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Avm Majestic Home Escape Walkthrough

Avm Majestic Home Escape

AvmGames - Avm Majestic Home Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Our boy lives in a house which is very well known around that neighborhood. Their family lives there since five generations. That majestic house holds such a proud legacy. The family members went out of town this day and the kiddo just lost the keys while coming back home from school. Help him in finding the alternate keys for the house. Good luck and have fun!

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Well as usual open door and stuck LOL

Hi, use time clue for rings in S4 (just minutes)

Paper hint with times from scene 2 is used in scene 4.

Were was the paper in S2 ?

bandy, in box to the right of door in S2

Oh Gosh tiny hotspot Thanks Hotz

pink doll goes in S3 and now I stuck with a paper...

Pink doll is where?

I think that paper may go to dial with letters?

Pink doll from bells in scene 7.

Bob Put all the bells to the top.

have a mask but nowhere to put it and cant find any clues

pop, this paper builds a 3x3 #grid, use it in S6...

wait paper has #'s on it.

Masks are used in scene 5.
Still have paper after doing grid!?

Good find Hotz!!

ugh so sick of that same old song they use. MUTED.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I though paper was used for 3 digit puzzle in S3 but ?

where to use lever?

It does!! LOL

And still have paper hint ??

3 digit starts with 6

use magnet in water

Use magnet in S7

bandy, how does it work for 3#s in S3?

lever used on egg but it stays in inventory

Use bar in S5

Hotz I just BF them 698 or 689 ? I know it started with 6

rose in pot in scene 7

Rose is used in scene 6 !

thanks bandy. rose for S6 (not S7)

it's 698, but how to do the grid in sc6?

Crowbar is used in scene 5.

Dazz 459 236 718 click in order

statue head goes on tree

Order is 1-9

Dazz, click on number 1-9...

ah all digits, thanks bandyo!

Game open not for me

hammer for S5

Hammer is used in scene 5.

and hotzy!

have a number clue i'm pretty sure applies to the bells again but cant make it work.

has anyone figured out the letter puzzle in S2?

Same here Robin ??

Not in Explorer not in Chrome.

Robin Corbitt,
It is for those bells, but it is order and amount.

It is the amount of clicks on bells.

GOOD luck for sc2

Awesome team work Thanks everyone and thanks AVM good game!

Placing 5 mushrooms in scene 2 gives color code is end.
Good game, thanks for the hints.

lotjemar is your adblocker on?

tried pulling the number of times straight as the clue reads, also the order of times for number of the bell but not working?

I think, I tried all combinations for 5 bells, but I can't get it...

oliveya22 you need paper with GOODLUCK then use it left to right on dial in S2

since Bebop didn't specify, hammer is used on picture, not in wall as I thought in sc5

Hotz 0ne is one time ect

Dazz Ley,I do not know, how can I see on my PC?

I did second bell two times, then 4th bell 4 times etc.

thanks again!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

pulled the bells that way bandy but nothing happens

This comment has been removed by the author.

I had the wrong order from clue what does paper say. I am out so can't remeber order.

Lotjemar, if it's on, you'll see the ABP red symbol top right corner on your screen, if you are using it, you need to shut it off

got it now, thank you!

I never had problems with AvmGames

hotz, first bell once, second bell twice..... follow 24315

Clue 2 Explanation

Dot Count ->
1st row - 6
2nd Row - 5
3rd Row - 7..

2nd Row Ans = 6
1st Row Ans = 9
3rd Row Ans = 8

3 digit number = 698.

lotjemar adblocker off ?

the place for these 5 angry mushrooms is barely visible, they go in sc1

Thanks AVM I just BF it LOL

NO,it's not on.

lotjemar AVM will not work if your adblocker is on, have you something red with ABP o the top right corner of your screen?

try in their site

relaxing game this time AVM, no long complicated puzzles that keep you stuck for long, no jigsaws, hopefully it tays like this, thanks:)

Yesss i try in their site, iam in now, thank you dazz

Dazz, thanks for the heads-up where to place the 5 mushrooms...had a heck of a time finding where they were supposed to go, very hard to see. Out now, and nice game AVM.

No matter how I try 459 236 718, nothing happens.

Well slap me in the face with a carp... finally figured it out.

Quickdraw...care to share..I've tried so many different ways and I'm not getting it!

459 is row 1
236 is row 2
718 is row 3

so press 1, then 2, then 3, etc...

I got it. It took me a while even with your hint to figure it out....but I did!! Thank you!!

where do i find the paper for S2 puzzle? and where does this grey stick suppose to go to?

This was a fun challenge!!! Got tangled up a few times but well worth it! Thanks for great hints.

Well all the hints regarding 459, 236, 718 are as clear as mud.
NO idea how this is supposed to work can anyone be more specific?? Like which button to push to start? Help I am going mad!

Where is a hammer and how did you get a statue head???

Jen: order is 1-8

if you look at the papaer you see that number 1 is in the eigth button, so click the eigth, fourth is next because 2 is in fourth button...etc..

like this:
8th, 4th, 5th, 1st, 2nd,6th,7th,last,3rd

you'll get these things when from solving puzzles and opening new room

Thanks Dazz.

Now I am trying to figure out the bells. Paper clue is not working.

POP got it and out.
Not my favourite game.

like this:


2nd bell- twice
4th bell- 4 times
3rd bell- 3 times
1st bell- once
5th bell- 5 times

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hi oliveya, where are you stuck? there are many hints in comments above.
for stick/bar: bandytrc @9:48 AM (side of bed)

where are the keys to the other rooms if any more? and where is the clue for S2?

the codes in S2 are some of the last codes. have you solved the blue 3x3grid in S6? this gives a key...

This comment has been removed by the author.

oliveya, it is the math-paper, click on numbers 1-9.
for more hints see
bandytrc @ 9:53 AM or
Quickdraw @ 11:21 AM or
Dazz Ley @ 12:15 PM and @12:17 PM

Thanks I'm finally out... very challenging game... not my favorite.

thank you all for your hints...the 3x3 grid had me totally stumped...very obscure

Really NOTHING makes sense in AVM games. Not going to play them anymore.

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