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Nightmare Escape 5 Walkthrough

Nightmare Escape 5

Amajeto - Nightmare Escape 5 is another point and click room escape game developed by Amajeto. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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good morning, anyone playing?

Hi, if someone needs a clue for 7x7 grid:

I have solved everything, but the lion slider. any idea?

POP, I opened a new game and the sudoku is the slider clue.
that is a very poor clue, because you can't see it after solving sudoku...


I am. Can't find hint for the lions. If it's the "LIO", just not getting it

Good morning everyone, almost missed this live. Played the Darakeguma while loading. :-)

ahhh, thanks Hotzenplotz. That is quite a misstep!

for hint sliders look at grid inside down right cb
hint little pic LIO ==> written by down black squares
so ==>black squares top part grid give heights for sliders

I havent't yet do animals sudoku and yes, hint lion is good too but desappears too quickly...

thanks hotz. I dont know how thoze puzzles are played. Also, this is my second time playing, first time I crashed. I had the drumstick now I cant find it!

good find seb!!
lions in sudoku are a red herring, but it is the same solution...

oops, nevermind got my stick

Thanks for the slider hint, this was the only drawer I didn't check after solving. Was that turtle a red herring? I'll play again to look after that.

Yes, that turtle in middle row, right drawer, was a red herring as well as the LIO. If you play it the second time you can't understand how you could miss that slider hint the first time.

Great game again!

When you have done the sudoku, you can look at the solution any time. You'll see that the bottom half seems to spell the word 'LIO', and the slider clue is above it.

LOL a ghost that likes bananas

cute animals, lovely game - thx Amajeto & thx for the slider hint in comments ☺

Sometimes I put myself in developer skin and I dont feel comfortable at all :D. What do we want?
We want to play games free, with no ads, if games is rarely publish we want to it's be more often, if its enough often, we want high quality and so on.
I know that my opinion is not opinion of all players, but I want to thanks to all developers who tries to have high quolity and quontity in the same time.
Thanks for Tesshie, Robamimi, TomaTea (from one side), thanks for Yomino Kagura, mouse city, Amajeto (from the other side) and others who makes my day :)

final pic puzzle

fruit is top right, bird is top middle, snake is bottom left

or visual:


Quite so Amaretino. Thanks Amajeto for a lovely game, although I'm continuing to have cursor difficulties in your games for some reason.

amaretino, I totally agree to you! Couldn't have said it better.

@methanwy @meritneith

thank you for your suppport, I realy think that sometimes we expect more than we offer :D

Need more help than just comments about how lovely this game is. I found the slider clue difficult as well. but need to know where is hint for how to position monkey in the window and why doesn't the colour hint on his belly work on the big monkey and where is the letter hint for drawer puzzle. etc. etc.

The lion slider happened by fluke for me.

Jenny, letter hint is behind xylophone. xylophone hint is on train.

Colour hint on belly shows right colours after you solve monkey on window.

Monkey in window position is shown behind paint-up-pic. (top left)

Well... now that it's been pointed out, I see that it kinda say 'LEO' on thje bottom of the solved pictionary puzzle - but I would have never guessed it on my own in a million years...
Yep, that one thing is kinda iffy IMHO, but the rest was good as usual.

Thanks for the hints for Lio puzzle...I should have caught that. :)

thank you seb, didn't see Lio either.
Good game, always high quality.

I don't get the xylophone hint....is it the numbers on the houses behind the train? I tried but it doesn't work. Can someone spoil it please?

Oh dear, I just refreshed the window I still had open and see that some guys have severe difficulties. Got some time left and will do a walkthrough.

Great meritneith, thank you.
Ester, the numbers are on colours. Play those colours in the number-order.

Compartments are:

1. In plain sight when game starts.
2. Zoom into the orange 4x4 grid, plain sight.
3. Zoom into pillow on bed plain sight. Note monkey clue underneath pillow.
4. Solve the pic-a-pix in compartment 9 (snapshot from Hotzenplotz at 1:34 AM). Take the locomotive and note the completed grid .
5. Solve the lions’ slider in compartment 3 with the clue from that grid (upper half, dark columns).
6. Compartment 7, a memory game. Take the drumstick and note the picture with animals.
7. Compartment 4, swap the animals as shown in the picture.
8. Train underneath shelf, put locomotive there. Note the monkey clue and numbers/colours on the houses in background.
9. Compartment 5, use drumstick on xylophone. Play the colours according to the houses from 1 to 6 (purple, green, green, purple, purple, pink). Note the word FLAMINGO.
10. Nightstand with lamp, zoom into drawer and spell the word FLAMINGO, press button. Note monkey clue.
11. Armchair on left side, solve the sudoku (https://snag.gy/aMkgWs.jpg) and press button. Note monkey clue underneath pillow.
12. Compartment 1, paint monkey using the four clues. Note the monkey picture.
13. Shades on left side of room, move head, torso, and limbs of the monkey according to the picture clue (use buttons). Note the colours on the belly.
14. Monkey on chair, change colours according to belly clue. Take banana.
15. Under bed, throw banana to ghost.
16. Compartment 6, solve jigsaw (https://snag.gy/0nfuhF.jpg, bottom right tile to be changed). Take coin.

Put coin into slot on completed orange 4x4 grid and solve final jigsaw (snapshot from AlphaOmega at 2:52 AM). Done.

@meritneith, thanks so much for a great WT. So many times, the comments are limited to saying "what a lovely game this was" or some variation on that. But this is a Walkthrough site, after all!

btw, I was NOT trying to disparage anyone who commented on this game; just saying how refreshing it is to have a good WT. After all, EGDAWT!

Good game as usual, liked the slider clue being a part of another puzzle, very clever.
However, I too have cursor difficulties, very slow/ jerky, in your games for some reason as methanwy mentioned.

I had the same thing with the cursor, because I allowed ads on their site to support them.
Put adblock on and the problem is over ... unfortunately.
I haven't contacted them about this yet, perhaps I will.

@zoz: it is always nice to see that the EGDAWT-rule is still alive after so many years.

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