Screamer in deck—Re-enter room- Use feather twice – When Marin is at 3rd stage use Kamina --- Get Marin Card
Go to # box – Can you remember the cards you got from each room??
The graffiti above the box says 0 for Ice room & Vampire room; And it adds up to 9 each for Shop & Bathroom
Using the Map in Baseball room & the W + E on the # box figure out which spot is which room & how many rarity points you got in each room

Rooms in # pad order
Shop- Vampire – Fish- Screamer
Baseball- Nightmare – Ice- Bathroom

Insert code in # box, click Enter & Get card
Use Card in Bathroom
Enter cave, try using Portable Stove as lighting
Go to Shop & give Cecil Portable Stove get Light Projector
Put Rika in card deck, re-enter Cave, use Light Projector
Go forward, use Rika on Iron Grill
Put just Melito—NO ONE ELSE- in Card deck & Go forward
Does the Mecha- Cecil look familiar? Remember the COPY Poster??
Use hammer on far right – white—column, Mecha-Cecil will copy Meilto’s ‘skill’ & get all tied up
Use hammer to defeat Jesica
Check other rooms—especially Vampire, go back in Cave – Get Rope Ladder maker
Go to Vampire room & use Rope Ladder maker
You’re out!


This is also a heinous game!

caught this one on my search in the Japan. games section

thx for creating this game, Kazz ☺
& thx A.mouse for the WT

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